Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-4)

Recap: anu questioning him regarding his plan to make ragu get her memory back.
Morning at 9

Shomi coming to ragu room, see door is still closed. She asks ragu to open door, after 5-6 times of calling ragu she open door but still she is very sleepy ?. Shomi ask her to drink hot water which she as brought. While drinking shomi asks her whether she really wants to do animation course? Ragu nods. Shomi asks her to think once again. She replies back I want to do but if you don’t like I’ll not.

Shomi tells her that pandith uncle had come,he had asked us to prepare faster for your and Sanky’s engagement because some astrology problem may arise after this June and marriage will be postponed for 4yrs. Ragu asks does she don’t like her ,so you wanna send me out of this home so early. Shomi tells her not to do this emotional blackmail, she knows her princess very well. She replies back that you’re doing blackmail not me. Shomi asks her to this work for me,I’ll promise you ill never ask you to anything else please tell yes for this engagement. Ragu asks her to give her time till tomorrow. Shomi leave room.

Ragu come to bed and hugs her teddy think whatever shomi asked me to do I did till now but for this why im thinking so much. Let me do it without any complaints. Today ill decide it and finalize it forever. She goes to take shower.

At Sanky room…
He is sending mails to office manager that he wants to shift to Bangalore branch. He thinks his vacations are getting completed within one week what can I do so that ill fulfil my promise. He gets a text saying I wanna meet you please it’s urgent matter. He calls ragu asking what happened? She tells I wanna talk with you. He asks can we go for a movie. She replies definitely but after talking.
At 11am Sanky comes to ragu home. He greets shomi and asks what happened? why ragu called me? Shomi tells I said her about pandit matter asked her to decide. Sanky replies Ayyo shomi why did you tell her it might pressurize her. Ragu comes down so shomi asks him to be quite. Ragu tells Shomi ill go and come. Both ragu and sanky leave.
Reach park which is twenty minutes from her home. Both come out. Conversation between them
Sanky: What happened? What you wanted to talk about?
Ragu: Shomi asked me to tell yes for this proposal.
Sanky: What you wanted to tell?
Ragu: I have nothing in my mind.
Sanky: Then what you wanted to say me

Ragu: I’ll tell whatever I have in my heart. See I had met with accident while I was doing my masters.i don’t remember a word what had happened with me in 2yrs. I don’t know about my past if my past comes now I can’t recognize it. Till now I haven’t opposed my parents decision. Today ill tell them I’m okay with this proposal.
Sanky: What I should do for you
Ragu: Can you please give me time to accept my decision and take our relationship to next level
Sanky: I’ll promise you till you’re perfectly fine with relationship. I’ll not force you take our friendship to next level.
Ragu: Thank you soo much ?

Sanky: You shouldn’t tell about this to your Shomi or my anu. For them we will be husband and wife but for us we are just friends.
Ragu: Okay ?
Both leave park. While riding car he thinks about changes in ragu while she thinks how her life changed in 5days.
Sanky and ragu come home. Shomi see time and tells them to have lunch. While having lunch Ragu tells Shomi they are ready for marriage. Shomi asks her really? Sanky nods yes. She asks ragu to prepare coffee, ragu goes to prepare. Sanky tells Shomi this decision is making her pressurized but Shomi tell him about date which was fixed for engagement and informed to relatives about it, how in Hindu religion others think if a girl relationship break before engagement itself. He asks her not to think of all this now and just I wanted ragu be happy and free from tension. She tells doctor had told if ragu undergoes too much tension she might start remembering things. Sanky just nods. After having coffee which ragu had prepared he leaves.

Shomi ask Ragu again if you really want this to happen. Ragu tells her whatever makes her Shomi is important to her and she is finalised it. Shomi tell her to take tablets and nap for a while. Ragu goes to her room.

Shomi tells about ragu decision to Sanky’s anu and appa. Sanky’s anu decides to meet and do further arrangement. Appa comes home at 7pm ,he as bring ragu favourite sweets and chocolates. Shomi tells him about what all happened from morning. He asks her why did you pressurized her so much, she tells same reason which she gave for sanky. Appa argues with her but she calm’s him telling about religion and all.

After nap Ragu wakes up,but because of tablets she is sleepy. She feel like taking shower before that she texts Sanky sorry we couldn’t go for movie. Her parents come to her room and her appa ask her why she wanna leave him and go to in-laws home so early. She replies him it is shomi decision. He assures her you will be happy dear and don’t worry ? She smiles back and both her parents bless her.
Sanky check is his phone, he see’s ragu text and replies don’t worry. Ragu asks him can we go out tomorrow. He replies yes we can. She tells him I want spend some time with you to understand you. He replies no worries I’ll come wherever you ask me to come. She tells you decide. He replies tomorrow 10am come to coffee shop. She replies ok.

Sanky goes to sleep but ragu is seen searching for a file in laptop. She gets a file with name ” my life with my love” she tries opening it but doesn’t remember password. She tries till 12am. Suddenly Sanky wake up and see in his phone a message telling someone is trying to open his personal file. He thinks who can it be as no one knows about it,but remember ragu a copy in laptop. He text ragu good night sweet dreams ?. She replies still wake up?
He: Yea I was completing office work. You?
She: Okay ! I was just wake up.

He: Sleep now.
She: I’ll try? good night sweet dreams ?
He: Good night sweet dreams ?
Ragu goes to bed. Sanky also sleeps.
Morning… A nice view sun raising and birds moving..

Ragu wake up by alarm and goes to take shower. She thinks of telling shomi she is going out with Sanky. She gets ready in red and black salwar suit. She leaves her hair open but then make her into fish tale. Comes down and prepares coffee for her parents. She serve’s them and go to prepare breakfast. Shomi comes after doing puja and give her kumkum. Ragu tells her that she is going out,shomi gives nod. Shomi is thinking it will be better if ragu is not here while talking about engagement.
Sanky as just got up. He sees ragu pics in his phone and smiles. He thinks of taking her to all places where they used to go. He goes to take shower. Then he wears shirt which ragu had selected remembers how she made him wear 50shirts before selecting this. He takes bike and leave home. Ragu also have left,she is walking on road thinking about Sanky how good he his and how he is caring for her. After 5min he comes there and stop bike front of her asks her to seat. He rides and reach temple.

Precap: Pandith recognise ragu and try asking whether she got married with Sanky

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