Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer rejoins office

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. Pari wakes Mishti up and asks why she doesn’t wake up till 9am. Radhika comes there. Pari says this is shocking, Mishti isn’t ready till 9 in the morning. Radhika tells Pari to continue with mission, and come to her once Mishti is awake. Pari thinks about a mischievous act and spill a whole jug of water over Mishti. Mishti sits up. Pari says, Hi, Good morning. Mishti now playfully chases Pari, fighting with pillows and cushions around the room. Pari says she has something important to speak. Mishti spills the water over Pari in revenge. Pari was offensive that she had to go out and is now wet all over again. Mishti says alright, Pari can get ready once again. Pari tells Mishti about some problem in the Bandra project. They now head to get ready.

Veer was in the

office. He watches his engagement photo with Mishti. He recalls his mother told him she went to Mishti’s house. She returned his ring, and they kept it. They also returned his gifts, jewelry and Mishti’s ring. He thinks Mishti must understand he can live without her and will get someone better than her. Arnav then comes to the room. Veer asks Arnav if Pari or Mishti sent him to speak to him. Arnav reminds Veer he works in this office, he was told to report directly to Veer but Veer wasn’t in office yesterday. Veer corrects Arnav to call him Sir; the relation which granted him a right to call Veer has ended; and in office Veer is the boss. Arnav responds positively and asks for some basic instructions of work. Veer gives some files to be studied. He asks Arnav how is everyone at home. Arnav replies Mishti is fine and trying to get stable. Veer smiles that it’s funny, it was her own decision. He advises Arnav to work honestly, it will bring him success; and never try to betray him. Their professional relation won’t be affected by their personal tensions. Arnav replies with a thanks, I appreciate and leave.

Radhika gets a call from Jalandhar. She informs Radhika that they will be reaching Mumbai for Mishti’s wedding function. She was excited and tells Radhika about all the arrangements she had done for her visit. Radhika couldn’t explain anything. After the call, she cries in front of Pari that the relatives from Jalandhar are coming. She asks Pari to bring the guest list, she must begin to call everyone now. She then goes to her own room, so that Mishti doesn’t blame herself. Pari was hurt by Radhika’s condition.

Rohan finds Veer’s engagement ring in his clothes. He decides to tell Veer about herself and Mishti. They aren’t mistaken, and Veer is his friend. He can’t hide it.

Veer was in the office meeting, looking for some tax accounts. He cuts Rohan’s call. Rohan decides Veer must speak to him. Veer thinks Naina had claimed Rohan has also changed as he also lives there. She loved Rohan like a mother, but Rohan stood by Mishti’s side. Veer wasn’t ready to listen. Naina says Rohan also holds them responsible for everything. Veer was confused and wonders why Rohan misbehaved with his mom. He doesn’t take Rohan’s call, and instead writes ‘I am busy, will call later’. Rohan thinks he recognize him well, and will surely meet him.

Mishti was getting ready in her room. Her lipstick fell over. A dead cockroach flies from under the bed. Mishti screams at once. Rohan runs into the room out of concern. He was terrified of the cockroach himself and instead jumps over the bed. Mishti feels curt and tells him to throw this cockroach outside. Rohan’s voice trembles that he stands in her emotional support of woman equality and strength, she has his back and must go on. Mishti asks why he is terrified, he is a boy. Rohan says fear is fear, it’s nothing to do with a boy or a girl. He screams as the cockroach moves. He vows to fight the whole world for Mishti, but not cockroach. Mishti looks closely that the cockroach seems to be slept. Rohan takes a towel and throws it over the cockroach. He now picks the towel and cockroach out of the room.

In the room, Radhika and Pari made calls to all the guests.

Pari finds Rohan’s phone ringing in the hall. It was Neil. She wonders who Neil is. Mishti comes there and says Neil is Rohan’s college friend, they learnt photography together, and he lives in New York. Pari comments they became friends yesterday, and Mishti knows about his friends as well.

PRECAP: In the car, Pari was with Rohan and wonders if she must tell Rohan she loves him, or should she wait for some time. At home, Pari says it’s strange as Mishti didn’t know Rohan was Veer’s childhood friend, though she and Veer were together for a year.

Update Credit to: Sona

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