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love its the most craziest feeling ever the sense that some one loves u madly the feeling that u belong to some one is just that can’t be expressed in words when we fall in love we feel top of world things changes ur life just take a 360 turn u may urself don’t know what’s I happening with u. U unknowingly starts smiling like a mad just hearing his name we get lost in our own world
we just wish to be with him throughout our life we need him to be with us in every step and moment of life standing by us supporting us
love is done without any expectations’ but the fear to loose him just hacks ur breath
me ragini maheswari opps but for know I am ragini gadodia how my life changed my journey of love with sanskar was beautiful our story was not filmy but we had everything like that love memory loss separation fight everything but I love it and him
I was standing near the window admiring the moon thinking about all my moments with him

Love kavitha made me realise what it is and ragini thought me how to take up the responsibility and fulfill it she made me understand true meaning of love
How all things got connected she changed everything she made my life beautiful and I regret my decision to leave her unknowingly or knowingly I hurted her badly but know I have decided that I try to give her all happiness of world I’ll never let her smile fade I would never be reason for her tears
Such a boring fiancé I have urgh I mean ok we are getting married in two days and I am staying at badi but where does it mean that he can’t call me talk to me
In love people do crazy thing lovers come climbing pipe to meet their love they are ready to bring stars and moon on earth but he, he u just unromantic fellow
Its better I’ll only call him he can’t for sure
I picked my phone and dialled his number
“hello” he said
I didn’t reply

“ragini are u ok”
“ha what would happen to me” she said scarstaicallly
“hey are u angry on me”
“who am I to be angry”
He understood that she was angry for not calling her
He cutted the call she got dame angry
“how dare he cut my call I won’t speak to him” she said throwing her phone on bed and made angry pout face
After some time
She was about to go to bed she felt some shadow near window
She moved towards their and saw sanskar climbing up through pipe
“know don’t stare me give me hand”
she pulled him up
“what are u doing here”

She raised her eye brow and crossed her hands
“fine just came to meet u”
“then u can go because I am feeling sleepy” she said snowring
“ok no problem”
She was confused and angry on him
“I thought to have these chocolate chip ice cream with u but its ok”
“what where ice cream”
He took out ice cream pack from bag he was holding
“do u want to have”
She nodded
They sat on sofa and started having it
“I love this”
“and I love u”
She smiled and rested her head on his shoulders
“how things changed na”
“ ha but whatever it was was for best”
“hmm ij think same”
“48 hours then u’ll be mine completely and this time I won’t let u got far from me”
“as if I would go leaving u, u have to bear my tortures throughout ur life” she said winking at him and his eyes popped in shock
“no” and hugged him tight
The next day all marriage functions started
It was haldi function

The sweetness of music was all around
Swara was teasing ragini a lot and she was just smiling sumi carssed her hair shekar was instructing catering
Dadi’s scream on workers was also sounding beautiful
Sumi applied haldi to her first and tear escaped her eyes remembering her mother but swara wiped it
The care affection that she got from swara was just adorable shekar dadi and all applied haldi to her which came from MM applied to sanskar
Their souls were already one but know they were going to be one by all rituals and customs of world
Love is most powerful thing in universe it can change anything and destroy anything
When the songs of marriage fall in ur ears u just feel happy and when it of ur marriage u are just most happiest of all when u are going to get married to person whom u love who love u with same passion who care for u
After haldi was over it was mhendi function

The color of mehendi was definitely going to be dark as groom loves his bride a lot
Ragini was sitting at centre mehndi designers applying mhendi on her hands
Ishq lagga mere maahi da song was playing in background
Mainu ishq lagaa mere maahi da
Ess ishq vich Rabb disda
Eh rang hai ishq ilaahi da
Swara started dancing
Mainu ishq laga mere maahi da

Eh rang hai ishq ilaahi da
Mainu ishq laga mere maahi da
Each line of song made ragini remind her of sanskar their moments their love
Jadon sone mahi da deedar ho gaya
Ho.. jadon sohne mahi da deedar ho gaya
Sacchi mucchi rabba mainu pyaar ho gaya
Pyaar ho gaya, beshumar ho gaya (x2)
Swara pulled ragini and started moving around her
Haase enne choli vich paaye Rabb ne
Saare duniya de gham bhulaye Rabb ne
O ho.. haase enne choli vich paaye Rabb ne
Saare duniya de gham bhulaye Rabb ne
Hun pal-pal saambiyaan na jaan khushiyan
Saadi zindagi di raah roshanaaye Rabb ne
(Rabb ne..)

Swara along with her firends was dancing around ragini
Kinna sohna sohna haye
Kinna sohna sohna sansaar ho gaya
Sachi muchi rabba mainu pyar ho gaya
Pyar ho gaya, beshumar ho gaya
Assi dar dar jaake jo duaavan mangiyaan
Rabba pyar ditta umraan vi de lammiyaan (x2)
Tainu ikko fariyaad saade haq ch khalovi
Teri rooh di vich gaiyaan eh roohan rangiyaan
(roohan rangiyaan..)
Ess ishq te ehna
ho.. ess ishq te ehna aitbar ho gaya
(aitbar ho gaya..)
Sacchi mucchi rabba mainu pyaar ho gaya
Haaye pyaar ho gaya, beshumaar ho gaya
The episode ended with smiling faces of swaragini

Precap: ragsan marriage

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