Love still has its ways — 1 month later (Part-5)

Although Om was grief stricken, he had to smile for his family but when he was alone, he only wanted Gauri.

His children too pretended to be happy with family but deep inside the everlasting pain of their mother not here was hurting them.

One day:

Anika: come on guys, holika time!

All come down but Om.

Shivay: aliya, get your father.

Aliya: ji.

She goes upstairs and tries to open her father’s door but it wasn’t opening.

Aliya: Papa? Papa, open the door!

It still didn’t open. Aliya quickly went in her room and found a spare key. Pt hen she goes back to her pap’s door and opens it. She gets emotional from what she saw as she opened the door.

A portrait of Gauri:

A portrait of Gauri:

Aliya: Mama.

Om came wearing a white kurta wiping his hands with a towel and then keeping that towel on a side.

Om: arre aliya, how are you?

Aliya: good thanks, everyone wants you downstairs.

Om: ok, will come in a minute.

Aliya: more like an hour.

Aliya’s POV:

Ever since Mama died, Eevry time Papa says in a minute, he means an hour or so. I know why. So he can continue painting Mama. Half of his room is filled with only one type of thing. Mama’s paintings. 

Why Mama? Why did you have to leave this world early? If you were thinking to leave your children, then you should have thought of Papa. Please come back Mama.

POV ends

Aliya: Papa, we are first praying for Mama and you have to take part in this.

Om: why? For more pain?

Aliya: for Mama to be happy wherever she is.

Om picks a picture of Gauri and kisses it lightly with tears coming from his eyes.

Aliya took the picture from him and wiped his tears. Then she looked at the picture and tears fells from her eyes as well.

 Then she looked at the picture and tears fells from her eyes as well

Aliya: this…. this is actually Mama?

Om: yes. Your mum wearing short clothes.

Aliya: was this before me and viren?

Om: no. When you were 1 and viren two.

Aliya:but gosh Mama is modern clothing!

Om: shocking? I know.

Dadi from downstairs: aliya! Om! Downstairs.

Om: let’s go down.

Aliya smiles and both go downstairs. As soon as Om saw the portrait  of Gauri ,which was held on the wall, his tears came back.

 As soon as Om saw the portrait  of Gauri ,which was held on the wall, his tears came back

Jhanvi gave him the aarti plate and Om stood in front of gauri’s picture. As Om did aarti, a thought came in his head.

Om in mind: I am sorry Gauri. Because of me, today you can’t see your children . Because of me, you are no longer in this world but instead you decided to live in my heart. I want you back Gauri. I want your sweet fragrance again. I want your hair to tickle my face early in the morning. Will I ever get you back?

Once done with the aarti, he kept the plate on one side and quickly went upstairs. This was a good idea not to disturb him.


In Kerala:

A young girl was in the middle of the town, setting up her microphone set. Everyone was crowding round her begging her to sing.

Everyone: SING SING SING!!!

Girl: yes I am. This microphone now set. Ready?

All nodded. She got her guitar out and then she opened her mouth again letting out the beauty of her voice.

Girl: Chori se, chori se. Chhup chhup ke maine. Chori se, chori se. Chhup chhup ke. Tinka tinka, chun ke sapna, ek banaya. Dori se, dori se. Bun bun ke maine. Dori se, dori se. Bun bun ke.. tukda tukda, see ke sapna, ek banaya..Tukda tukda, see ke sapna, ek banaya..

All smiled listening to her voice and children started to dance.

Girl: Sapne re, Sapne re.. sapne mere. Sach ho jaana re, ho jaana re. Ho jaana re (x2) aaja diary mein chhupa doon. Aaja tujhko choti me baandhu. Kahin kisi ko naa dikh jaaye. Sapne re, sapne re, sapne mere. Haath tera kass ke pakad lun. Saath saath tere main chal dun. Darr tujhe na kisi se lag jaaye. Sapne re, sapne re, sapne mere.

Her voice was so beautiful that even the birds stopped singing to listen.

Girl: Raaton ko, raaton ko. Jag jag ke maine. Raaton ko raaton ko. Jag jag ke… Taara taara, chun ke sapna, ek banaya. Taara taara, chun ke sapna, ek banaya. Sapne re, sapne re, sapne mere. Sach ho jaana re, ho jaana re. Ho jaa na re (x2) La la la la…. Sapne re, sapne re, sapne mere. La la la la….

She was done and all clapped. All you could see was the girl smiling. Just then her face was revealed:

 Just then her face was revealed:

Girl 1: well done akira. There is something unique about your voice.

Yes that girl is akira.

Akira: thanks. Anyway did you book me a ticket to Mumbai?

Girl 1: done.

Akira: perfect.

Girl 1: one thing I don’t get is that why do you need to go to Mumbai tomorrow. Celebrate holi with us.

Akira: can’t because I have some unfinished business in Mumbai which need to be completed.

Girl 1: what sort of work?

Akira: that I can’t say. Secret.

The scene ends on her smiling whilst folding her arms.

Precap: holi

So what unfinished business does akira have at Mumbai? And why does she look like Om’s late wife??

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