Love makes relationships….[epi 4]

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Hi guys, I am sorry for the late update and also for not replying your comments . I was little busy with my college works. Thank you all very much for the comments and support. I hope .. I will not disappoint you all. Thank you once again….
In the evening .
All were sitting in the hall. [ having chitchat].
Ap , sujata, and dp went to the temple , to thank god for keeping uttara happy.
Ram , adarsh and sanskar came back from office.
Followed by laksh came carrying rakshitha.
Uttara hugged ram Prasad. He blessed her. Then adarsh and sanskar hugged uttara
[ all had a teary eyes ] .
Raksh came running to ragini .

Raksh: [ shouting] mama………….
Ragini: [ kneels down and hugged her] princess….. what happened?? are u okay??? With the school and teachers..
Raksh: han mom.. very fine.
Swara: [ came near] doll, hug for me??? I missed you so much today.
Raksh hugged swara: I too missed you bade ma.
Raksh seeing uttara hugging sanskar and adarsh, fumes in anger.

Raksh goes near to them and playfully push uttara aside.
Raksh: listen anuty… they are my bade papas. [ folds her hands and turns her face]
Sanskar carries raksh: awwww…. My princess.
Everyone laughs.
Adarsh: [ side hugs uttara] raksh, this is ur bua.
Raksh: I know bade papa…… bt I am only ur princess not uttara anuty, anjali di or swathi di. I hope , u three got my point [ in an orderly tone]
Laksh: yes your honour!!!!!
Uttara: bhai… this little devil has a big mouth.
Ragini: han uttara . like her father.[in anger]

Laksh stares at ragini bt she didn’t respond
Raksh gets down and hugs uttara: anuty !!! don’t worry I will call u princess bt my papas will not okay??
Uttara : okay ,. [ kissed her]
Parineeta:ok , u all go and have a wash.
Ragini carries raksh and goes upstairs. Laksh follows her.
Swara takes sanskar’s bag and goes . sanskar follows her.adarsh and parineeta does the same.
Uttara laughs: these boys will never change , still following their wives.
And she sits in the sofa.
In adarsh’s room.
Adarsh; did uttara had something to eat???
Pari : han adarsh. Don’t worry, we are here to take used to ask this everyday, bt today I have answer for you [ she smiles and hugs him]
At swasan room.
Swara takes a dress for sanskar. He hugs her from backside.
Swara: what sanskar??
Sanskar: u know something???

Swara: I know…… you are very much happy today
Sanskar[ breaks the hug and turns her]: but how??
Swara: after long time, u got back ur princess home…
Sanskar: han swara… very much happy.
She hugs him.
Sanskar: but did you notice rakshitha??
Swara: han sanskar, she was very much possessed with you three.she believes that u three as her pillars.

Sanskar: that’s true, we should be a ideal fathers to her. …..first Anjali made me to feel that I was grown up.then swathi made me to feel that my love is percious towards you.and at last bt not least, rakshitha made me to feel that I should be a responsible and protective father to all.
Swara: well said sanskar…. Rakshitha is the lovely little princess of this parivaar.
Sanskar pecks her forehead and moves to washroom.
At raglak’s room.
Ragini makes raksh change her uniform. Laksh enters.

Ragini: raksh, go and have a wash. I will come.
Raksh runs to the washroom.laksh sits beside ragini.
Laksh: ragini………..[slowly]
Ragini was about to move. Laksh holds her hand.
Ragini; live my hand.[in anger]
Laksh: sorry!!! I had promised my wife that I will never leave her hand at any situation…
Ragini: ohh!!! Really………..
She tries to take her hand…….but laksh tights his grip.
Ragini: laksh… its painful . live my hand.
Laksh feels her pain and lives her hand.
Laksh: I am sorry jaan.i was just kidding……pls forgive me[he pouts his face]
Ragini stares at him ..

Scene shifts to the hall.

Uttara was sitting…. Pradeep , anjali , swathi , and sangeeth enters home.
All four directly enters the study room without noticing uttara.they leave their bags inside and comes out.reaches the hall.
Pradeep: maaaaa………….
Now only uttara notice them.
He then notioces uttara: bua…………….
Pradeep hugs her.then anjali and swathi also hugs her.
Anjali: bua… how are you????
Uttara: I am fine ………….. how are you guys???
Swathi : fine anuty.
Sangeeth stands with confusion and takes time to identify her.

Uttara goes near to him: hey champ!!!! I am uttara anuty.
He then recgonises and hugged her.
Sangeeth: how are you anuty??? I missed you so much.there is no one here to tell me stories.
Uttara: don’t worry I came na… I will do.
Sangeeth: anuty,, why do you have a big belly??
Pradeep laughs…..pari enters.
Pari: you all came home. Go and have a wash and come.sangeeth beta, come lets go.
All leaves the hall. Uttara also goes to her room hearing the phone’s ringtone.

Precap: raglak love conversation………….. chirag’s phone call.

Plsss guys …. Live ur beautiful and perciuos comments for me.
Bye take care… keep smiling.

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