THE REAL SOULMATES (sukor) Episode 3

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So guys nw d the story actually begins
Azaadgunj station.As soon as suraj steps out of d station he feels really strange as if sum1 is waiting for him.He wonders y is he feeling so
Soon he spots shikhu his manohar chacha’s(vivaan ‘s dad)secretary nd goes to him
Suraj: Shikhu….
Shiku:Suraj babu hw r u meeting u aftr such a long tym
Suraj: ya i noe its been amost 5yrs
Shikhu:u n badi malkin must b really tired cm sit in d car
Suraj:hw is everyone at home
Shikhu :they r all devasted by vivaan babu’s death it ws nt at all expected
Suraj:hw is his wife
Shikhu:she is d most affected she has literally bcm a living dead body
Suraj ws feeling really bad for her even though he hd nt yet met her he could understand d pain she ws goin thru

Chakor ws sitting by d window dreaming abt d wonderful moments spent wid vivaan her eyes were red and moist at dt moment she hd a strange feeling as if sum1 hd cm for her dt tym ranjana entered her room
Ranj:Chakor actually my bhabhi and my bhathija r coming from mumbai nd today bijli is on holiday so there is nt enough veggies at home if u could go to d market nd buy it for me ut wud b really nice
Chakor:of corz maa y nt i will go straight away
Nd she took her purse wiped het face nd headed to the market
Ranjana pov:its nt dt der r not enough veggies at home bt i purposely send her out as she needs d fresh air nd chng of environment to get away from the grief of loosing her husband jst aftr marriage thoght i lost my son her sorrow is much more dan mine
Suraj:shikhu wt happend hw cm d car stopped
Shikhu :aree suraj babu i think so der is sm problem in d fuel tank i will jst bring d mechanic nw pls wait for 15 min
Suraj:ok i will jst see arnd d market till dt tym u give me a call wen d car becomes ok
Suraj is roaming arnd in d market at dt moment a white dupatta whizzed past his face dt hd a sweet fragrance bt b4 he could see d owner of d dupatta she hd left den he again started roaming he ws busy thinking abt d dupatta girl dt he didn’t notice a girl coming in his direction at full speed and crashhhh!!! All d veggies frm d girl’s hand fell down and they both were also on d groud
Girl(chakor):oh mr can’t u see n walk

Bt suraj ws busy staring at her innocent beautiful face he ws lost deep in her eyes he ws nt even able to listen wt she ws telling he hd gone into a dreamland dt is wen she snapped him back to reality
Chakor:oh mr are u deaf along wid being blind first of all becoz of u all my things fell down nd u r nt helping me leave it u cud atleast tell me sry GOD R U LISTENING ?
Bt suraj couldn’t find any words to tell her he ws nt able to find his voice
She smirked at him nd walked away nd he like an idiot ws,still staring at her bt ine thing dt he did nt miss to notice ws her eyes depicted the depth of sadness dt she ws carrying along wid her he wntd to meet her again nd wntd to desperately know d reason of her sadness nd she on d other hand didn’t ever wnt to cm across him little did they know dt their paths wer goin to cross again nd dt too really soon……

Precap :sukor meet for d 2nd tym?

I hope u guys like dis one also

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  1. Wow this id good cant wait for the next one are all udaan characters inculded

  2. Superb …..plz post soon now I can’t wait

  3. Nic yaar…waiting for next

  4. It’s amazing. I really like the sukors first encounter. Looking forward to the precap. Thnx fr a great story line.

  5. Loving the story !!! Waiting for next part !

  6. Sukorlover

    Awesome , loved sukor’s first encounter

  7. Annabeth

    Thnx a lot guys? bt i don’t noe when i will b able to post d nxt one as i hv my psychology board papr on monday nd den my entrance bt i will try to write soon

  8. Awesome yaar…. pls continue and update the next part asap….

  9. Hi dear it is realy awsm nd i find its unique.realy enjoyble ff please continue nd try to post soon if u can.

  10. So love at first sight for suraj babu, love it! can’t wait for the next update.

  11. Sukorian

    nyc ? something new

  12. Shreya.

    First of all tdy only I read ur ff annabeth…nd its really nyc…unique concept…I really loved it…waiting for d next part dr…

  13. plz…..plz…plz… update soon.It is too good.

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