Mehriya- a simple love (Part 13)

Episode 13
Mehak came and lay down on her bed. She closed her eyes, even though she knows she is not going to sleep. She doesn’t want to know the real world to… Her dreams were much a happy place to live. She was not able to understand the real world. Her mind goes back to the college alumni meet…
When college band starts to sing and some decides to dance. Shaurya was singing with the band on stage.

Shaurya sings
Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai
Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati
Tumse hi tumse hi
Har ghari saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

That when Sruti came to stage and take Shaurya with her. Sruti makes Shaurya dance with her. Ajay came near her.
A: Can I dance with you?
M: I am sorry. I don’t know to dance.
A: That’s ok.. Just a few steps may be..?
M: I am sorry. I can’t.
A: Its fine. Some other day…
Ajay smiles and went from there.

Sonal: Why don’t you dance with him? I think he likes you.
M: I don’t want to… Sonal please leave it yaar…
Sonal don’t say anything more.
Mehak looks at Shaurya. She could only see Shaurya. Everything else everyone else vanishes from her eyes. It’s just she and Shaurya. Shaurya comes near her. Looks deep into her eyes,

Aadha sa wada kabhi
Aadhe se zayada kabhi
Jee chahe karlu is trah wafa ka
Chode na chote kabhi

Tode na tute kabhi
Jo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka
Mein Tera sarmaya hoon
Jo bhi mein ban paya hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi
Raste miljate hai
Manzile miljati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

She feels the song was just made for them, knowing their situation.
She opens her eyes just to see Shaurya dancing with Sruti. She looked at his face, is he happy to dance? Is he happy with her? She couldn’t understand anything.
Next day morning.
Mehak get ready and leave for office. She got busy in her work and intentionally avoids Shaurya at the maximum. She discusses work with Rajeev and lowers the chances of meeting Shaurya.

Two days passes like that. Third day.
Shaurya calls Mehak to his office. Mehak enters the office.
S: good morning Mehak.
M: Good morning.
S: Come sit.
M: I am ok, thank you. Can you say why you call me?
S: I called to talk to you.
M: about what?

S: about what means… don’t we have anything to talk..?
M: What is the work?
S: work? Don’t we have anything else to talk? Don’t we have other things to talk in common?

M: I don’t think we need to talk about anything else.
S: What if it’s not about work I want to talk to you now?
M: Then I don’t have time for this. I have works to look after. I hope that you remember giving me some important works to take care of.
S: I remember everything Mehak. And I understand everything too. Soo don’t say that crap to me. OK!!
Mehak was shocked by his angry tone. She doesn’t say anything.
S: Mehak I know you are avoiding me. I can clearly see that.
Mehak turns her face from him.
M: I am not avoiding anyone. Why should I?
S: It’s not anyone Mehak. It’s me. It’s me, you are avoiding. Can’t you see it?
M: I am not avoiding you. I was busy with works. Its soo tight schedule and…
S: Face me Mehak.

M: what?
S: tell all these lies looking at me..
Shaurya make her turn towards him. Mehak close her eyes and look down.
S: You can’t. You can’t lie to me Mehak…
Mehak turns her face and wipes her tears.
M: I have to go…
She goes from the office before Shaurya could say anything.

That evening. Mehak’s house.
Mehak reach her house. Everyone was waiting for her.
K Chachi: Mehak puthar, eat this sweet.
Mehak take the sweet in her hand.
M: what is the matter Chachi?
Nehal: oho… stop hiding di…
M: what? I don’t understand anything…

K Chachi: Nehal. Stop teasing her.
Nehal: I have just started.
Everyone laughs and starts singing and dancing to song “Saajanji ghar aaye.. Saajanji ghar aaye..”
M: Chachi, what is going on?
K Chachi: Your senior and family came to meet us.
M: Senior?

Mansi: yes.. They don’t come for us. They came for you, asking your hand for marriage.
M: marriage? Can you please tell me what is happening?
K Chachi: Ajay your senior and his family came here. Ajay likes you and they are happy with this marriage proposal. Even we like him and his family. What do you think Mehak?
M: What I think…
K Chachi: are you ok with this proposal? You know, we don’t proceed if you don’t like.
M: I.. I.. Don’t know.. I am .. I need time ..
K chachi: ok.. You go and take rest now. Think well and say an answer tomorrow. Ok?
Mehak nodded and went to her room.
Mehak called Sonal.

Sonal: Congratulations dear…
M: What? You know everything!! How…??
Sonal: Ajay came to meet me yesterday. He told me.
M: and you don’t say a word to me.. How could you do that?
Sonal: what did I do wrong? He likes you, want to marry you. I just said go and talk to her family. What’s wrong in that?
M:Whats wrong..!! Sonal you know I love..
Sonal: and I know he is with someone else..
Mehak went silent.
Sonal: Mehak, listen to me..
Mehak don’t say a word.
Sonal: Mehak, are you there?
M: hmm..

Sonal: it’s a marriage proposal. Consider it. He likes you. Both the families are ok with it.
M: hmm..
Sonal: May be this is what is meant for you.
M: ….
Sonal: are you listening??
M: yaa.. I am..
Sonal: you do something. Meet Ajay, talk to him. If you think he is not good then we will say no to this proposal. Ok?
M: hmm..
Sonal: Mehak, say something..
M: Ok..
Sonal: Ok?
M: ya. I will talk…
Sonal: That’s my girl!! Ok then. I will call you later.
M: Ok…
Mehak cut the call. She doesn’t know what she should do. She was confused.
Mehak thinks about Shaurya. She thinks about their days at Mumbai. His eyes, his smile. The way he talks to her. The way he looks deep into her eyes… She smiles to herself. The smile vanishes by the thought of Shaurya and Sruti dancing together. She thinks about Sonal’s words. Her family’s happy faces.
Her chain of thoughts was disturbed by her phone’s ring.
She picks the call.
M: Hello?

“Hello Mehak, it’s me Ajay.”
M: oh.. hi.
A: hai.. I got your number from Sonal.
M: oh… ok.
A: and…
M: …
A: Can we meet tomorrow evening?
M: huh??
A: I will ask Sonal to come with us, if you are not comfortable to come alone. Just for this time, ok?
Ajay says with a smile. Mehak had a faint smile on her lips.
M: ok…
A: Ok then… See you tomorrow.
M: ok. Bye…
Mehak cut the call.
Next day morning.
Mehak was leaving for office.
M: chachi, Ajay want to meet me today evening.
Nehal: oho!!! First date di!!!
M: It’s nothing like that. Sonal is coming with me.
Nehal: what will she do there??
Nehal laughs.
M: Chachi. Shall I go?
K Chachi: It’s ok. Go and meet him.
M: Ok chachi.
Mehak reaches her work site. She got busy in work. In the evening, Shaurya called her to his office. Mehak reaches his office and was shocked to see Ajay and Sonal talking with Shaurya.
S: here comes our bride.

Mehak shockingly looks at Shaurya.
Shaurya move near to Mehak before anyone else and hold her hands in a shake hand.
S: Congrats Mehak. You should have told me earlier. It’s ok. Ajay told me about it.
Shaurya holds her hand tight and Mehak was wincing in pain.
S: I am happy for you.
Mehak looks at Shaurya with wet eyes. He leaves her hand and turns to Ajay.
S: Congrats man…
A: thank you…
S: So you are going on a date??
A: no it’s not like that. It’s just an outing.. Why don’t you join us? It will be a friend’s hangout. What you say Mehak?
Mehak looks at Ajay and give him a faint node.
S: It’s ok then. If you both insist, I will finish my work. Just give me two minutes. You people please wait by the car ok?
A: Ok. Cool.
They were about to leave.
S: Mehak? Could you please wait? I need your help with this work.
Mehak nodded and stay in the office.
Once Ajay and Sonal left the office. Shaurya came near Mehak.
S: this was it right?
Mehak looks at him.
S: This is why you avoid me?? You should have shown the guts to admit it Mehak.
M: It’s not. There was nothing to admit. It is just a marriage proposal.
S: just a proposal? Really!! And today you are going on a date.. Just a proposal Mehak??

M: It’s not the way you think. My family wants me to consider his proposal.
S: Superb!! Mehak Sharma is getting married for her family!!!
M: Shut UP Shaurya! Enough!! My family is most important for me. Yesterday I had seen their happiness for me. I can’t destroy that.
Mehak leaves from there.

to be continued.

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