First love A thahaan TS (last part)

My first love

last part.

Thank u guys for liking it.
and just keep giving ur love like this.
So here is the last part.

Next morning
I woke up
its almost 9 am
I saw the time and got angry on that stupid john
who didn’t wake me up?
Me:”oye kamine john tune hmein jagaya ni.”
John:”raat bhar khud to soya ni
aur hmari neend kharab ki
bs isliye tjhe late ho
aur tU sota rhe to maine bdla liya.
Ab ja apni us thapki ke pas.”
I throw the pillow on him.

we started fighting.

soon we get ready
and Made an excuse to bAuji that john has some work there.

now I just can’t wait to see her and confess my feelings.
after Few hours we reached noida.
I m getting impatient.
Oh when I will reach at her house?
how will she react?

thinking all this
I reached at her house

then I start banging on the door.
nO one come out.
May be they were busy
john keep ringing the door bell.
Strange !!!!!!

her house was locked.
where they can go????
suddenly my eyes fell on the decoration there
j:”bday hoga shayad?”
Me:”ni yar uska bday bit gaya
hmare sath to manaya tha.
shayad anniversary hogi boss ki?”
We were talking
suddenly a woman who was her neighbour come outside.
Me:”did chaturvedi family went somewhere?”
Aunty:”tjhe ni pata kya
kal unki beti ki shadi ti
aaj subh hi bidayi huyi
KK SAHAB & unki wife bi gaye hai.
Kuch din bAad aayenge.
jb tak thapki bitiya Australia ni chali jaye
akhir itne amir khandan mai huyi shadi
Ldka NRI hai.
Kabir naam hai uska.”
I was shocked
what she get married?
I was late Its all my fault I didnt realise my love for her
and she left me.

I sat down on ground and start weeping.
john hug me.
J:”maf kar de
kash mai tjhe jaga deta.”
He too cry.
Me:”ni yar that’s all my fault mai hi ni smjh paya.”

I cried a lot.
hugging john
what was my Fault?
I can’t stop my crying.
Again and again her cute face was coming in front of me.
why I leave that day?

I returned back to agra.
I was so sad that I didn’t talk to ma or bauji
whenever they ask
I reply that I have some work tension.
I just lock myself in room and use to cry there.

after two days.
when I was in my room.
I heard john voice:”bihaan darwaja khol
tjhe kuch dikhana hai.
khol na.”
I open the door and he give me a newspaper
I look at him
Me:”yar mera mood ni padhne ka
tu ja.”
J:”dhk to ek bar.”
I take it and get shocked to read the headline.
I was shocked.

I began to read it.
the news have not proper information
it just says that while going to delhi airport
while crossing overbridge
his husband stop the car
He get a call and attend it.
suddenly he heard sound of water splash
before he could understand
she was already jump on the river.

the newspaper fell from my hand.
I was broken down.
Till now I have satisfaction that she was alive and living happily
bt after reading it.
I lost my mind
I turn mad
I shout:”thapki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”
I cried and cried.
john look at me.
He was too helpless.

destiny play game with me
which snatch everything from me
the reason of my life I lost her.

for few days I was just like a living dead body.
I forget to smile.
I always recall her and so I have a question that why she died?”
I call my friend aditya who is a police inspector.
Me:”yar aditya mujhe tjhse ek kam tha
yar kya tu mujhe Krishnkant chaturvedi ki beti ki death ke bAre mai janna chahta hu.”
Aditya:”ni yar I cont tell u.”
Me:”please yar.”
I request him.
Aditya:”to sun
muje pata lga
ki KC sahab uski shadi ek amir ldke se kra rhe the.
but that girl love someone else.
Her parents force her to do marry with kabir
she agree but in one condition
that she will marry kabir only if that guy hadnt come before her marriage.

that boy hadn’t come and she marry kabir
bt she was unable to forget him
so while going Airport
on the bridge she jump from there.”
Aditya cuts the call
and now I was totally shocked
she died coz of me.
I did a mistake
If I realise my feelings before
than today we were together.
but now its not possible.

Present 6 years passed and I have move on in my life.
I m married to shraddha
my bestie
who helps me to get out of that situation and encourage me always.
When I was not in condition to talk to anyone and share my pain
she is the one who always beside to me
she do everything so that I come out of the guilt I was suffering.
And yes she succeed.
I try to give myself a second chance.
she bring smile on my face again.
As a friend she was with me.
When genuinely I need her.
she was with me.
one day i propose her.
Me:”shraddha kya tum jindagi bhar hmara sath dogi.
hmein smbhalogi.
hmein jhelogi.
bnogi Mrs. Bihaan pandey.”
She was shocked but then she accept it.
And today I m very happy with her.still I can’t forget my first love
bt life is all about a second chance.

he stop writing and stand up
suddenly a cute little girl of 3 yr come there
bihaan Take her in her arms
:”kya hua hmari R phor Rajkumari R phor Riya ko.”
Riya:”papa hm na school ni jayenge.”
Riya:”kyoki waha Aap aur Maa hmare sath ni honge.”
B:itni si bAat hm chalenge apke sath.”
riya smile and he kiss her on cheeks.
Then a Lady comes there.
Riya chalo.”
R:”no mumma.”
Lady:”niche chalo hm aAte hai.”
She make a cute puppy face and left saying
:”chudail mumma.”
Bihaan smiles.
:”tu bohot pareshan krti hai
yes she was shraddha
S:”ha to kya karu
She is just like u my dimpu.”
she poke his dimples.
he hugs her.
B:”thanks shraddha for coming in my life.
and helping me that time.
otherwise I can never come out of it.
mai to mar hi gaya hota.
thanks to u.
love u.”
S:”love u too bihaan.”
suddenly riya comes there
:”love u 3 mumma papa.”
Shrahaan smiles:”love u 4.”
they hug her and a cute family moment.END OF TS
I know u guys were shock to read it.
As I didn’t unite thahaan.
bt guys it doesn’t mean we always get our first love.
And its fact that out of 10
only 2 love stories turn successful.
other remain incomplete and pure love story
and by this I just want to convey my message.
That when u fail in love
or didn’t get ur first love don’t give up
give urself a second Chance.
Move on buddy
and if Something like this happen to ur friend or relative
help him or her to move on.
jindagi yu hi aage bdhti rhegi
jo bit gaya
forget it
jo hai care for them.

so now ending it.

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