“we will walk together part 2”

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Hey guys I m back thanks for the lovely comments 😀 n for the warm welcome !!

Recap:twinj are married twinkle love kunj but kunj love Alisha blindly…..twinj fight n then friendship TW shooting alishas video ….

So now comes the second part#

Twinkle came home from market n was waiting for kunj
kunj came home n was in very bad mood twinkle approached to him n said that I have to tell u something
Ku-just stop it TW why u r back of her today also u were following her na why can’t u just stop it

Alisha saw TW going back n became tensed n the next moment she smirked n called ku n told him that his so called wife is following her everywhere so make her understnd in ur own language just mind it
Ku became furious at TW
N went home

flashback end#

TW – ku just moisten to me I have got a proof against her n forwarded the phone towards him

Ku just thrower the phone n it pieresed into peices n went to take dinner

TW was just left in shock that at last moment every thing went wrong she just shattered into pieces she assent knowing how to react all this while she got a wound in her hand n foot also she was not able to walk so she sat on the floor only
Ku came in the room n became tensed after seeing TW condition so he made her sit but she angrilly moved his hand away n said if U don’t trust me then no need to care for me just go away
TW said that dard dena Assan hota hai dard lens no so just leave ku did not listen to her n strted applying onament on her wound she however controlled her pain n then looked at ku who was staring her

They both have a painful eyelock which was broken by bebe voice to come for dinner
Ku went down n brought dinner for her by saying that twinkle has got hurt in foot so she want walk
Ku went In the room n started feeding her(she has got hurt in her hand ) she just looked at him lovingly
After finishing ku said that m sorry for the doing but plzz saty away from Alisha TW was again dishartened n ignored him this made ku furious n he said do whatever U wanna do
N then they went to sleep
In the mod night TW wanted water but was unable to drink ku was awaken by the voice nbsaw TW struglling he went to her nbmade her drink water nnwent to sleep

Next day
TW n ku were doing bf n were just staring at eo painfully while TW ignored him
Ku went upstairs (he is at a leave )n said to TW that he is going to meet Alisha

Tw-so what shops i do do whatever U want

Ku went to alishas home

Al home #
He directly went inside n saw that Alisha is on the bed with a boy getting intimate
Ku was broken al saw him n said that plzz ku listen to me ku just slapped her hard n said i was just a fool to believe u TW tried to tell me ur reality but i didn’t beleive her just because of u but now u see how i will make u suffer
Just wait n watch n never ever try to contact me just get it in ur dirty brain (by saying this he left )

At night #
Ku is nowhere seen n TW is worried for him n she got a phone call from alisha…..

Precap:ku holding TW n saying believe me
…….tw fully broken …..tw saying that she will apply for divorse ……ku says no


Enough for today
Plzz tell me if m not good in writting as i got only 8 comments in my first episode
I will only continue this part if u all like this ff if no i understand

Loads of love from kanchi 😉

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  1. Angel20

    Hey kanchi,
    This episode was really good. I liked it very much and please don’t stop writing. I’m sure some of them might be busy.

    With Love

    1. Kanchi

      Thank U solo much maira n i will surely try to continue
      Loads of love

  2. Sohi

    Hey don’t get sad I liked the story of your ff plz post next episode soon

    1. Kanchi

      Thanks sohu for liking the story I will try to post whenever I get time 😀
      Bye love U friend

  3. Chiku

    Hey kanchi. Its very nice. Dont be disheartened. I really like ur ff?????
    Every ff gets less comments in starting but dont worry u will also get many comments as u proceed.
    Dont worry
    Post next soon
    Love u?

    1. Kanchi

      Tysm chiku nbi will surely continue itni jalti peecha no chorugi 😉

  4. heyy kanchi it was good dear..
    but I just want to say that try to make less writing mistakes..i mean der r lots of mistakes and some wrds r unable to understand..
    hope u don’t feel bad coz I like ur os very much and ur ideas too
    keep writing dear……

    1. Kanchi

      Tq Fatima n I will try do Make less mistakes

  5. Awesome kanchi finally alisha truth has came in front of kunj
    Plsss asap dear

    1. Kanchi

      Tysm ramaya m glad that U liked it
      Love u:-P kanchi

  6. Sameera

    Wow yaar Kanchi amazing yaar n welcome to tu ??????
    Do cont soon …..???

    1. Kanchi

      Thank U sameera n also for this warm welcome
      Loads of love

  7. Nice episode ☺☺ …… very excited to read further….. post next soon….???

    1. Kanchi

      Thank U manu n I will post next by tomorrow only love U
      ~ Kanchi

  8. Ayu

    Heya Kanchi! I am sorry maybe i did not read the first part…my bad cuz i was really busy! But i loved the epi…guys behave like an ass at times! HUh! Do cont?

    1. Kanchi

      Tysm ayu U know I m eagerly waiting for ur ff post soon:-D

  9. Anonymous 246

    Hey. I’ve been a silent reader since the last almost 5 months. I’ve been reading all the ffs. And, I must say, they all are incredibly amazing. And I love your this ff too. You all(writers) have been bringing your imaginations to writings in such a way, that not all people can. Please, if you don’t mind, can you please post the 3rd part today?! I mean if it’s possible please! Actually the thing is that I’ll not be home for the next 4 days and I won’t be having any kind of internet connection over there most probably. I just wanted to read the next part right now. Kindly consider my request. Best of luck for whatever you write/do in future.

    1. Kanchi

      Tysm so much i will try to post it today at night but it may be uploaded at 12 or after if u r comfortable then i can post it

  10. I can post it now but it may be uploaded by mid night if its ok then i can post
    N thanks for the lovely comment ???

    1. Anonymous 246

      Oh that’d be absolutely perfect. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning IA.

  11. Hey kanchi…
    Pehle welcome to TwiNj ffs world…
    Sorry for not commenting on 1st episode…
    Great start girl…do continue and post soon…


  12. SidMin23

    Kanchi the episode was nice and I hope twinkle won’t apply for divorced because now kunj got it that Alisha was cheating on him. Do post next episode ASAP.

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome emotional epi

  14. SidMin

    Just loved it 🙂 Twinj moments were emotional 🙂

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