Choti Sardarni 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher and Sarab’s wedding anniversary


Choti Sardarni 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher and Sarab come home. Param hugs Meher. Sarab hugs Karan and said i missed you son. Sarab says so sorry we left you alone I’ll never leave you. Meher says to Param are you okay? Param says they hit me a lot. Meher says I am very sorry. Param says don’t cry. I’m fine. Param hugs Meher and says she’s mine. Karan cries. Param says she’s yours too. Harleen says they three love you so much.

Seema says to Manav you couldn’t live away from your mom. He says I love you mom. Seema says you didn’t even call Aditi. How busy were you. Wht’s wrong with you? ou didn’t even call Aditi once. She says Aditi.. Vikram says I am really tired. You have no idea what I suffered. I need space. Seema sees the tiara in his bag. She says Aditi see he got this for you. He loves you, he doesn’t know how to express. Seema says he loves you a lot. He cares about you so much. Manav recalls Meher saying she loves Sarab. He is her God.

Scene 2
Kulwant asks Ginni and Jeeto are you ready? Jeeto says we are waiting for clothes to be pressed. Rana and Bitu are pressing their sarees. She says we will look different. Kulwant says I will also wear saree. She takes Jeeto’s saree. Jeeto says Ginni’s saree will look better on you. Kulwant says yesI will wear this one.

Meher gets Param ready. Sarab looks at them. He says mama why are you not ready? Param rolls his sleeves. Meher says pull your sleeves down. Sarab stands in her way. He says Meher didn’t notice me? I look so handsome. Meher ji didn’t even notice me? He smiles at Param. Param also ignores him and says papa what are you saying? sarab says how do I look? Param says like you always do.

Manav says I am coming to give you that tiara. Aditi comes and says Vicky how do I look? He sees Meher in her and caresses her face. Vikram realizes it’s Aditi. He steps back. Aditi is shocked. He says let me get my phone. He leaves.

Sarab says now I get it, I didn’t put on my rose. Meher looks at him and laughs. Sarab says what’s so funny? If I get on road, a lot of girls would fall. She says you’re so cute. He says and handsome? Meher says so.. He says so much? Meher says so so. Sarab says there are so so (100) girls after me. Meher says there are people in langar. Sarab says you don’t care about me. Meher says are you a child? He screams. Meher says are you okay? He laughs and says see you care. Meher hits him and says why would it hurt, you are not a child. He says so you don’t care about me? Meher says you have hundreds of girls to care for you. Sarab says I only care about one girl.. My bandri. Meher smiles. Meher says you’re still wearing this thread? He says it feels like you’re close to me even when you’re not. Sarab says your prayers are always with me. How do I look? Meher says like.. He says like? Meher says like you look every day. Sarab says you don’t look special either. Meher says we will see once I am ready.

Meher gets ready. Sarab looks at her. Meher is wearing that tiara. Sarab says God will protect my jaan from evil eye. Meher says I don’t look that good. He says you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. Meher says I am certainly the luckiest. I have the best husband. He says happy wedding anniversary. Meher says to you as well.

Precap-Sarab kisses Meher’s hand. Vikram looks at them. Sarab says to Manav take care of my sister. If you have a complaint you can share with me but I can do anything for my sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. yay! first to comment today also

  2. OMG!! it’s STILL in progress??!!
    why so late?

  3. Shaheera Khan

    she must be busy some where i know i have been checking it again and again plus when is the Manav s madness is going to end really getting fedup of it .

  4. Mehrab and Param scenes….Cute as usual….But I really feel bad for Manav as well as Aditi.Manav can’t even share his pain with anyone.Manav is faultless and Aditi is also innocent. Manav and Aditi, both have suffered a lot in their respective lives. I hope, he will soon fall in love with Aditi….

  5. I just hope manav will get his love that he deserves..really feel bad for him and also kulwant should be punished for her deeds and hope it will happen soon

  6. Please take manav out the show, y dont he leave meher and Sarab alone. Meher dont want him.go away manav,iam getting to hate the show because of you manav

    1. ya you are right i dont want to see the seperation of meherab because of manav i dont like manav from the starting of this show
      hey think you should watch this episodes video on voot or tv in this episode meher and sarab fights to each other in a very cute way

  7. I hope aditi sud shoot manav

    1. Shaheera Khan

      i know mana is self centred he cant even see adits s pain so selfish and stubborn .

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