Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-6)

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Hi thanks you for comments…its really good to read your comments.. this story was actually written by my sister Pooja. I wanted it to be in form of RAGSAN. Hope you to enjoy this story…

Sanky says Bhabhi… Suji asks again…
Sanky starts narrating….

It was my senior Manohar engagement , I had been there with my friends. Mano have two sisters preeti and Ragini(cousin). Preeti and Ragu were standing from upstairs asking Mano to come upstairs. I saw preeti first, she just gave smile because she met me once in college. I smiled back, then saw ragu running back of small girl(her small sister Tanu), to say I didn’t see her I just saw her dress. Both ragu and Tanu were enjoying playing without thinking of anyone. Mano came near us, he saw me and friends seeing ragu and Tanu. He smiled and greeted us. Suddenly Tanu came gave him ragu’s hair clip. Ragu came there and started complaining to him about Tanu. He also irritated her by supporting Tanu she just gave annoyed look and went from there. That time I saw her eyes which were speaking more than her words. I couldn’t see her face because Mano was standing front of me.

But I heard ankle ornament sound it was loud because of her angry steps. After 30min engagement function started. I saw her for first time her face was so cute and her smile was so sweet. To say I didn’t come to know when function got over. We went to congratulate Mano, that time my friend(Shail) touched her hand without knowing. She gave him angry look and went off from there. We went to ask sorry but she didn’t hear us. Shail said she have much head weight.

We both were with Mano, we said him what happened. He laughed and said she is like that only don’t worry ill talk with her. She was with preeti, he called her . Both preeti and ragu came, he told ragu what happened was unknowingly please let go. She smiled and went off. Preeti was with us, Shail asked why ragu didn’t speak with us? She said nothing like that if she have meet you both earlier she would have spoken. Shail got call, excused and went to receive call. Preeti asked me why you are observing ragu soo much? I said her nothing like that her dress was beautiful. She said ohh ,i thought you’ll say she is beautiful doesn’t she? I said yeah she is. She understood and smiled. She went off because ragu called her. I and Shail thought lets move as we have college tomorrow. But Mano asked as to have food and move. Ragu was serving food, Mano asked her take care of us. We sat for having lunch,she was serving us. Preeti came there and said her something in her ears. Then when she came to serve me ,she gave me angry look. After finishing lunch we said her thanks for serving us and moved back home.

Preeti and ragu were speaking in their room. She asked preeti why you asked me to give angry look that guy? Preeti said her because he said you’re beautiful. She reply her he said truth only na, because he didn’t say for you said me to do it na.. Both sisters fought with pillows and were laughing. Mano came there asked what happened? Both smile and hug him , say my brother got engaged na so feeling sorry for him. He pulls both ears and start acting he that he is angry with him. All laugh and say good night each other.

Here at home i was thinking of ragu why she gave me angry look? Did preeti said her anything? Then i got Shail text asking him to meet him tomorrow at jogging spot. I went to sleep.. Ragu and preeti were laying on bed. Preeti told her you know that guy whom you gave angry look is our far relative, his name is sanky. Ragu ask her why saying all that? She tells because he likes you. Ragu asks what? She tells her I saw him looking at you in function. Ragu tell her shut up and sleep.
Next day…
Ragu wakes up and see time its already 7. She goes to get ready. Sanky comes home from jogging,he goes to get ready. After both come out bathing respectively, stand near mirror. He sees her in mirror and smiles. She leaves home in her vehicle.

Arjun comes to Sanky’s room calling him, see sanky smiling and think something as happened to this guy. He pats him and ask him to go its 9am. Sanky rushes. In mid way to college Shail joins him and he asks him completed work huh?
Sanky: No dude.
Shail: You have gone mad thinking about her.
Sanky: Dude forget it da.
Shail: Ok I can. But you can’t forget it right.

Sanky: Smile and nods yes.
Both reach college. Their lecturer ask them to meet principle and before going to competition. Both after meeting leave for ragu college but they don’t know it’s her college.
Ragu comes to college and comes to know their is coding and debugging in feast today in BE college. Her friends ask her to go with raghav, she thinks and tells okay.
Sanky reach ragu’s college. Ragu is filling registration , he doesn’t see her. She is surrounded by her friends. Sanky and friends go to main hall. Shail see ragu but doesn’t say sanky. Sanky gets lecturer call he goes out, ragu see him and think I have seen him somewhere na.

Feast starts, announcement are made. Sanky and ragu gets busy with competition. At 12pm Ragu and raghav think of going to class. They both come and ask lecturer can they back for college,will return when results will announced. Lecturer tells no you can’t bcz there are some games. Ragu understood what games might be and ask sir please we will leave. Sir tells no go have lunch and come back. Ragu and raghav both go for lunch. Sanky and friends are having lunch,Shail shows his friends ragu and tell them Sanky like her. They all ask Sanky, he replies nothing like that. Everyone enjoy by teasing him. Ragu comes to canteen and ask them whether they fruit salad? Shail is standing there only. He calls her,she tells him hai, sorry for yesterday matter. He tells it’s ok,how come you are here? She says im this college student, from degree batch. He say her okay then. Raghav call her so she say bye and go with raghav for lunch. Shail comes and tells sanky ragu is this college student it seems.

After lunch ragu and raghav come to main hall. They get surrounded by their friends. Princi comes there, ragu wishes her. Princi and lecturer discuss something, then announced is made that our college degree batch students are here they’ll perform entertain you all. Princi asks ragu and raghav to perform, ragu say her ma’am I can’t please. Princi tell its my order, by that time ragu also come there. Hod and princi order her. She say ok ma’am ill perform, raghav goes to perform actor govinda’s songs. Ragu is thinking what to do, I didn’t say at home about this. By then sanky and his friends reach place, ragu is tensed.

Anchor ask them to cap for raghav, then he says now ragu will be performing before that I would like students from other colleges also to come and show their talents. Sanky friends ask him to sing but he refuses. Shail goes and does mimicry, then he asks anchor to call sanky he’ll sing songs in 5 languages. Sanky is called, sanky sings.. “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hai” then anchor asks him to sing in his mother’s tongue “Nuvvena from Anand movie”. Anchor thanks him for such cute songs. Then some 5 students perform.

At last anchor tells ragu will perform now on Hindu song “Tip Tip Barsa Paani” before her dance begin hall lights are dimmed. She starts first her eyes are shown, then her lips which are pinkish and then her legs. She is shown, all are seeing only her. Sanky and his friends are shocked bcz Mano told them once their doesn’t allow them to participate in entertaining things. After performance is completed,anchor thanks ragu for dance. Then winners of different competition are announced, sanky and Shail win many medals for building robots in 3hrs. Then ragu and raghav win for coding and debugging. Some more announcements are made. Thanks giving is done, after that ragu and raghav perform on Tere Liye song in different styles. Feast gets over…

Ragu is seen running after her performance, sanky see her. Then she takes vehicle drives back home. Sanky while coming home think how cute ragu was looking while dancing, then her eyes which was attracted him the most. Shail see’s him lost, asks him I’ll drive I want to go back home safe. Sanky stops and shifts his seat. Shail is shown driving, he start irritating sanky taking ragu’s name. Sanky doesn’t reply him, both reach home.

At night sanky is still thinking of ragu. His anu see him lost and ask him what happened? He say her anu I saw a girl yesterday, she is soo cute her eyes speak more and her smile is soo cute. Today also I saw her in college where I had been for feast she danced over there, really I am lost in her thoughts. His anu starts teasing him to show her, I’ll call dp wait tell him also every time he thinks you’re still kid. Sanky asks her please don’t tell this to dp. Anu tell ok on one condition, you should show me her photo at least. He tell her ok ill show you. He opens facebook and show her pic. Anu also tell him she is cute and perfect for my son. He gives her a stare, she tell him to get a job then I’ll only go to her home and ask her for my son but after you’re brother’s marriage ?. He promises he’ll study and get a good job before thinking of these things. Anu tell him to fall in love, bcz you’ll do these things perfectly and ask him to sleep well ?. He thanks her and say her good night sweet dreams.

Ragu is playing game in her tab, suddenly her bro call her. She talks with him,ask him to send engagement pics. He send her pics, she shows those pic to Shomi. Shomi see a pic in which sanky is looking at ragu,she doesn’t ask ragu but think of asking Mano. Shomi ask ragu to sleep and goes out of her room. Ragu think I didn’t say about today’s dance performance to Shomi. Then sleep off…
Next day morning at 5,

Ragu wakes up , then start running on treadmill. She is thinking about exams which are in next month. Sanky wake up,goes for jogging thinking about ragu and her smile. He then say to himself I better complete my B Tech and do masters before telling her anything. Then both get ready and go for college.

Shomi call Mano and tell him to come home. When Mano comes she shows Sanky’s pic and ask him about him. He tells her this is sanky studying btech in our college,he is mummy’s brother’s relative. In simple he will be my brother in law, he is very good guy doesn’t have any bad habits and always busy with studies. Shomi tells okay. Mano ask her why she asked about him? She tells him I had told you about searching guy’s for ragu I got this guy’s proposal there. Mano tells but his bro is not married yet. Shomi tells I don’t know about that but my cousin brother told about this guy. Mano tells then he’ll become my ragu’s hubby. Shomi tells let wait and see what gonna happen. Anu also get to know about ragu from one common relative comes to that ragu’s parents are searching for guy. She thinks of giving her as gift for Sanky’s birthday,as well as she will get two daughters to her home same time.

Shomi call her brother and ask him to get Sanky’s parents number. Anu also ask her relative to get ragu’s parents number. Both get each other number and try calling,but get busy tone . Shomi keep phone, within next minute anu call her.
Anu: Is this ragu’s mother shomi?
Shomi: Yes,its ragu mom shomi. Who am I speaking to?
Anu: I’m Sanky’s mother anu, I got to know you’re searching for guy .
Shomi: Yea we are searching but

Anu: But what?
Shomi: Ragu will complete her MCA till then marriage can’t happen.
Anu: Oh that’ll. Thank god ? I thought something else.
Shomi: Ok. Can we meet once directly.
Anu: Ok. Tomorrow at balaji temple
Shomi: Ok then. Tomorrow at temple we will meet.

Ragu is coming back from college with her friends. They ask her to come to park at 5pm and tell her to bring notes back. Ragu reaches home, seat to complete yesterday’s notes. Shomi come and give her green tea,she thanks her and tell I should go to return this notes to Kavya. After completing notes ragu leave to park where her friends are already waiting for her. She say them sorry as they are angry with her, Kavya ask her did you say about dance at home. Ragu nods no, Kavya hugs her telling my baby is growing up. Ragu hits her with book, all start laughing. Kavya goes to bring ice cream, ragu comes there and tells her I want to say off shomi about dance if she comes to know then ? Kavya tell her be silent dear nothing gonna happen everytime you’ll get tensed for small things. Ragu nods ok.

Then both go to there friends with ice-cream and enjoy with friends. Kavya tell them MCA pgcet coaching classes who and all are joining? All tell I’ll join, ragu doesn’t reply. Kavya ask her she tells I’ll prepare at home, more than that I have project to be completed. Kavya and friends tell okay then tomorrow lets go and bring the register form. A kid come near ragu and ask her to come with them to play, she goes. Kavya and friends smile thinking ragu will never say no to anyone. Ragu is playing badminton with kids, suddenly her dupatta start flying in air.

Sanky is coming in his bike, he stops bcz her dupatta falls on his face. She comes running and take cloth and say him sorry ,move off there. He see her playing with kids, then move off from there. Her friends come there and ask why was she running like that, ragu tell what happened. Her friends start teasing her indirectly you know if a girl’s dupatta falls on any guy then she will marry him only. Ragu gets link of it what they mean and gets annoyed move back home. Her friends stop her but she doesn’t listen to them.

Sanky while driving thinks why she is coming front of me so offen, im not able to concentrate on anything else. Sanky reachs home, his brother tell him that anu was asking about your fb password why did you change? Sanky say check him out its same old password. Both seat trying to open but it gives him wrong password, then anu comes there and opens it. Sanky ask her how does she new password? Did she change? She tells him I don’t want my son to keep old password only so I changed, adds she will text him his password. He tells ok, then he gets anu text password:raginisanskar, remember it will be your life long password. He goes to ask why this password?

She tells him that there is surprise for him on his 22nd birthday. Then he goes to study for main exams.Ragu is sleeping in her room it’s 5am. Shomi comes and wake her ,to ask her about what she likes to have for breakfast? She adds she is going to temple so take house keys before leaving home. Shomi think about ragu’s childhood while cooking…. Ragu wakes up and goes to get ready. Kavya comes to ragu’s home, she asks Shomi where is ragu? Shomi asks her can she ask her something about ragu. Kavya nods yes, shomi ask her does Ragu like any guy in college? Kavya gets shocked, coughs and says ragu liking any guy? It will be 9th wonder and laughs. Shomi also laugh with her and say I just wanted to know bcz I wanted her to get to know about love. Kavya gets shocked, asks why aunty?

Shomi tells her im thinking about getting her engaged with a guy.Kavya asks who is that guy aunty? Shomi tells her wait till 6th sem exams get over ill tell everyone. Kavya nods ok. Ragu comes running and ask shomi where is hair clip? Kavya says her come its ok you’re looking like doll in this pink dress ? shomi also ask her to go it’s okay for today. Kavya and ragu leave. Shail is waiting in coffee shop, Kavya ask ragu to come we’ll have coffee. Ragu tell her at home we could have.. Kavya tells her Shail is waiting please and you asked me to show him na. Ragu rides to coffee shop. Shail thinks shall I call Kavya, before he take his phone see towards door. Both Ragu and Kavya come inside. Kavya show her he is Shail, ragu tells her I met him twice da. Kavya introduce Shail to ragu and vice versa. All three have coffee and move to college. Shail thinks of saying about this to Sanky.
Shomi and anu leave to temple…

Shomi reach’s there first and prays god for good news. Anu reach there and call Shomi to ask her where she is? Shomi tells her location. Anu comes there. Both are shocked to see each other.
Anu: You’re ragu Shomi?

Shomi: Smiles and tells her yes (both hug each other)
Anu: I want your daughter for my son?
Shomi: Yes ill give her to my best friend bcz she will keep my daughter as princess.
Anu: Really I missed you so much,from 16yrs I couldn’t see you once also.
Shomi: Ya 16yrs but now onwards we will meet daily bcz of our kids.
Anu: Yes? I’m really happy ?

Shomi: How you got to know about Ragu?
Anu: Sanky saw her in Mano engagement. He said for first time he liked a girl and she turned out to be ragu. I’m really happy today not only for my son, I met my friend after so many years.
Shomi: Really Sanky said so? You know ragu didn’t tell me anything like this till now. She always keep herself busy,nothing related to marriage matter she asks me or she tells.
Anu: One idea we will make Sanky and ragu meet. I know my Sanky, ragu will fall in love with him.
Shomi: No chance because she said me what ever I decide she will do it in marriage matter.
Anu: Then let us get them engaged and she will fall for him then ?
Shomi : But she wants to do MCA

Anu: After engagement let she study.
Shomi: Ok then. She asks her how about your elder son?
Anu: He is here only, he is getting engaged in this Feb month. Come there,let Sanky and ragu meet there.
Shomi: Superb idea. Both go to temple and pray for ragu and Sanky’s happiness.
Shomi and anu leave for home after chatting till 5pm. Ragu as already reached home,she is thinking about where shomi went ?Shomi reach home and she is very happy. Ragu see her think something is happened with shomi today, goes ask her to why she is so happy today? Shomi tells her to concentrate on making dinner.

At both houses,8 pm all are having dinner. Sanky comes home just then and tells I got job in TCS company with package of 8lakh per annum. Anu and dp Congratulate him. He bro ask for treat? Then hug him and congratulate him. Anu thinks today my son fulfilled his promise, now ill complete his life with more happiness. Sanky and Arjun go out to bring ice-cream. At Ragu and Sanky’s home anu and Shomi tell their husbands about today’s meeting and how they fulfilled their mother’s duty. Shankar and dp say let kids meet once. Shomi tells him in February ragu will meet sanky, then I’ll ask about her wishes. Ragu is busy with project.
Arjun comes to ice-cream shop, he see suji there both seat for having ice cream. Sanky comes and teases them , that they couldn’t wait for him. Just then a girl wearing jeans enters there, she calls suji Akka.

Appu( suji’s sis) see sanky and smiles, congratulate him for getting job. He thanks her and they both leave to bring ice cream. She asks him how was yesterday’s feast? He tells her I saw Ragu in feast , she performed over there. She starts teasing him asking whether he is gone full or half mad in love? He tells her im gone fully mad? both start laughing. She asks what he gonna give her in first salary? He tells her I consider you as my sister so just a chocolate is enough ?. She says him better save money for you’re Ragu,I don’t need anything ? . He tells her I’m giving my best sister het favourite novel collection in my first salary, now she don’t need

S anything what shall I do. She says I need it. Both buy ice cream and come back. Sanky ask suji how many days are remaining for engagement ? She tells 15days more and ask him to show yesterday dance performance ? .Sanky signs her no,just then Shail call him.
Shail: Dude good news
Sanky: What da
Shail: I met ragu today

Sanky: Where
Shail: In coffee shop today morning,She is Kavya’s bestie
Sanky: Really? You didn’t say me only
Shail: I met her for first time. You know what she likes your favour only. I was surprised.
Sanky: Tomorrow we’ll talk about this. I’m with bro and suji.
Shail: Tomorrow we all need a party ok bye
Sanky: Bye

Sanky comes back. Suji asks him tomorrow are you free? Sanky nods no. Appu say mostly tomorrow will be party. Sanky stare’s at her and she becomes quite. Arjun gets anu call so he and sanky leave for home. Appu and suji also leave after taking cake for Bruno’s(their dog) birthday.
Arjun and sanky reach home, both go to their room and sleep.. Ragu is still wake up, she is doing her project. Shomi comes ask her to sleep, she says Shomi only 10days I have to complete it please maa.

After 9 days at Sanky’s home all are busy with preparing for engagement. While Sanky is thinking of ragu whether she have some guy in her life or not. Ragu as completed project and is going to bed. Before she go,shomi asks her you will free after 5days right? She nods yes, shomi tells her on Feb 7th my friend’s son engagement is there we should go there. Ragu says ok shomi,please wake me up early tomorrow. Shomi goes and calls anu telling her ragu is ready to come and now you have to make sanky ready for it. Anu tell her don’t worry.

At 4am ragu wakes up and gets ready for doing Zumba dance. Sanky is sleeping, he wakes up with alarm clock sound. He see’s that only 13days are there for deciding whether to join college or job. He goes for jogging and meet Shail there. He tells him ragu don’t have any guy in her life till now Kavya was telling,her Shomi is searching for guy for her. Sanky gets shocked and asks how you got to know? Shail tells Kavya said me, shomi had told her. Sanky tell him I’ll go home, Shail stops him but sanky leaves. He see’s ragu going in her car, he thinks life long I might see you but I might not get you as my life partner. Sanky comes to home, he is fully lost in ragu’s thoughts. Anu comes and see him ask what happened? Sanky say her anu you know ragu’s Shomi is searching for guy for her. Anu tells so what? Sanky asks her will I miss her? Anu tell him pray god he’ll help you. Anu thinks that my son is really in love and ill make him succeed in his love at any cost.

Ragu comes to college and submits her project, lecturer tell her wait till 3 you’ll get to know whether your project is selected or not. Ragu comes to her friends, Kavya see’s her tensed and think whether I should inform her what her Shomi told me or not. Kavya then gives her wedding card to friends , they all congratulate her. She takes ragu and goes to canteen, she asks what happened? Ragu says her I wanna go for MCA but if im selected in this project then ill be confused between job and studies da. She smiles and tells her do MCA, god will give you something special then this job. Ragu looks at her with questioning mind, Kavya hugs her and say babe you’re Shomi is searching for some guy for you. Ragu gets shocked, ask her really? Kavya nods yes, so only im asking you to study da. Ragu decide to do MCA, so that she won’t be married for 3yrs. Kavya and ragu are waiting.Shail comes there to pick Kavya but she asks him to wait till 3 please. Shail asks her ill call my friend here then, he calls Sanky and ask him to come near ragu’s college. Before replying he switch off phone, he thinks of making Sanky and ragu meet once. Within 40min sanky comes to college, ask Shail why he called him here. Shail say him to make you meet Ragu once, Sanky stares at him.

Kavya come there with ragu and greets sanky, then introduce ragu and Sanky to each other. Ragu smiles and greets him, just before Sanky say anything lecturer comes and congratulate ragu that her telling you’re project got selected. Ragu thanks lecturer, then Kavya hug her and congratulate her. Shail and sanky congratulate her, Shail asks her when we ll get party? Ragu replies him I won’t give you people, you both didn’t give me and my friends treat for you wedding. Shail tell her tomorrow, at coffee day we will meet and decide it ok? She asks for promise both Shail and Kavya tell promise together. Kavya asks sanky what about his job? He tell her got selected but im thinking to complete masters. Kavya see’s Ragu busy in mobile, tell her you’re with friends so mobile ok? Ragu smiles and nods yes. Shail gets his mummy’s call so he excuses and goes,Then he calls Kavya also. Ragu tells Sanky to forgive her for what happened in Mano function. Sanky tells it’s ok but why you were angry on that day?

Ragu: I was not angry,preeti asked me to give you angry look.
Sanky: Why so?
Ragu: Because you had said her that im looking beautiful to her
Sanky: Sorry I didn’t mean that, I said her you’re dress was beautiful.
Ragu: Then you mean im not beautiful,so bad.
Sanky: No no not like that sorry

Ragu: Hey don’t be sorry I was simply pulling your leg.
Sanky: Okay and smiles.
Ragu: Sorry if you felt bad ☹
Sanky: No need to say sorry.

Both smile and have fruit salad. Shail and Kavya also come there, all four enjoy . Kavya and Shail leave by bike,ragu and sanky say other bye and leave to home. Ragu thinks how sanky spoke with her and smile, reach home. Shomi notice ragu is smiling on her own, then think mostly her project is selected. Shomi asks her, she replies yes I got selected for job as well as my project is selected. Ragu goes to her room, keep on thinking of sanky and smiles. She goes to change dress , suddenly see Sanky’s image in mirror. She thinks she is really gone mad,but remember her promise to Shomi and control her mind.

Sanky is also thinking how ragu spoke with him, then smiles thinking of her smile. He comes to his room and see’s ragu there goes near her and touch her hair then comes to know it’s just his imagination.Shail calls him and tell him to come to coffee shop morning and ask him to bring bike. Kavya calls ragu and tells her tomorrow come early to coffee shop and don’t bring your car there ok. Shail thanks Kavya and tell her sanky fell for ragu so I want them to become friends at least. Sanky think something is fishy and think its better to take car.

Morning, both ragu and sanky get ready leave to coffee shop. Kavya and Shail are already waiting there,ragu comes there first. Shail tells this guy will be always late, sanky comes there and say bcz of bike im late ok.

Shail takes sanky out and ask him why did you bring car? Sanky tells bcz my bike gave me hand at last anuent. Shail tells him you’re really …. Sanky tells why should I bring bike? He says I wanted you to get close with Ragu, so that she will realize you’re love. Sanky tells him dude love should happen like magic,it shouldn’t be forced. Ragu and Kavya comes out, ragu what magic? Shail tells them we are going to Nandi hills, ragu say him I didn’t tell shomi I can’t come.

Kavya asks her to come please.., Ragu nods ok. Shail tells then you both seat in Sanky’s car ill leave bike in parking lot and come. Both girls seat back and boys front. Shail drive car,ragu gets tapu’s call asking whether she took MCA application? She replies no and adds if you’re going to take then take for me also. Shail ask who is tapu? Ragu replies she is my school bestie , now she is doing Bsc. Sanky gets his anu call, he asks Shail to stop car. Then he goes out to talk with her, ragu asks whether his girlfriend called? Shail and Kavya laughing out loud and say it’s his anu she keeps track of each and everything about him, more than that till now he was in love only with his books.

Ragu smiles, sanky asks what happened? Shail tells him what happened? He to smiles. They continue their journey, ragu is hearing songs in her phone. Kavya ask sanky to sing any Telugu song and removes ragu’s head phones. Sanky sings”Neekosam”, ragu keeps thinking about incidents what as b/w her and sanky. Kavya see her looking out and ask her to sing any song na. Ragu nods no, Shail and Sanky ask her to sing, then also ask her again. Ragu sings Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met, sanky is thinking really she is awesome dance,singing and studies. Shail asks why didn’t you sing in feast that day? Kavya tells him shomi doesn’t want her to dance and sing but she wants to do it,our hod once came into class when she was giving dance practice to juniors from that day she perform in college functions. Sanky is thinking ragu is something different from what we all know her and I want that Ragu to out. They reach Nandi hills and enjoy there,take many pics. Ragu gets shomi call whether she will reach home by 4pm? She say this to Kavya and all seat in car, but Sanky goes to bring snacks bcz they didn’t have anything. He comes back and give snacks to Kavya, ragu starts getting messages from her cousin sister(ankitha) .

Ragu tells this to Kavya, even adds mostly she is coming home this weekend. Kavya ask her to come to our home in reason of group studies, ragu say her ill think and say da. Ragu is lost thinking something, sanky and Shail observe her but doesn’t disturb her. Shail asks Kavya what happened? She signs him ill tell you latter. Sanky is driver’s seat, ragu is seating back of his seat so he can’t see. Shail gives Sanky’s phone to check pics, Kavya show it to ragu. She takes phone to check photos, she see her pics which were taken in mano’s engagement. She then gives phone back to Shail, sanky stares at Shail. He asks what happened? Sanky nods nothing and rides back fast. They drop ragu near her home , then Kavya and Shail. Sanky gets ragu’s message asking him to send pics , he sends. She than ask him to send her pics which he took in engagement. He sends them to and she replies thanks. He reach home, anu ask him to have lunch. While having lunch sanky texts ragu.
Sanky: Sorry for taking your pics without your permission.

Ragu: Its okay ?
Sanky: Thanks ? had lunch?
Ragu: Replies im drinking green tea, r u having lunch?
Sanky: Yeah im having.
Ragu: After lunch can you call me?

Sanky: Why not? I’ll call for sure.
After lunch….
Sanky: Hello ragu, why you asked me to call?
Ragu: Wait a minute, ill tell.
Sanky : Okay

Ragu: Why did you have my pics?
Sanky: I have a habit capturing beautiful creation of god so
Ragu: Laughing asks then why didn’t I get other beautiful things?
Sanky: I’ll transfer pics from mobile to computer once in a month.
Ragu: Really? Didn’t you find any beautiful after Mano engagement?
Sanky: You know what after seeing you I don’t think any other thing can be more beautiful than you.
Ragu: Don’t lie

Sanky: I’m not speaking about only physical but also inside beauty.
Ragu: Means?
Sanky: Respecting all, obeying elders etc…
Ragu: Enough dude
Shomi comes and knock out door, ragu tells him ill call you back. Sanky think did I speak anything extra? Leave its ok I said her only na. Ragu after talking with Shomi close door and near mirror to pick dryer. She sees sanky smiling and standing behind her, turns back and finds none. She thinks im completely gone mad in his talks.

At night…
Ragu takes bath and comes out in towel, see’s her phone is ringing it’s Sanky’s call. She sleeps on stomach with towel and talks with Sanky till 1am. For one or other reason both keep talking day and night…
After few days…
Sanky is getting ready,anu comes and tell him to wear white shirt with jeans. He asks her why? She tells him at least today listen to her, he smiles. He calls Ragu, she doesn’t receive call. After 30 min she calls back, ask him why he called her .

Sanky: I wanted to talk with you.
Ragu: Da im going out with Shomi for some function.
Sanky: I asked you to come to my bro’s engagement you didn’t come now you’re going someone’s.
Ragu: Sorry da, you know I can’t say shomi no
Sanky: Ok bye . Call me after coming back home.
Ragu: I’ll call you.

Ragu then gets ready in pink and white combination dress, thinks to plate hair, but Shomi comes ask her to fast. She curls her hair and leaves it open. She goes down and leave to engagement with her parents. They reach Sanky’s home, comes inside their home. Anu and dp come there welcome them, ragu takes there blessings. Anu and Shomi signs and asks Ragu to take blessings from granny. Sanky is in granny’s room asking her to come fast no means Arjun marriage ceremony will start. His granny pulls his ears ,just then anu and shomi come with ragu. Arjun comes there and pull Sanky to his room,so doesn’t see ragu.

Sanky feel her presence but thinks im really gone mad in her thinking. Arjun tells him not to play any frank on suji for today, anu and dp will be at there please. Sanky promises, anu comes there asking them to meet her friend family. Arjun and Sanky leave with her, ragu see Kavya and Shail there and ask you both here? Kavya angrily tells her it’s Arjun engagement, so we came. Ragu asks who is Arjun? I came here with shomi. Kavya tells her it’s Sanky’s bro engagement,ragu gets shocked. Shail tells her we thought you came here for Sanky and ask you didn’t say him right? She says him no I didn’t. Shail plan with them let play a frank with him, everytime he plays with everyone. Kavya and ragu tells him no, Arjun come there and ask them to say yes. Ragu see him, he tells her I’m Arjun Sanky’s bro. Shail tells ragu to and stay in Sanky’s room. Ragu goes with Arjun, he thanks her. She smiles and stay back in room. Arjun ask sanky to bring his phone which he left in Sanky’s room,he goes.

Sanky comes inside and see ragu thinks it’s his imagination and goes near her ,tell her please don’t irritate me so much I know im gone mad in your love but please leave me for today. Ragu doesn’t react,then suddenly he puts his hand on her belly button. Both gets shocked, he tells you here? How did you come? Why did you come? She gets angry and goes from there. He thinks today im gonna die in her hands, Shail comes inside and laughs. Sanky asks him to shut up,you could have said me she is here na. Shail tells him we thought to play frank it turned out to be dangerous to you. Sanky tells him she won’t speak with me now.. He tells nothing like that she will speak. Both go down and search for ragu.

Ragu is with her Shomi and Kavya,shomi goes out when anu calls. Sanky comes there with Shail and try to talk with ragu, she doesn’t speak with him. She goes out Kavya runs behind her, ask her what happened? Ragu tells what happened in room, Kavya congratulate her. Ragu tells her be quite shomi will come know, Kavya tell her to say yes to Sanky. Function begins so everyone gather in hall, appu come and ask sanky what happened? Sanky tells her, she laughs. Ragu see him and goes from there, appu goes near tells her not to be angry with Sanky. Kavya introduce her to ragu,appu and Kavya tease her.

Precap: Ragu and Sanky….talk….

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