Shakti 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh names the property after Veeran

Shakti 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harman and Suomya enjoy meal with each other. Afterwards, Harman asks Suomya to wash her utensils later and come to him now.
Veeran suggests Harak Singh to write off his property after someone he trusts, only for a few weeks. As soon as Harman gets the news he would return to him apologetic. He can later transfer the property after him. Harak Singh drinks more. Veeran says it’s alright, it’s always difficult for Harak Singh when it comes to Harman. Harak Singh was emotional, he was ready to name the property after Veeran right away.
Harman discuss with Suomya that Harak Singh never understood his son, he has nothing to do with Harak Singh’s property and the money. He only wanted love from Harak Singh.
There, Veeran gets the papers signed by Harak Singh. Harak Singh goes unconscious. Veeran thinks Harak Singh’s rule is now past.
Suomya assures Harman that they will get Harak Singh’s love. Whatever is in our luck comes with hard work. Harman holds Suomya’s hand saying he can find anything from the world until she is with her.
The next morning, Suomya prepares tea for herself and Harman. She doesn’t wake him up and sits on the bench watching him sleep. Harman wakes up from fragrance of his ginger tea. Suomya suggests to enjoy this bed tea not in bed today. They come out to sit under open sky. Suomya enjoys the scenery around. Harman complements it to be a romantic one, he wish to sing for her today. Suomya laughs and asks him to sing. Harman sings a few verses, Suomya follows her.
Varun pays heavy amount to a spy to get him information when this number gets on. He was determined to find Harman from each corner of the world.
Harak Singh wakes up in his bed after a hangover. He recalls signing the property papers while drunk. He comes downstairs calling Veeran. Shanno replies he is out since morning. Preeto asks what the matter is. Shanno thinks Harak Singh is of no use now. Veeran entered the house, Harak Singh takes him inside to sign the cheque as its last day of GSD. Preeta takes Ravi along for some task.
Suomya insists on Harman to let her share his burden of logs. Harman was reluctant but then hands a bunch to her. They stop by a tree where people prayed. Harman looks towards Suomya, both leaves the logs. A man sells her a thread and tie it around the tree in three rounds.
In the room, Harak Singh asks Veeran to bring the property papers back. He was drunk last night and signed them, but it’s not in his blood to blackmail his son. Shanno comes inside and says they must wait until Harman returns. Harak Singh suspects their intentions. Veeran says he had nothing to do with the property matters, he only wants Harak Singh’s support. He brings his dustbin saying he already tore the papers in the morning. Harak Singh was emotional and apologizes Veeran. Shanno brings Veeran to the room and complains why he did all this stupidity. Veeran calls his tears as crocodile tears. He knew Harak Singh could be suspicious of them anytime and has already torn the papers. He shows her the real property papers with Harak Singh’s signatures. Shanno hugs Veeran out of excitement that their lives would change after years now. They dreamt of soon throwing Harak Singh and Preeto out of the house.
Harman and Suomya do the labor of carrying wooden logs. Harman receives his due payment and leaves.
Varun was looking for Harman and Suomya and reach the log dealer. He recognizes Harman and Suomya and tells him about their directions.

PRECAP: Harman denies coming home but Veeran insists him to come and hug him. Suomya watch Veeran beat him behind his head that bleeds. Veeran and his men beat Harman and Suomya until their heads bleed badly and they lay unconscious. Later, bodies are thrown into water.

Update Credit to: Sona

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