YHM FF: Because you are the one – episode 6

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Hii lovely readers!!! Thank u so much for ur comments. ..

Raman and Ishu are lost in each others eyes. Suddenly Ishu realises what she was doing, she looked away from him and went towards the kitchen. Jannat goes behind her.
Vidyut, Mihir and were giving mischievous looks to Raman.
Shagun: Raman… Come on its perfect time, talk to her.
Vidyut: Yes, give it a try…
Raman thinks to talk to Ishu but the question was HOW????

In the kitchen,
Jannat: Ishu its a good timing try talking to him….
Ishu: But….
Jannat: No but-vut u r talking to him that’s it…

Ishu: But what will I talk…
Jannat thinks for a while and suddenly
Jannat: Ishu thank him for yesterday…
Ishu smiles thinking that this time she will definitely talk to HIM…
They both go with snacks and all sit and start talking. In just few minutes of their meeting they became quiet good friends.
All the while, Ishu was finding a way to start a conversation with him but all in vain and Raman was thinking what to talk…

Jannat understood Ishu’s situation and thought to do something but what????
Mihir’s phone started ringing and he went out to take the call…
Jannat was still thinking what to do and suddenly an idea popped In her mind…She took a glass of juice and stand up when she acted as if she slipped and spilled the juice on Shagun…
Jannat: Oh I am so sorry…I don’t knw how my leg slipped and…
Jannat acted really innocent…

Shagun: Its OK don’t worry…but can u please show me the washroom..
Jannat nodded and took her to the washroom with a victorious smile on her face which she was trying hard to hide..
Now only Raman, Ishu and Vidyut were present in the room…Raman wanted to talk but was feeling awkward… He asked Vidyut to go out by messaging me…Vidyut immediately went out giving a mischievous smile to Raman which Ishu didn’t notice.

Ishu and Raman were there alone in the room. They both thought to start a convo but didn’t have the courage to talk…
After 5 minutes of awkward silence. Ishu finally spoke up

Ishu: Ummm…Thank you…
She was nervous while speaking and Raman could sense it and at the same time he was very happy that at least she started a convoy…
Raman thought for what she was thanking him for yesterday…
Raman: Thank u… But for what???
Ishu: for yesterday….
Raman got what she was talking about…

Raman thought something and spoke up….
Raman: Only thank u won’t do….
Ishu was confused at her statement and looked at him…

Raman: U will have to come for a coffee with me…
Ishu was shocked but somewhere she was really happy and excited to go with him….
Ishu: OK if only u accept my thanx ….
Raman nodded and they both smiled at each other….Raman hesitatingly asked her phone number and they both exchanged their numbers….

They both were really happy that at least they started to talk…
Soon everyone came back to the room and start talking.
Jannat signs her and asked whether she talked to him…Ishu happily said yes through her eyes…Jannat was really happy knowing this….
They all up to leave.While going Raman turned to Ishu and winked at her. This made Ishu skip a heart beat.

They all went and Jannat could sense that she was very happy and jannat was happy for her..

While having dinner Jannat was lost in her mobile and continuously typing something.
Ishu asked her to keep it aside and eat but jannat didn’t listen to her…
After sometime jannat was murmuring somethimg to herself.
Jannat(murmurs): What the hell does he thinks of himself??? Idiot!!!
Ishu was confused at her words but stays quiet.

While sleeping,
Jannat : Ishu u know today I fought with a boy so much….
Ishu was shocked bcoz she knew Jannat was a girl who passionately hates fighting…
Jannat: I know what u r thinking but I really fought with him…
Ishu: but why????

Jannat: because he was saying that Armaan Malik is better than Arijit Singh…
Ishu was shocked at her crazy friend but ,
Ishu: But Jannat whom did u fight with???

Jannat: I don’t knw…we were fighting in a group of fb….I dont know him….
Ishu: u r unbelievable…. Now sleep….
Both went to sleep…..

Guys I know today’s part was boring but soon there will be ishra scenes with some other couples….
Leave ur comments and suggestions…..

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  3. Zaira

    Awesome episode dear loved it!!! ??????????????????????????????????

  4. Rashita

    Wow awesome epi…loved ishra…so cute…. Raman winked at ishu…?????
    Waiting for the next one….

  5. loved it…it was awesome and not boring at all..am eargely waiting for ishra scenes…

  6. make the episodes long and long and looooooongggggg

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