Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 26

Haii friends , Im back with another episode. Hope everyone enjoyed the sangeet. Technical hitches have been ruled out I’m going to include pictures from this episode onwards. Thank you for your immense support. Lets go to episode without further delay.

Its night 10 pm on sangeet day. Kartik is in his room lying on the bed. He video calls Naira. Naira looks at her beeping phone showing Kartik”s Name and video call symbol. She jumps from her bed adjusts her T-shirt and attends the call while sitting on a couch. The call gets accepted and Naira sees Kartik lying on his bed with his belly resting on the bed.

Kartik:Naira… Good evening

Naira: Kartik it is 10 didnt sleep yet

Kartik: How can I when my entire hormone system is spoilt?

Naira: What happened?

Kartik:It is all because of you

Naira: What did I do?

Kartik: From the day I realised my love for you I’m unable to sleep.

Naira: Acha…(she laughs)

Kartik: Laugh… know how many dreams I had

Naira: What dreams?

Kartik: Dreams of our romance

Naira yawns….

Kartik: Am I boring you?

Naira: Not at aaa(yawns again)

Kartik: Naira you are tired, your eyes are swollen. You better rest. We will call later.

Naira: Kartik mehendi function is there next week…

Kartik: Yeah…in the wedding being a brother or sister of the bride or groom is the most difficult job..

Naira: Naskh bhai ke time pe toh mein free thi kyunki tab mein school mein thi

Kartik: Kaash we were with Keerthi di duringher shaadi

Naira: Everything will take its course to occur (she yawns again)

Kartik stares at her and: Naira go and sleep. Good night.

Naira: Good night.

Kartik gives her a flying kiss and cuts the call. The scene freezes.

A week has passed it is Mehendi function today.

Anurag is in room getting ready. He is dressed in a blue sherwani. He stands near the mirror and is looking at Prerna’s photo given by Shankari Tai.

Anurag: Prerna I still cant believe that our wedding functions are going on. I still cant believe that I’m capable for an angel like you. Today you are going to put on the mehendi on my name. On this day I swear to give you all the happiness of this world. Only 12 days are more for our wedding , on that day I will give you this very big surprise..

Saying this he smiles and keeps an envelope in is cupborad. Anurag hears his name being called by dadi so he places the photo in his cupoboard and rushes down. Everyone is waiting for him.

Dadi: Chalo lets go…we should reach Singhania house before Prerna and family arrive.

Kartik dressed in a red sherwani accompanies Anurag. Scene freezes.

Its Singhania house. Naira looks gorgeous in a white lehenga. Kartik admires her as she moves here and there helping Akshara and Swarna. Just then Prerna arrives with family. She is dressed in a pink and white lehenga. All eyes are on her. She gets the blessings of elders.

Swarna: Prerna beta you are looking pretty

Shankari tai: Swarna your bahu has got the wedding glow on her face.

Prerna’s eyes search for Anurag. Noticing this Kartik goes to her

Kartik: Bhabhi.. bhai is on a call…he will be here soon (in a whisper)

Prerna is all blushes on hearing Anurag’s name. Anurag comes out of a room which is in her vision. He looses his breath for a moment as he is struck by her beauty.

Naira comes and takes Prerna with her. Swarna applies mehendi on her hand.

The ladies start singing.

Kartik: These somgs are too old school.

Viren: Correct Kartik…

Naksh: Why dont we change it and bring on some josh

Naira: Bhai.. nice idea. Kartik as the younger brother of the groom you may start.

Kartik brushes his hair with his hand and walks to the centre of the hall.

Kartik: Ladies and a motive to make this sangeet more…

Naira: Arrey Kartik come to the point.

Keerthi moves towards Naira and stands near her by resting her elbow on Naira’s shoulder

Keerthi: Correct Kartik..stop your speech delivery and start some dance and fun

Kartik: Teek hai teeek hai…

Naksh too joins Kartik

Banno ki mehndi kya kehna
Banno ka joda kya kehna
Banno lage hai
Phoolon ka gehna
Banno ki aankhen kajrari
Banno lage sabse pyaari
Banno pe jaaon
Main vaari vaari

Banno ki saheli resham ki dori
Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye
Dekhe chori chori
Banno ki saheli resham ki dori
Chhup chhup ke sharmaaye
Dekhe chori chori
Yeh maane ya na maane
Main to ispe mar gaya
Yeh ladki haay allah
Haay haay re allah
Yeh ladki haay allah
Haay haay re allah

Kartik points at Naira but swiftly moves his hand above his head before anyone notices it. Anurag sees this and chuckles to himself.Keerthi’s phone is constantly buzzing with a call from unknown number. She puts off the phone and joins Naira .

Babul ki galiyaan
Na chad ke jaana
Paagal deewana isko samjaana
Babul ki galiyaan
Na chad ke jaana
Paagal deewana isko samjaana 
Dekho ji dekho yeh
To mere peeche pad gaya
Yeh ladka haay allah
Haay haay re allah
Yeh ladka haay allah
Haay haay re allah

Viren: Groom’s brother is done with his dance. Now its bride’s brother’s turn

Naksh: Go for it Viren 

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve That’ s The Way Maahi Ve
Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

That’ s The Way Maahi Ve
O Tere Aankhen Kali Kali
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Tukda Hai Re Maahi Ve
Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Chal Sharabi Rabba Rabba
Dil Ki Kharabi Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

With Prerna’s Mehendi  and enjoyment done the other ladies sit down for their mehendi . Prerna is sitting on a couch admiring Anurag’s name in it. Anurag notices this and

O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna

Everyone are surprised to hear Anurag singing. He slowly gets up from the couch and continues the song 

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna

He goes near Prena and goes on his knees. Everyone is surprised at his sudden gesture and Prerna gets too shy

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..

Prerna gets up from her couch and

O.. aa..
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna

Evreryone cheer for Anurag and Prerna as they dance. Anurag makes sure that Prerna’s mehendi stays safe. The scene freezes.

Naira manages to sneak away from the crowd with a mehendi cone.  Prerna whose mehendi had dried had just wahsed it and passes by Naira. She notices Naira struggling and comes to her. Naira sees an approaching Prerna and drops the cone. Prerna smiles at Naira.

Prerna: Arrey  Naira I  know what you want

Naira: Pre.rrrrrna di

Prerna: You are trying to writeKartik’s name on your mehendi but as both hands are with mehendi you are not able to do. Am I right

Naira blushes.  Prerna takes the cone and holds Naira’s right palm and makes it flat.

Prerna: See my hands are dry now , I’ll write it for you. You see I’m your co sister that means Kartik’s bhabhi. In our families bhabhi is called another maa. For a dulhan it is her saas who puts mehendi first. But in our case this bhabhi is writing her devar’s name on your hand..maa herself will decorate your hands with mehendi and that day is not far.

Saying this Prerna completes writing the name.

Prerna: No one except you and me will find this out not even your Kartik. But dont let him go ask him to find the name or accept a penalty

Prerna laughs. Naira blushes. Noticing this Prerna hugs Naira making sure she doesnt spoil Naira’s mehendi

Anurag and Kartik who pass by are surprised to see Naira and Prerna hugging.

Anurag: Kartik we are so luck

Kartik : Yes bhai..

They both walk towards Naira and Prerna. Seeing them Prerna and Naira break their hug.

Anurag Kartik Prerna and Naira share a hug. Their hearts speak more than words would have spoken. The scene freezes.

Anurag is busy searching his name in Prerna’s mehendi while everyone else is eating. Prerna chuckles as he is unable to find it. He makes a puppy face.

Prerna: Anurag no problem please dont stress yourself too much

Anurag: Ill definitely find my name.

Prerna adores him .

After 5 minutes..

Anurag: Milgayaaa

He shouts but before it could get any louder Prerna shuts his mouth with her hands

Prerna: Anurag..please dont shout. Tell softly

Anurag tries to talk but Prerna’s hands dont ket him to

Prerna: Anurag I told you talk softly but you arent talking at all

Anurag pulls her hands down

Anurag: Arrey, when your hands are on my mouth how can I talk?

Prerna holds her ears in apology. Anurag smiles and takes her hand in his. He opens her palm and points out his name on her mehendi

They share an eyelock in a background music of Ishq wala love…

Naira is doing some work when Kartik appears out of nowhere and drags her to a corner

Naira: Kartik….what are you doing? 

Kartik: Aur kya long should I wait

Naira: For?

Kartik: Finding my name

Naira chuckles and shows her hand to Kartik

He looks at it and starts searching.. after few minutes he pushes Naira’s hand away and sighs

Kartik: Did you even write my name?

Naira giggles and: Di was right..only brilliant people can find it out. Bechara mendak can’t

Kartik: Im brilliant mendak

Naira: Then find it

KArtik makes a face and again starts searching. At last he find it out.

Kartik: I found it out..whoohoo 

Naira: Good

Kartik: I need my gift

Naira: What gift

KArtik: A kiss

He pulls Naira closer . Their heartbeats rise. The scene freezes.

  1. Amazing episode loved it 🤩🤩… Photos made the grace of this episode…I loved it a lot💗💗

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shreya. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to hold this episode till your suggestions reached me.

  2. And yes pls add some kaira scenes in which naira stumbles and kartik holds her…

    1. Sai07

      Sure dear I’ll add in Mehendi function part 2 in next episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    kaira conversation was cute.flying kiss was romantic. but you put the flying kiss pic in the wrong place.what’s the surprise anurag is planning?what’s there in the envelope? all the dance scenes were superb.anurag singing n kneeling down before prerna was sweet.prerna writing kartik’s name on naira’s Palm with mehendi was lovely.loved prerna’s dialogues to naira. anupre kaira mehendi scenes were cute.prerna’s hand on anurag’s mouth n asking why he is not talking n anurag’s reply was funny.kartik asking naira for a kiss n pulling her closer was romantic. perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine. The envelope has the surprise planned by Anurag, it is a surprise for Prerna and audience which will be revealed in wedding episode. Thank you so much for pointing a mistake done by me. I’ll correct it in future episodes.

  4. Jasminerahul

    you added some old songs also.I liked it
    you were writing one more ff.right?on which couples?

    1. Sai07

      Yes dear it was on Kaira, Devakshi and Aditya and Pankhuri

  5. Bohat acchi episode thi..
    Sach mehandi ka festive mode bohat accha tha
    KaiRa and AnuPre jodi ki romance was superb

    Waiting for the next episode

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much. Next episode will reach you soon

  6. It was amazing amazing…and pls also add more kaira scenes..

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much. I’ll add more Kaira scenes in future episode for sure.

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      Im not continuing it now dear.

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