FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 26) “Daughters are precious gift”

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Important note: only in this chapter i mentioned POVs i hope u guyz enjoy



When you are a married man, have kids what you want to do? You surely want your family to be provided with best, they wont go through hardships or work hard to get their needs fulfilled. Exactly, I thought the same for my family, they should be provided with the best, they wont suffer from hunger or poverty or feeling minor, what exactly wrong in it, and I did it provided my family, protected them with everything I have still I couldn’t do more to make my family happy still they are in misery but in a different way. Did I fail as a man of my family?

“Here you are, I m looking for you” my wife Sharmishtha said taking me out from my reverie, I smiled

“What are you doing in Swara’s room, Sanskar called and said they are on their way” She informed. She looked very annoyed

“I was trying to find out where did I fail” Hearing my words her face soften and sat beside me

“You didn’t fail, you did what any man would do for his family” She softly speaks

I looked at her no matter how many mistakes I have done in my life but this woman always been there for me to console me and tell me things will fall eventually right and for that I am very grateful to god for giving me such a life partner

“Yet I couldn’t give the affection any man gives to his family” I said there was a moment of silence between us

“Every person has their own way of expressing affection, you have yours” she said before I could say anything we heard car sound and looked outside from the window

There she is whom I was dying to see my daughter but what caught my attention more was their entangled hands

“I m happy to see them like this” she suddenly said

“I know you weren’t happy from this alliance, you didn’t like him” I said to which she smiled

“Yes I probably didn’t like it a bit but how event turn on it made my statement change after all a father cannot choose someone wrong for his daughter” She explained

“but I forced her to do this” I said feeling regrets for doing this to her which made her mind in completely opposite direction

“Then tell her everything show her your real affection, change perspective” She said

“Now comon honey welcome our daughter” She added and drag me outside

We came downstairs and saw Swara hugging my mother and then her sister. I stand behind to see my daughter clearly after all she returned after two week. She hugged her mom and then noticed me. She came forward

“D-dad” She said nervously

“I didn’t think my daughter to be a coward” I said

Damn with my over protectiveness it always comes out in bitter way. She seemed to be more nervous than ever before. Three pairs of eyes were glaring me and my dear son in law was giving me like seriously looks. I shrugged

“I m sorry dad” she apologized

I took a long deep breath

“Come with me” I said, I walked towards a room and she followed

The room is basically my study room where I work and no one is allowed in this room because of many things first its partially a memory room it contain every memory of my family and second some confidential files

I turned on the lights of the other side she was the first to go there, I observe her expression. There were picture of us, from the day I married when Swara born and every events from then, she seemed to be startled

“Woah” I heard her she came to wedding pictures and then of her as new born

“This was the first time I hold you” I explained as she stopped she looked up to me

“The first time I hold something which was a part of me and my wife, first treasure of our love” I explained and she was silent

“First time you learn to walk”
“your first birthday”
“Your first day at school”
“Your fist time you played a prank on your mother and that was funny”

I explained every event in pictures and she silently listened me

“Do you know why I kept these memories up till now” I asked to which she shook her head

“Well I live them every day” Her eyes got widen

“You answer me something Swara” I paused

“What would you do your family” I asked

“Anything that makes them happy” She said

“The same I did for my family but they are not happy” I said sadly


“No Swara let me say this, you think I don’t love you, I wanted a son instead of daughter it’s a bullshit”

She wanted to say something but I stopped showing my hand
“When you were born, the first time I hold you I made a promise to give my family everything, their needs should be fulfilled, they wont suffer, so I chose to work harder and harder to meet your needs. I worked day and night to accomplish this goal and finally got that, but for this I pushed my family aside never got the time to bond with you or with your sister, Ragini seemed to be different person from you so she didn’t noticed so much as you did, you assumed that I stayed away from you because I need a son, no way I stayed away to give you everything but what I became? I became a dictator on you tried to control your life, didn’t asked you, what do you want in your life? Instead I forced you in a marriage. The horrible thing I did was to scold you for someone saving, you know when I got to know this I was the most happiest person I was proud to say you are my daughter but there also my over protectiveness take best of me, I scolded, it was bad from my part isn’t it?” I said and saw here in tears. I moved towards her

“You know what is crazy in this, you wanted to be best daughter for me and I wanted to be best dad for you but I guess I fail and failed you too” I said

“No dad don’t say this I m sorry dad you r the best dad you did what you felt right for your daughter I m sorry” She hugged me and cried

“Never say I never loved” I said

“I am sorry”



I cannot believe the person standing in front of me is my dad expressing everything. This is not I see him from childhood, he used to be reserved, not talking much, never let anyone see what is he feeling and now he is suddenly expressing everything took me caught of guards

He expressed everything today that how much he love his family and how much he is sorry for this all thing. I am starting to feel guilty now Sanskar was right parents love is unique in there own way we shouldnot judge their love

“You saw my mom and other showing their concern on me and your mom for not having a son, you thought I never said anything yes its true I never said anything because I never thought I should give this any importance of not having son or other showing their fake concern to me but you took this in opposite direction and tried to become a son. You focused on your studies even join sports for me which you even didn’t liked, did everything a son can do to make his father proud but here are wrong you cant be son” Dad said

I listened everything calmly but his last word ‘you cant be a son’ didn’t go well with me

“Because you more than that” dad finished his statement

“You and ragini are very precious gift to me which I treasure all my life. You know daughter can fulfill a son place but you know amazing fact son cant fulfill a daughter place, daughters are gift of god. And I m grateful that I got two gifts you and Ragini. I loved you both” Dad added

Dada had tears in his eyes, I never saw my father crying it made me feel remorse but a part of me was happy knowing these things. I always urge my dad to share things with me and now when he is doing this I don’t know what to say that make him feel good

“I love you dad” all I could say and hugged my dad again

“I forced you to marry someone else which made you to elop” dad said. I hugged him more tightly

“No dad enough of today and don’t say this that you forced me, you did what you thought was right for me and parents have all right to think about their children. I m the one who is sorry to feel like that, I couldn’t see hidden love of yours, I saw what my mind showed me. I m sorry I forgot love isnot about expressing its about doing everything for your beloved’s betterment I m sorry” I wiped his tears and arched his lips to smile which he did

“Okay fine now lets go downstair or my three ladies and fiancé of yours will have everything for themselves” I laughed

We walked downstair and like expected they were on dining table eating happily I noticed Sanskar’ mom, chachi and laksh

“You started without us” I said with fake annoyance

“We cant wait till whole night for you both to talk comon I was starving you didn’t let me eat in flight as well” Sanskar said coming towards me which cause me blushing. Dad took a seat

Did I not tell his previous behavior was better like whole gentleman type but now this naughty Sanskar is giving me hard time

“But admit you love this naughty Sanskar” he whispered in my ears

“Did I say louder” I asked

“Yes you did now please grab a seat I m starving” He said walking with me

We soon started eating, everyone was happy and teasing each other, finally after long time I found my peace with my love and family


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