Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-5)

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Precap: Ragu and Sanky reaching temple.

Both come inside main temple. She see’s Sri Sai baba,ask him how does he know whenever she is tensed comes to baba temple. He just smiles and ask her to pray. She starts feeling that there is some connection between them, but she won’t express this. She prays for her parents happiness and her newly found friend happiness too. He listens her and ask why did she pray for him,she tells you are so caring person and always try to help me. He nods. */ remember same question asking when both had come earlier to temple,she answers him because you’re my life and if you are happy ill be happy automatically /*

Pandith gives them arati and Prasada then bless them both to be happy and prosperous life ahead. Both go and seat at a steps of temple. She tells him thanks for coming. He tells it will be my job now onwards ? both start laughing. She asks what shall we do next? He replies I wanna have breakfast feeling so hungry( making child face and he looks too cute while telling it). She smiles and nods lets first go for breakfast. He tells I’ll wash my hands and go.
Pandith who is going in that way see’s ragu and ask how is she? So many days got over you didn’t come to this temple? Why what happened child? She replies sorry pandith ji I had met with accident and had memory loss. So I didn’t recognize you sorry. He tells her not to be sorry and everything will alright don’t worry about it,be happy child. Then suddenly he asks did you get married to Sanky? Where is he? I didn’t see him also. Then Sanky comes there and manages suition. Pandith blesses them and go from there. Sanky and ragu also leave from temple.

while going in bike she asks him what pandith ji was telling I didn’t understand him? He asked whether we both married? Sanky replies mostly shomi and anu might have meet him. She tells ok. He knows she is not convinced with this answer and also know that she will think about this till she get answer. Both come to hotel, he asks her to order. She tells I need only juice. He then order for pineapple juice and oats roti for her, idly and coffee for him. She thinks how does he know what she likes have for breakfast so clearly. He observe her but keep quite. Breakfast as served and both have it. He tells her we will go for mall so that shopping and movie both can be done at once. She nods ok.

After finishing breakfast ,she tells waiter bhai thanks and ask him to tell cook food was tasty. Waiter thanks her for telling him thanks and say till now no one talked with me like this. She smiles. He asks her and sanky to come wherever they want ,he will be here waiting for them. Sanky and ragu thank him again leave from there.
Sanky is thinking nothing as changed in her till now if she remembers me also ill be happiest person of world. Ragu ask him to go slowly but he doesn’t hear her. She suddenly calls him Jadoogar./* ragu used to call him Jadoogar before memory loss /* He stops and asks her what she say? She tells him I said to slow down. He tells ok./*thinks I felt she called me Jadoogar I really miss ragu calling me*/ Both reach mall. She tells him I didn’t buy Diwali gifts for shomi and shankar,can you help me. He nods ok.

He brings her to shop which is fully of teddy bears. She see’s a poster of animated movie put up in shop ask about it. Seals boy replies Movie ya today released if you want to watch it go top floor. Sanky takes her for movie it’s doraemon new series. Both enjoy it.

After 2hrs, both come out. She tells life would be adventurous if we had such a friend na. He tells let we go out adventurous ride tomorrow. She tells ok done. He tells about gift’s. Suddenly a small boy come hug ragu calling mummy papa. Both get shocked. Boy keeps crying so Sanky give him chocolate and ask him to be eat it. Boy refuses,ragu asks him to have and tells I’ll also eat it with you. Both have chocolate,he calm down. Sanky ask him why he crying? Where are his mummy papa? Boy says if I had known I wouldn’t come to you I would have gone to them,search for any parents uncle. Ragu start laughing seeing how small kid is scolding sanky. Ragu asks kid what is your name? He replies chinu.

Chinu orders sanky to get him ice cream. Sanky tells him im not your servant. Ragu signs him to I also want it. Ragu and sanky take him to ice cream shop. While having chinu tells hey uncle you can’t search for my parents? Go search ill take care of your girlfriend go fast. Ragu smiles. Sanky takes chinu pic and go for announced room. He tell manager this kid lost in crowd please display his pic in monitor and ask his parents to come to 2nd floor ice cream shop. Manager does what sanky asked for. Sanky comes back and tells ragu I told manager about chinu. Chinu ask sanky doesn’t he know how to talk with girls. Sanky nods no. Chinu says see ill teach you. Chinu hold ragu hand and tells Janu I did what you said me to do and kiss her on hand while leaving hands. Chinu ask sanky to do it. Ragu nods no. Chinu says ragu you both are boring. Ragu tells him Sanky is my friend not boyfriend. Chinu says so only you both having two ice creams.

Chinu papa and mummy come there. Mummy hugs chinu and ask him why did leave her hand and run. Chinu says mummy I know you will come and take me back home so, you know she is my new girl friend her name is ragu. Mummy and papa tells thanks for helping them and bearing chinu’s naughtiness. Ragu tells he is so cute and sweet any one take care of him. Chinu take ragu phone and rings his mummy number,say I took your number I’ll call you at night ok. Mummy tells he is like this only sorry. Ragu tells chinu no I’ll call first ok . He comes and kiss her, tell keep calling ok. Mummy thanks Sanky and ragu. Chinu comes near Sanky and tell him to learn how to talk with girls. Sanky smile and say ok boss I’ll learn. Chinu leave with his parents. Sanky tells ragu see he knows his mummy number then also troubled us. She tells he is so sweet I didn’t feel like he troubled him. Both laugh remembering his naughtiness.

Sanky ask ragu whether she wanna shop or not. She says no I want you to shop for my parents. He says ok then..and ask her come with him. Both leave for shopping. He buy’s watch for her parents. Shows her and she likes it? . Then he asks her be here only for 15min ill be back. She nods ok. He goes and after seeing not seen she smiles.
She runs from there, goes inside a shop and buys electronic watch. She records her voice,ask them to pack it fastly. Goes back to place where Sanky asked her to be. He comes there and ask her did anu call her, she says no I didn’t bring phone. He tells her to call shomi she wants to speak with you. She calls shomi,she tells ragu to come back fast. They both come to Sanky’s home.

Anu welcome both, pari comes out congrats both for their engagement. Sanky asks what? She tells next week Wednesday morning at 10 you’re engagement. He looks at ragu, she just smiles. He knows what she might be undergoing. Pari ask what happened? He tells her ragu is not ok with marriage now what shall I do? She tells him you’re love for her will make her perfect. He smiles and thanks her. She goes to ragu and tells you’re parents are with dp. Pari takes ragu and go Sanky’s room.

Ragu see’s pic of her and sanky on wall. Pari tells her it’s just my hubby creation. Ragu smiles. Pari feel sorry for lies and give ragu saree to get ready. Ragu asks why saree? She tells it’s formality, Ragu say her I don’t know to wear it. Pari smile and give her half saree, which looks exactly like saree. Ragu goes and get ready. Pari goes as her hubby call her. Sanky comes to room and goes near wardrobe. Ragu comes out after getting ready and call Akka please tie thread. Sanky hears her, he close wardrobe door. He looks at her, full back is viewed.

Ragu see him mirror in front of her and turns around. He also turn other side and tell her sorry I was not knowing you will be here. She asks him to help her. He looks at her with question mark face, she repeats help me. He comes near her,she turns around and tells to tie. His hands shake will tieing thread but his eyes are closed. She thank him and he goes out. She smiles thinking how his hand was shaking and he closed eyes. He is at terrace thinking what happened, he smiles. Pari come there ask him why is he smiling? Do you know that ragu don’t know to wear sari? He nods yes. She asks him but you many of pics in sari wear. He bushes. She comes to know and go from there smiling. Ragu come there and give him gift which she brought, tell him to hear to record whenever he is free. He asks what is there in record? She say you hear and by the way anu is calling you. Both leave from.

At hall ..

Pandith ji comes in. Ragu and sanky parents welcome him. Pari see sanky and ragu coming down. She smiles and signs her hubby to look there. Anu too see them feel happy and ask them to take blessings from elder’s. After taking blessings,pandith ji tell let children go in. Sanky’s pari and bro with sanky and ragu to garden. Pari takes ragu from there by telling I didn’t get time to with you. Sanky look at ragu and ragu see him & smile. Sanky excuses and goes to make call. After calling, he check for recording” ragu tell him I don’t why you care for me? Whenever I see you’re eyes it tell me something but I don’t understand it. I’m sure someday ill understand it. Thank you for making me soo special everytime ” . He feels happy at least she is thinking im good. Sanky think of giving her gift which he brought.
Sanky thinking of giving gift to ragu. He search’s for ragu but his bro gives him keys and tell him to bring coconut. Sanky goes to bring.

Ragu goes to shomi and say can we go home? She asks what happened? Ragu tells her I didn’t have tablets. Anu comes there ask what happened? Shomi replies she forgot her tablets. Anu tells let sanky come home we can send her home. Shomi also tell its better idea. Ragu think why always shomi and anu keep asking me to go with Sanky. She smiles and goes from there. Sanky comes home and gives anu coconut. She tells him drop ragu to her home,she didn’t have tablets. Sanky say ok anu. He comes to ragu and ask her to come fastly. Both leave to ragu home.
Sanky think of giving her gift, suddenly he puts break. She hugs him completely and after realizing what she has done,tells him sorry . He drops her at her home. She asks him come inside. He says ill go. She asks at least for coffee. He nods. Both go inside, he tells her go and change I can wait. She smiles and goes. He smiles and goes out to bring gift which he kept in his bike.
In Ragu room , she is thinking what to wear just then she picks up a t-shirt and jeans goes out. She calls sanky then goes to prepare coffee. He comes inside and keep gift on sofa. She comes and gives him coffee cup. He gives her gift and thanks for gift. After finishing coffee,he says bye and go home.

Ragu opens gift and see’s it’s two hearts, simply touch one heart ” her favourite song rings”. After full song his recorded voice plays ” thanks you my friend ” she smiles and thinks he kept his promise here also. She thinks “he is soo sweet. He always try making me smile. When he tied dress ,his were shaking mostly he haven’t touched any girl. But why did I ask him to help me what as happened to me,how can I turst so fast? Did tapu say truth that ill fall for him? Did i fall for him? She blushes. She texts sanky and say him thanks for gift. He reach home. Before that ragu parents have left for home.

Ragu is keeping gift in wardrobe,she feels how does he know so much about me? Does he have any connection with my 2yrs? Shomi comes and tell her to sleep.. Ragu goes to sleep.

At Sanky’s home..

His pari is talking with Arjun ( Sanky’s bro) you know what Sanky and ragu have many things in common. Sanky love her I know this but I don’t know how much ragu love him tell me . He tells her ask Sanky I have some important work. She gets angry with him and goes out of room. Sanky is seeing stars . standing near steps. Pari(suji) comes to terrace, he sees her and ask what happened ? She tells you’re bro have no time for me. He smiles. She says idiot don’t smile, I was asking him how you’re love story began? He said go ask Sanky. He laughs and say her why you want my love story? She says after seeing your love for her I wanted to know. He says her you could have asked me. She tells I could have but you might feel bad missing those days. He tells I never miss those days, I remember each and every second of those days. She asks him does he don’t miss her? He tells I don’t because she keep seeing me same why how she saw me on first day of our meeting. She smiles and ask him to say his story…

Precap: Ragu and Sanky’s first meet…

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