Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-18

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7years later
Ragsan wr hugging tightly..suddenly ragini brks d hug nd walks leaving sanskar…sanskar says ragini plz dont go..dont leave me ragini dont leave me…. He shouts ragini…he wakesup with a jerk frm his sleep..he gets teary eyed..he takes ragini photo which was beside him…nd talking with has been 7years that u left me…u knw howmuch i was dying here without u…i regret what i have done..dont punish me still..where wr u.. plz once come to me ragini i will never leave u…he hugged d photo…he heaas door knock..he kept photo there nd opens nd sees sujatha there with coffee…(after ragini left suji used to be angry on sanskar but seeing his condition she felt bad nd talked with him normally)
Sujatha(gives cofee):r u k sanskar
Sanskar(smiles faintly):ha k

Sujatha:keep hope definitely u will met her oneday
Sanskar nodded
Sujatha:k get ready nd was waiting for u..
(sanskar joined in his dad’s business)

Ragini was shown…she wears simple saree with simple pendent on her neck…she was combing her hair while recalling her past..sanskar harsh words..charecterless girl this word ringing in her mind she closed her eyes tears rolling down frm her eyes…suddenly some one came nd closed her eyes frm behind…he felt wet on his hands…he removes it…ragini quickly wiped her tears nd turns.
Ragini:ayaan( ragsan son…6 years old)
Ayaan:mumma..y r u crying
Ragini:no ayaan im not crying
Ayaan:dont lie mumma..i knw u r crying.. Do u want to see dadi dadu thats y u r crying na..
Ragini smiles fakly

Ayaan:u knw na i dont like ur cry..i will call ask them to come here..u dont cry k..
Ragini hugs him emotionally…ayaan brks d hug nd wiped her tears nd kissed her forehead nd says i love u mumma
Ragini(kissed his cheek):i love u too my bachha
Ayaan:mumma im getting late for school
Ragini:oops sorry…
Saying he makes him ready for bus came he left…
Ragini too got ready nd left for office(she completed her studies in Delhi nd got a job)

Ragini flat door bell rings…ragini opens d door..nd sees swalak there..
Ragini was knocking door…one girl was opened d was swara…
[After completing his studies laksh joined his dad’s business which was in delhi…swalak got married ..they setteled delhi only they had a 1year baby gir named sara..before 1yr raglakswa met accidently..swalak askd ragini to stay with them but ragini not agreed she was living in flat…they wr used to spend time with ragyaan)
Ragini welcomes them..she takes sara in her arms..
Ayaan:laksh uncle..he jumps on laksh
Laksh(pulling his cheeks):my hero
Swara:im also here ayaan

Ayaan goes to swara nd hugs her too…
Laksh:k chalo hero
Laksh:to have icecream
Ragini(glaring ):laksh
Laksh:dont look at me like this..swara only gave this idea
Swara:no not me..he only..
Laksh:no she only
Ragini:jst stop u both..if u want to eat u both go..ayaan will not come
Ayaan:mumma plz

Ragini:no ayaan yesterday u ate 2 ice creams nd arav(ayaan friend) said today u had icecream in school..enough
Ayaan:mumma plz
Ayaan(with puppy face):plz mumma
Swalak(with pout):plz raguu
Laksh holds sara acted as her..nd says plz ragu aunty
Ragini smiles nd said k…they went parlor nd had icecream nd had some fun..swalak was tried to make ragini comes out frm that trance….

At office ..ram came to sanskar who was lost in ragini thoughts…ram placed his hand on sanskar shoulder…sanskar came to sense nd wiped tears which r ready to flow..
Sanskar:ha dad
Ram:be strong beta..keep hope on ur love..
Sanskar:still howmuch she will punish me dad…
Ram gives a helplesslook to sanskar..
Sanskar:seeing him sanskar feels bad nd says dnt wry dad im k….
Ram(smiles weakly):sanskar u have to go delhi for some important client meeting…
Sanskar:k dad..

Ragini was going office on jer scooty..she stops her bike besides onecar seeimg red traffic signal…Sanskar who was in that car felt his heart best increasd..ragsan wr beside eo(she was on scooty ,he was in car)….he opens his glass thn heavy wind passed ..when he opens d glass ragini dupatta blows on sanskar face..he smelled it while closing his eyes nd. Sensed ragini presense..he slowly removes her dupatta frm his face..ragini leaves as seeing green signal..sanskar opend her eyes nd looks around hoping ragini but she was nowhere..he gets upset nd droves….

Hope u liked this track….friends tomorrow onwords i will be busy so i cant give tegular updates..i!! will post when i will get free time..plz understand me i cant give regular updates…so sorry

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