Tu Aashiqui 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rangoli challenges Pankti

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The Episode starts with Pankti and Ahaan coming in the haldi ceremony. They get wishes from their fans. Rangoli says wow, Ahankti for life. Ahaan and Monty’s haldi goes on. Pankti and Poorva’s haldi also goes on. Rangoli says I will take the jhutan haldi. She takes the haldi to Pankti. She applies haldi to Pankti and smiles. Ahaan and Pankti see each other through the the thin curtain and smile. Monty and Poorva also steal a glimpse and smile. Anita also applies haldi to them.

Later, Ahaan sings Chahat ka silsila….. for Pankti. She asks him about Internet wala love show. He says its about love. They promote the show. Ahaan goes. Rangoli comes and says you said you will bring my truth out, the truth didn’t come out, its still hidden. Pankti says you believe your plannings, I believe my love, my Ahaan, he will be with me in mandap, he will marry me, I promise. Rangoli says deal, you will sit alone in the mandap, I will take Ahaan away from you, I never lose. Pankti says I won’t let you snatch Ahaan. Rangoli goes.

Ahaan says I will always be with you, you trust me right. Tere liye….plays…. They hug Ahaan’s Mauli gets stuck in Pankti’s watch. He says even your watch is asking me to stay back, give me my lucky charm. She smiles and ties the Mauli back to him. She asks him to go. Ahaan and Rangoli reach Delhi. Ahaan says that’s my room. She says that’s mine. He says we shall meet in morning, good night. He goes. She stares at him. Pankti sees Ahaan’s pic and gets sad.

Pankti arranges his clothes. Poorva sees Monty’s pic and smiles. She sees a shadow and runs out. She shouts Pankti. Everyone comes. Poorva says someone is in my room. Richa and everyone doubt on Vikram. Aparna says I got Poorva here, he has to respect this. Vikram comes and asks what did I do now. Manav asks did you go to Poorva’s room. Vikram says no, why will I do this. Poorva says if Vikram is here, who is inside my room. They get shocked when someone knocks the door. Vikram says we shall see now. He opens the door and sees Monty. Monty says I had come to… Vikram says you do such things and I get taunts, we will keep Monty here too. Aparna asks Monty to wait till marriage. Vikram says take Poorva from here soon else all blames will come on me. Monty says Vikram, forget everything and lets start a new friendship. They hug.

Its morning, Aparna asks Anita to choose a good saree for her. Anita says yes, this won’t suit a star. Pankti says check once, this will suit a bride’s mum. Anita says its outdated thinking. Aparna says yes, you have to look good. Anita chooses a saree. Aparna asks Pankti are you fine. She says yes. Aparna asks are you missing Ahaan, he will come tomorrow.

Ahaan says I can’t work tomorrow, its my marriage. The man asks him to come soon. Rangoli says I m getting ready. She asks Mishka to do as she said, this is the only chance, else she will lose Ahaan forever. Mishka says you will get Ahaan. Rangoli asks Ahaan is this shoot excitement or for marriage. He says I have to go to my Pankti soon. She signs Mishka.

Rangoli runs to take help from Ahaan. Ahaan checks Rangoli’s room and sees someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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