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shivay and shivam reaches to the mandir and searches every inch of the mandir together but they did not look at the back of the mandir where a beautiful lake is there with small red flowers at the bank of the water. shivay could feel anika is some where near and then suddenly calls out anika as loud as he can. on listening to his shout everyone at the mandir stops at once to look to the man who shouted like this. suddenly then shivay realises what he did just now and he also realises that shivam is not with him. suddenly then shivam calls him out

shivam: papa mumma is over there at the steps of the lake
shivay and shivam rushes to the back side of the mandir they see anika going from there. shivay ran towards anika and hugged her at once. his grip of the hug grew more tighter when he realised that anika is seriously infront of him. shivay’s tears are rolling down and anika could feel the tears on her shoulder. at the background the song kaise mujhe tum mil gayi from gazini is playing) all the moment of their togetherness came infront of anika she could clearly visualise all the moments of their togetherness all the moments of their love and also the moment when shivay asked her to get out of his life. anika then comes to the real world with a sudden jerk. shivay jerked her
shivay: how can you come back anika you were dead

anika: oh that means you are not happy to see me infront of your eyes
shivay: no i did not mean that it just that the day when you gave birth to shivam the nurse told me that you are dead that means the nurse told me lie i will not spare any of them

anika: its not there fault i only told them to do so as you wanted me to get out of your life, you wanted tia as your wife and see today tia is your wife and i am out of your life

shivay: anika there was something that bothered me that time which i was not able to say it to you at that time but today i will tell you the truth the total truth that ruined yours mines and shivam’s life.
anika: what is the point shivay telling the truth now will not change anything
shivam: please mumma don’t fight with papa we missed you so much and now when we got you back you are just telling to leave us alone again
anika: no shivam beta who said it to you that i will leave you alone again. i promise i will never leave you alone.

shivay: and what about me as you don’t want to leave shivam alone so you have to stay with me because shivam can’t stay without me right shivam
shivam: right papa
shivay: just see shivam how your mumma is showing tadi to me tell her na i loveher more than anyone does
shivam: its not fair papa i also love my mom and i love her more than you do
anika got tears in her eyes after looking at the bond between shivay and shivam
anika: i will never leave you shivam whatever may happen but i will always be with you
anika then hugs shivam.

shivay: do i also have a place in this family hug
shivam: yes papa come on papa
shivay runs towards them and holds both of them very tight then he lifts shivam up and kisses at the forehead of anika
shivay: i love you anika i loved you always and i will love you till my last breath
anika then holds shivay’s mouth nodding her head signing him that not to say those words

anika: i am ready to go with you that does not mean that i am not angry on you or i have forgiven you it is just for my shivam because i love him more than any one else i can’t forgive you till you say the truth to me
shivay makes a sad face and starts to fight with shivam that whom anika loves the most. anika laughs at both of them. shivay feels relieved after listening to anikas love.
on the other side rudra is going to office and just then he applies sudden breaks after seeing a girl suddenly in front of his car
rudra: can’t you see and walk on roads (he scolds the girl not knowing that she is soumya)
soumya(looking at other side): i am sorry mr.
just then soumya turns back to see who is scolding her and sees he is none other that mr. rudra singh oberoi
soumya: i am sorry rudra for coming in front of you
rudra (politely): you should be aware and conscious while crossing a road
soumya: from when you have started to call me soumya leave it i am leaving
just then soumya feels a hand on her hand

rudra: please don’t go soumya i became very lonely after you got out of my life
soumya: but i don’t have any proof to prove shivay bhaiyaa innocent and you should remember that i have promised you that i will return to your life when i will prove shivay bhaiyaa’s innocence
rudra: i remember soumya but believe me my heart says bade bhaiyaa is innocent but my mind says he is not
soumya: okk rudra i will meet you tomorrow at the cafeteria and we will discuss about the matter.


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