Mere Angne Mein 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti getting shocked seeing Riya sitting on the swing. Nimmi asks Riya is she in senses. Riya says yes, Shanti has permitted me to sit on this swing. Shanti recalls agreeing to Riya’s conditions. Kaushalya says I will not bear Shanti’s insult, Riya get up from the swing. Shanti asks Riya to get up and shouts on her. She says you told police that you are alive, now your work is over, now leave, you left Shivam on your own. Riya asks did I leave Shivam on my own. Shanti says yes. Riya reminds Shanti’s words to her.

She asks Shanti did she forget everything. Shanti says yes, I got old, my mind for weak, what will you do, leave from here. Inspector calls Shanti and says I got news and we will not leave you soon, the news is you all have to be present in court tomorrow for hearing. She gets shocked. He asks what happened, did you get heart attack. Shanti ends call and thinks to agree to Riya now, so that Riya give statement in their favor tomorrow. She acts good to Riya. She says I will make Riya the heir, its okay, what will happen. Nimmi asks what. Riya says but you were saying something else. Shanti says I got old, don’t take tension, I m in senses, I will do swing bidaai well.

Riya says sure, give the swing a farewell party, but after that, this swing is just mine. Shanti looks on. Shanti sits on the swing. Riya reminds Shanti to give the house keys and rule to her, along with the swing. They all get shocked. Shanti says yes, I will do your Raj tilak and make you sit in the swing, don’t worry. She thinks once I prove in court that she is Riya, then I will send her away.

Lallan gets drunk and misses Amita. Babloo feels bad seeing him and goes. Lallan calls Amita. Amit does not answer. Lallan says I will not wait now. He asks Babloo to come along, we will get Amita. He sees Babloo gone. Rani asks Prabha what work does she have that she got kachoris. Prabha says its fresh kachoris, I have fried this just now, I just came. Rani says you will like to know what’s happening here. Prabha says I don’t gossip, I just came, where is Sarla, did she go jail again. Rani says no, they found Riya. Prabha says its good, but Sarla will go jail again becuase of her deeds. Amit comes and eats kachoris. Prabha laughs and taunts him about Babloo.

Kaushalya sees Riya and imagines Riya treating them as maids. Riya commands Kaushalya and Nimmi, and also controls Shanti. Riya makes them work. Nimmi does Riya’s head massage. Riya says I will decide what food will be made. Kaushalya breaks the plate. Riya scolds her and says you will get punished now, stand on one feet fast. She makes Nimmi clean the floor. Kaushalya stands on one feet. Riya drinks tea and sees them. Kaushalya’s imagination ends. She worries.

Nimmi gets angry seeing Riya. She asks Kaushalya what happened. Kaushalya hugs Nimmi. Rani asks Prabha who told this to you. Prabha says I was just guessing, it means I was right, I think Amit has many children. Rani asks Prabha to just leave and not taunt more. Prabha says I came to share your sorrow, will this truth change if I don’t say. Amit says thanks a lot, just leave. Rani makes Prabha leave. Rani asks Amit how many people will he avoid. Amit says I m not wrong, I did not open factory to distribute kids. He ignores Lallan’s call.

Sarla comes home and gets shocked seeing Riya sitting on the swing. Riya smiles. She goes to Shanti and asks why did you get Riya back, we made her go away, now she has taken your swing, she will not leave anyone. Shanti asks are you not happy that she came back. Sarla says no, why will I. Shanti says if my house got ruined, you would have not cared. Sarla cries and says you misunderstand me, Riya has come as injured tigress. Now she will hurt everyone, she has planned this murder blame, till court case ends, we can’t do anything, we have to listen to her. Sarla thinks why did Lord send Riya and make her head of Shanti Sadan, how many years more will Shanti stay alive. Shanti asks what are you thinking. Sarla says I m thinking how to make Riya leave from here, I will not get peace till I make her leave.

Sarla tells Shanti that Riya can take her house. Kaushalya, Shanti and Nimmi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. FGS why are the writers continuing to show sarla getting away with her plans? Why can’t they show shanti realising her daughters truth? I hope that writers will now keep Riya as they have brought her back and the courts say that they will be keeping an eye on SS, that way shanti can’t kick Riya out again. Even shivam or anyone else doesn’t think what really happened in the hospital. I think it’s about time truths were revealed, instead of going round in circles.

    1. I agree Sarla should be exposed as she started everything, first going and defaming Priti at that DJ’s house in Benares. Shanti is so smart but has no clue about Sarla.
      As for the men Raghav and Shivam both are useless. Especially Shivam cannot do anything and the family has to end up in debt due to him.A good actor like Varun is wasted in his role as Raghav.
      These uneducated family is able to think of ways to get out of situations. Riya an MAB is portrayed as a very stupid female.

  2. i think this is too much…is there no end to this same tourtoure. Is Nimmi and kaushalya such a big dumps!!!! rediculous .Writers its high time that proper lesson is taught to these cruel group. Of all ho Shivam is such a dull headed man who cant beleive his own love. How many times Riya will be chucked out???

  3. Sarala and pari will never get exposed in this serial. Tat is the bottom line of the serial. All men in the serial including shivam and raghav are dummy characters. I think writer is no way interested in high lighting sarla and pari. Losing interest. Make something sense and interesting

  4. As I said I hope court case doesn’t end, therefore Riya has to stay and JUST MAYBE Shivam will be made to realise whose really at fault. The writers showed hi trying to do something for the house, isn’t it time they showed him actually taking charge of his responsibilities.

    Ssj – yes either show wrong doers getting punished or stop repeating same tracks I.e. Riya being chucked out of SS and leads actually having sense and not always taking blame. Shanti supposed to be eldest and intelligent, can she not see what her daughters reality is? How much longer will this serial go same way?

  5. I think sarla will never be exposed because she still blame riya for the jail what a stupid lady she is ,still think bad for mother and keep on provoking her how can shant can’t her true face ,shant know that sarla is selfish but she keep her help with sarla misdeeds.

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