Death day – Ragsan – Part 8

Ragini was sitting in shock. Sanskar entered room. She looks at him in a strange way.

San: y r u looking like this?

Rag: nothing. Just head ache. Thanks for bringing me here. wil go hostel now. Bye.

She took her bag and left for hostel. On the way she was thinking how she died again. She revised everything from starting. But dint get any clue.

Rag: how I died.? I dint get any pain. Means no one hit me. Then how did I die.? After spending time with sanskar I slept peacefully. Then??? Did I die in sleep? But how can someone die in sleep.?

She scratches her head. she was thinking again and again to find some clue. But failed.

She entered room and saw megha holding cup cake to wish her bday. Ragini hugs her.

Rag: thanku.

She took cake in hand and stopped. Her mind started thinking something. She recalls.

Rag in mind: till coming hostel everything was fine. I called sanskar, he came. We confessed. Then we celebrate. Everything was ok. A person can die in sleep without pain if he has eaten any poison. I ate fruits with sanskar. He too ate same… but this cake. This cup cake only I ate. It means poison was in this cake.!?

She looks at megha shockingly. Megha dint understand anything.

Rag: u wanna kill me?

Megha: wat??

Rag: yes. U wanna kill me. There’s a poison in this cake. Rite?

Meg: wat r u saying? Y shud I kill u?

Rag: that only I want to know. U have the answer. Tell me y u want to kill me? I considered u as my bestie. U were only my family. Then y?

Megha’s smile vanished. Anger appeared on her face.

Meg: family? Bestie? U r a liar. U never considered me as ur bf. Yes u r rite. I mixed poison in this cake. I want u to die.

(how many of u had guessed this? If guessed also, how many of u guessed correct reason behind this?. Leav in comment)

Rag: but y? wat did I do to u? I wished only happiness for u.

Meg: happiness? My happiness? U wished? U dint wish. U took my happiness.

Rag: m not understanding. ur happiness i??

Meg shouted: yes. U snatched my happiness. U snatched SAMAY. SAMAY was my happiness.

Ragini widen her eyes in shock.

Rag: wat??

Meg: yes. I love samay. M loving him since we were in college. He was senior to me. Before I confess my love for him , he get married to manvi. I got sad but I dint give up. After college I joined his hospital only so that I’ll b always with him. I knew one day he’ll realize my love and he’ll leav manvi and come to me. Everything was going as per my plan but u., u came in between. Samay fell for ur beauty. He got ready to leav manvi for u. I tried so many times to separate u both. I told u every time calmly to leav him. but u never listened. So there was only one option left. And that’s to kill u. when u’ll b no more then samay will definitely love me. So I thought to kill u by this poison.

Rag: but u never told me that u love him. u cud have told me, I wud leav him happily. Coz he loved me, I dint. And u were always my bf. For me u were first before samay.

Meg: stop ur drama. If so then when I told to leav him u had to. But u dint.

Rag: I thought u r telling coz he’s married. I never thought in this way.

Meg: whatever, but till u r alive, samay wont love me. U hav to die.

Just then they heard a voice msg from megha’s mob which she had kept as a reminder.

“It’s time to give Tom’s medicine”

Ragini looked at megha confused.

Rag: Tom? U know abt him?

Meg: yes. Yesterday only he got admitted to our hospital.

Rag: then y dint u tel me? U know he was trying to kil… wait. Y he will try to kill me. Coz u r the real killer. U r that masked person.

Meg: u r rite. He wont. I made plan B. if in case u don’t eat this cake then Tom wud kill u, as m giving him drug and hypnotizing. When u’ll come to meet samay today. I wud have shown him to u and he wud kill u as he’ll b under my control. Like this u will b killed and no one can doubt me. But now u got to know everything. U have to die now only.

She attacks her. Both fight.

Rag: stop this megha. Don’t b psycho. Samay is manvi’s husband. He’ll b hers only. Not mine, nor urs.
Leave this stupidity.

Meg: he’s only mine.

Megha hits on her head with small rod. Ragini’s head bleeds. She snatched rod from her hand and abt to hit her but stopped remembering their friendship. But megha dint stop. She was behaving like a devil. She took that cake and tried to make ragini eat. But ragini holds her hand and stopped reaching her mouth. In this struggle, ragini made megha eat that cake by her hand only. Megha feels dizzy and as she was near window, she lost her balance and fell down and died. Ragini saw down from window with teary eyed.

Everyone gathered there. Police arrived. Ragini was standing little far from her body. Sanskar comes there and saw ragini in shocked state. He hugs her. Police investigates ragini and few people of her hospital staff. They came to conclusion that megha had turned psycho in love and tried to kill ragini, and in self defence ragini had to save herself. So ragini is not guilty.

Ragini was silent and sanskar was consoling her. Samay came there at that time. Sanskar sees him and stood to go. But ragini holds his hand.

Rag: no need to go anywhere sanskar. (to samay) I need to talk with you.

Sam: sry ragini. Coz of me, megha tried to…. Really I was unaware of this.

Rag: u r not at fault samay. I want to tell u abt our relationship. I love sanskar (she looks at sanskar) I love u sanskar. I know u too love me. (sanskar just looked at her)

Sam: ragini.. but,,

Rag: samay I never loved u. and I don’t want to b in relation where there is no love. I don’t want to cheat u by telling lie.

Samay turned other side with eyes filled.

Rag: someone is wating for u.

She pointed towards manvi who was standing little far from them. Ragini signs him with eyes. Then she holds sanskar’s hand and left from there. After her manvi comes to samay and holds his hand.

Sam: m ok manvi. Let’s go home. And start a fresh.


@sanskar’s room

Both were sitting.

Rag: sanskar y r u silent?

San: I don’t know wat to tel.

Ragini tells him everything.

Rag: m sure u’ll believ me. U don’t think m mad rite?

San: I believ u. and I love u too.

He smiles.

Rag: y r u smiling?

San: due to ur this loop. Or whatever u call I don’t know. But my feelings were confessed without my knowledge. So m smiling.

Rag to smiles: let it b. but gud thing is we both r together today.

Both smiled and shared a kiss. She stayed in his room only.


Next day ragini woke up and saw date. Its 6th june. she jumped happily.

Rag: yeah. I did it. M safe now. M very happy sanskar.

San: hey slow. My bed will break.

Rag: see its 6th june. Finally m out of this mess. Love u so much sanskar.

She hugged him tightly and both fell on bed.

Precap: Next phase

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