Gathbandhan 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu denies Dhanak’s advances

Gathbandhan 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak sadly looks at Raghu drinking wine. Sejal comes to her and says this all happened because of me. Dhanak says no, its my bad timing, I wanted to confess to him but couldnt and couldnt wish him birthday. Sejal says there is still time, you can wish him birthday. Aslam asks Raghu to stop drinking. He hints at Sejal and takes Raghu from there.

Aslam brings Raghu to a dark room, he asks him to stay here and leaves. Aslam comes out of room and meets Sejal. Inside room, Raghu sees it all decorated and ‘happy birthday Raghu’ written on board. Dhanak comes there. Raghu says this? Dhanak says you dont know anything, how could you think that I would forget your birthday. Dhanak covers his eyes and takes him to dark room.. she surprises. Room lights up and its all decorated, she says I wanted to surprise you. Raghu says I am sorry, he sits on his knees and says sorry. Dhanak says I am sorry too, I wanted to surprise you. Raghu says whats the plan? Dhanak brings cake and wishes him birthday. Raghu sees doll dressed in uniform and boy on cake. He recalls police beating him and says remove this, I wanted to become a good man for you, what happened then? I became good and police beat me only. Dhanak says everything will be fine. Raghu says no, this world doesnt allow us to become good. Dhanak says forget that, we will celebrate, he says no and leaves from there. Dhanak cries seeing him go.

At night, Dhanak comes to room and puts blanket on sleeping Raghu. She recalls Raghu’s words that its useless to be a good man. Dhanak sees her alter image in police uniform. Alter image says why are you crying? you got everything you wanted in world, now you want Raghu? you cant fulfill all your dreams. Dhanak says no I love my uniform and Raghu both. Image says life is not that easy, look at Raghu, you wanted make him a good man but he broke all promises and hates your uniform, leave him, leave him as he doesnt respect your profession, live your dream, your father’s dream, its useless if he doesnt respect your dreams, this relation is dying. Dhanak looks at her books and says no, I will bring Raghu on path whenever he loses trust, I will make him trust my uniform again, I will not lose hope. She sits beside Raghu and caresses his face.

Scene 2
In morning, Bai is beating a man infront of Mai. Mai asks who put money in Raghu’s bag? tell me. Man doesnt say anything. Bai beats him more. Dhanak comes there and stop them, she asks what did he do? Mai says are we torturing you? Man says no. Mai beats him. Dhanak says leave him be, why are you doing this? Maya says we cant beat you so we are beating him. Mai says someone trapped my son and you are sitting silently, I will find out who did it, he will tell who did that. She beats him more. Raghu comes there and says we will decide for him together, he makes man go from there. Dhanak looks on. Maya gives him a flying kiss. Dhanak glares at her. Mai says to Dhanak that Raghu is a goon from blood, how will you change him? you cant. She leaves from there.

Sejal calls someone and says please give me a chance, I have practical knowledge. Aslam comes there and starts eating pickle. Sejal takes it from him and says you have dirty hands. He says tell me your problem and I will solve it. Sejal says I want a job, can you get that for me? Aslam says I have a good idea, your pickle is very nice, you make it and sell it, you will earn more and from home only, think about it and I will give you number of relevant person who can take orders. Sejal thinks its a good idea and asks for number. He says I sent it. She thanks him and leaves. Mai sees it and calls Aslam, she says I didnt know you are SRK, Aslam blushes and touches his feet.

Dhanak is checking CCTV footage. She sees Raghu buying sweets. Dhanak sees someone putting money in Raghu’s bag, there is only hand in CCTV footage. She sees ring in hand of person and asks officer to save it. Officer thinks this is Tawre’s ring, it means he was behind it. Tawre comes there and says what are you doing? Dhanak says we found CCTV footage which shows someone had put money in Raghu’s bag and we saw hand of man in footage, he was wearing blue stone ring. Tawre hides his ring. Dhanak sees it.

PRECAP- Tawre says to Dhanak that yes I trapped Raghu, he shows her ring and destroys it. Dhanak says if I can find culprit then I can bring him to justice too. Raghu will get justice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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