Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 6

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Hi Guys! Here is the next episode. Keep Supporting. Lets go to the story.

Recap: Prerna gives snacks to Anurag. They have an eyelock.

Kartik sees this and smiles.


Anurag jerks and takes the snacks in his hand. Prerna moves away. Dadi calls her to sit near her. All talk.

Anurag secretly watches Prerna from the corner of his eyes. Prerna who is talking to Swarna suddenly notices Anurag looking at her. She blushes and bends. Kartik notices this and teases Anurag. Manish talks with Prerna about her joining office after marriage.

Dadi: Acha.. So..

Manish: All of us have talked so next.

Anurag tries to say something. Seeing him Swarna smiles.

Swarna: Manishji Anurag and Prerna must talk to each other.

Manish: Kya zaroorath hai?

Anurag is shocked.

Kartik: Papa?

All laugh.

Dadi: We thought ur bhai will ask by himself. Acha teek hai. Let them talk and come to a decision

Ma: Ji.. Jeevika gouide them.

Jeevika and Kartik go with Prerna and Anurag. The go to the balcony of Prerna’s room. Leave them there and go down.

Prerna is leaning on the wall while Anurag stands opposite to her. Prerna is fidgeting her hands.

Anurag: I think you are nervous. Am I right?

Prerna realizes her fidgeting and stops it.

Prerna: Voh.. This is all new for me.

Anurag laughs : For me too. I just want to be frank. I did not want to get married now.

Prerna’s face changes. Anurag: I said I did not . Now I want to get married. Just cant understand why this change has occurred. May be after seeing your photo.

Prerna blushes.

Anurag: So now I am Anurag as you know. I have done my masters in UK. Now I am taking care of my dad’s business with him. About you?

Prerna: I am Prerna. She pauses

Anurag: I know that. Something else.

Prerna: I have done my masters in Bengaluru. Now I have joined papa’s office. That’s it.

Anurag: After marriage u may continue there if you want. Voh papa just said..

Prerna: I understand…..

There is a silence…..

Anurag: Just don’t know what to talk.. MM… I just don’t want to hide u anything. The fact is that I love….

Prerna looks up at him anxiously

Anurag: Hey relax I love my bhai dearly. [Prerna sighs] He is the person for whom I can go for any extent. I just said this because…

Prerna: You need not explain I just understand a brother’s love. Viren bhai is also like that. No worries.

Anuarg: That’s sweet of you. I must not boast but I just don’t smoke or drink. So you need not worry about it.

Prerna: Hmmm….

Anurag is about to say something jus then Jeevika enters.

Jeevika: Hmmm.. All are calling you down.

She takes Prerna with her.

Kartik goes to Anurag.

Kartik: Bhai kya hua?

Anurag: Chup.

Both go down.Dadi Swarna and Manish are sitting on the sofa.

Manish: Ok?

ANurag nods.

ALL ARE HAPPY. Kartik hugs Anurag.

Meanwhile Muma, Papa Viren are in the kitchen. Jeevika takes Prerna there.

Viren: Prerna! How did you feel? Cane we make further talks? Did you like him?

Prerna shies and blushes.

Ma: Viren cant you see from her face?

Papa: Hmm. Muma is rightna beta?

Prerna turns due to shy. Jeevika hugs her.

Papa: I am so happy. Come on viren.

They go to Goenka family.

Papa: Ji humari taraf se haan he. App dicuss karke kab batharahe hai?

Manish: What is there to discuss. We came after we liked her just for the sake that ANurag and Prerna get to talk and see in person. Humari taraf se bhi haan hai.

Dadi: Ji. Bas we will consult our pandit and we will fix the date for sagaai.

Maa comes in: Ji zarroor. Here is Prerna’s kundali.

Manish: Ji no need. When two of them have liked each other no need of it. We just believe in auspicious days and muhurath instead of kundali. Agar aapko chahiye here is Anurag’s kundali.

Papa: When u have said then how can we ask when what you have said is right.

Swarna goes to Prerna and kisses her forehead.

Swarna: People say that the first bahu should be selected patiently and accurately as she is the future of the family. Luckily we have found you. We are so lucky beta.

Prerna: Thank you Aunty.

Swarna takes her leave. Kartik too goes to Prerna to take her leave. All come to porch. Viren thrusts a bit of paper in Kartik’s hand. Kartik looks questioningly at him.

Viren as a whisper: There are my number and Prerna’s. Kaam aayega.

Kartik smiles and keeps it in his pocket.

All reach home.

Its night in Kartik’s room. Kartik is lying on his bed. He thinks of sharing this news with someone. He remembers Naira. But just then realizes that he does not have her phone number.

Kartik: Tum bhi na. You don’t care to get her phone number.

He gets an idea. He calls the office clerk and gets Naira’s number from register.

Kartik saves it as BFF in his phone. He calls her.

Meanwhile Naira is in her room watching tv. Her phone rings. She takes and sees unknown number but attends it.

Naira: Hello kon hai?

Kartik: Mem saab aap ki ghulam

Naira: Kon ho tum? {fiercely}

Kartik: arey Naira its me Kartik!

Naira: Kartik?

Kartik: I got ur number from office.

Naira: Oh Sorry! I forgot to give u my number

Kartik: No probs. Mistake is mine too. Guys must first give number.

Naira: Aisa kisne kaha?

Kartik: Oh! Sorry. I messed up.

Naira: Hmm. Acha baath kya hai?

Kartik: I forgot to say it. Naira bhai ki shaadi paki huyi hai. He will get engaged soon.

Naira: Super.

Kartik: I am very happy. Without you I could npot have enjoyed this occasion like this

Naira: I did not do anything. Well when is the treat.

KArtik: Whenever you say. Whatever you say.

Naira: I don’t want food. I need something else

Kartik: Voh kya?

Naira: I want your help to prepare for my assignment. I need some reference. My frineds are not ready to   stay back after college.

KArtik: You are afraid?

Naira: Nahi (anger) I don’t know about library. Only while searching it your friends locked me up

Kartik: They are not my friends anymore.

Naira: Haan.. If you want to come, come otherwise..

Kartik: Arey sherni.. I will come sorry.

Naira: SHerni?

KArtik: Yes. Your as fierce as a sherni.

Naira: I f I am SHerni then you are a mendek

Kartik: Kya?

Naira: Ya like a frog your buk buk never stops.

Both laugh.

Precap: Kartik tells Anurag about Naira. Anupre talk on phone. Kaira go to library.

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  1. 1st like and 1st comment.
    Awesome smiling while reading your ff just loved it.

    1. Sai07

      Thanks a lot Vini.

  2. Superb update dr..
    Loving ur writing..
    Waiting for the nxt one..?

    1. Sai07

      Thank you dr. Keep supporting.

  3. Jasminerahul

    anupre conversation was very innocent n sweet.anurag telling prerna that earlier he didn’t want to get married but now after seeing her he changed his decision was sweet.kaira giving Nick names to each other was cute n funny

    1. Sai07

      Thanks Jasmine. Keep giving your support.

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