Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 13


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Precap: Naina faints seeing the airplane crash news.

Scene 1

All worries for Naina. They are puzzled too.

Beena: Bela, what happened to her? Why she fainted?

Bela: Don’t know bhabhiji. Rakesh bhaisab, please call the doctor.

Rakesh goes to call the doctor. Arjun and Anand lifts Naina and make her lie on the bed.

Preeti is worried.

After sometime, doctor checks her and gives injection for which she responds.

Bela: Doctor, what happened?

Doctor: She is little week but itseems she is scared of something. Talk with her and get to know what is hurting her.

The Doc goes.

Beena: Naina, what is bothering you? Tell us.

Naina remains silent.

Everyone starts to ask her. Naina remains silent. She sits lost.

Bela: Please everyone leaves. I will talk with her.

After much reluctance, all leave.

Bela: Tell me Naina.

Naina hugs Bela and cries.

Naina: Chachiji, that flight crash in TV……

Just then, Munna calls Preeti and inform her about flight crash and Sameer was in that flight. Preeti is shocked to the hell.

Preeti: Are you sure that Sameer was coming in that flight?

Munna: Yes Preeti. It crashed near Ahmedabad. Me and Pandit are going to the location to find Sameer. Does Naina know this?

Preeti understands that only due to this she fainted.

Preeti tells everything to Munna.

Munna: Please take care of her. She has to be strong. Even we are broken. But my heart tells that nothing has happened to him. We will let you know once we reach there. I already informed Swati and Kamya. They will come to your home for your support. Please be strong.

Preeti nods yes. They disconnect the call.

Bela: Naina tell me. What flight?

Naina: Chachi, Sameer was in that flight. This means Sameer has…

Bela closes Naina’s mouth and hug her in tears.

Bela: Sameer will be fine. Nothing would have happened to him. Don’t worry.

Preeti calls Rakesh and Anand. Arjun sees them going separately.

In the balcony, Preeti tells them about the accident. They get shocked. Arjun too hears this and gets worried.

Anand: Bhai, my friend work in Airlines, I will call him and enquire about this.

Rakesh prays that nothing should happen to Sameer.

Arjun comes to Preeti.

Arjun: Preeti, tell me the truth. I heard that Sameer was in that flight. But why you people are worried so much for him?

Preeti: Nothing bhai.

Arjun keeps her hand on his head and ask her to swear on him.

Preeti breaks down and tells about Sameer- Naina relationship.

Arjun hug her.

Arjun: You thought bad about me? Will I say no to my sister’s happiness? I won’t let my sister to go through the pain which I’m undergoing. Nothing will happen to Sameer.

Preeti and Arjun go to Naina. They hug her and console her. Bela and Naina look at Arjun and he nods that he knows everything.

Bela: You be here with Naina. I will go and send Bhabhiji and bhaisab to their home. If they come to know about this, they won’t be quiet.

Bela goes.

Scene 2

Vishaka cries seeing the news. Her brother comes and tells that private jet is ready and that will go to that exact location. Vishaka, her brother and bhabi goes in that flight.

Varsha and Rajshri lights the lamp and pray to god that nothing should happen to Sameer.

Vishaka and Munna, Pandit reaches the location. They see cops recovering the bodies of the dead persons. They console Vishaka.

Munna: Sir, is there anyone alive?

Cop: No one is alive. All are dead.

The friends cry along with Vishaka.

Vishaka: This happened due to Naina. If she had not forced Sameer, he would not had boarded this flight.

Pandit: Aunty, even she is worried.

Munna: Aunty, we will go deep into the forest area and check if Sameer is there. You be here and see if anyone brings him.

Vishaka’s bro too goes with them.

Vishaka enquires about the hospital where they take the bodies.

The friends and Mamaji searches everywhere but they don’t find. So, they go the hospital. There, identification of bodies take place. But they don’t find Sameer there too.

Vishaka: If Sameer is not here, then where would he be?

All worries.

The girls sit and enquire about the incident. All check internet and news channels.

Anand: I enquired my friend. He told me that no one is alive.

Naina cries.

Naina: It’s happening because of me. I should have kept fast today. I’m an unlucky girl.

Bela consoles her.

Munna calls Swathi and inform about the happenings.

Swathi tells that to the family.

They worry again as Sameer is missing.

Suddenly vishaka hear a voice calling as Ma.

Everyone turns and see Sameer standing there with a slight head injury.

All gets happy and hugs him.

Vishaka: Sameer, you are alright. Thank god.

Just then Doctor comes.

Doctor: This is a medical miracle. Only one person got saved from that cruel crash and that too he is saved with slight injuries. This will get well within some days. First come to room and take rest.

They bring Sameer to the room and make him lie on bed.

Sameer: Where is Nanu?

All get shocked.

Doctor: Answer him. What happened?

Vishaka’s brother takes the doc alone and tells him that Sameer’s Nanu is dead.

Doctor is shocked. Just then nurse bring him Sameer’s reports. He checks it and ask them to come to his cabin.

Vishaka, mamaji, Munna and Pandit go to doctor’s cabin.

Doctor: I’m sorry to tell this. Sameer has lost his recent memory. When did his nanu die?

Vishaka: About 4 years ago.

Doctor: That means he lost his 4-year long memory. He could have lost more too. Come let’s examine him.

They go to Sameer.

Doctor: Sameer, what age are you now?

Sameer: 14. I’m excited as I’m going to high school now.

All are shocked.

Munna and Pandit doesn’t know what to do.

Doctor points to the family members and friends and enquire him. He identifies them correctly.

Munna: Doctor, we are friends from childhood so he remembers us.

Doctor gives injection to Sameer. He sleeps.

Doctor: You have to be very careful about him. Please don’t force him to remember things. Don’t tell him about any serious incidents which triggers his memory. He wouldn’t be able to handle those stuff. So, for now, let the things to move on gradually. Make him stay somewhere so that he would feel good. You can discharge him tomorrow.

Vishaka agrees. The doc goes.

Vishaka: Munna, Pandit; did you listened doc. So please don’t make him remember Naina. It is good. Let him forget about her. Don’t tell this to Naina too. I want that girl to move out of Sameer’s life.

Mamiji: But if we take him to Ahmedabad, he would ask about Nanu.

Vishaka: I will take him to Delhi with me.

Mamaji: But your MIL won’t like him. She might treat him badly.

Munna gets an idea.

Munna: Aunty, I have an idea. We had a plan to join Patel institute in Mumbai to pursue C.A. We were planning to go.

Mamiji: This is good idea. I will ask Poonam to accompany you. I will make arrangements for your stay.

Vishaka agrees and ask mamaji to get seat for the boys.

Vishaka: I’m little suspicious as he doesn’t like to study itself. But you people are telling me about C.A. Ok let me see. I hope this should be good for him.

Munna and Pandit smiles.

Scene 3

Munna calls Naina and informs him about Sameer’s memory loss.

Naina: What???

Munna: But Naina, trust us. We made an amazing plan. You come to Mumbai tomorrow. We are also getting seat there. We can be as friends there too. We will slowly make Sameer realize about the past.

Naina: But how will you get seat?

Munna: Sameer’s mamaji is a trustee there. He will take care of that. You don’t worry. Be strong. We have to overcome this challenge. If you can, then please stay outside the hostel. I will ask about our stay details and inform you.

Naina nods yes.

She tells this to the family.

Rakesh: Things are getting worse. Anand, let me go with Naina and stay with her where Sameer stays.

Naina thanks her dad.

Just then Preeti gets mail that she is selected to join the fashion and beauty course in an institute at Mumbai.

All are happy.

Preeti: Naina, I will come there within a month. Then we will work together to make Sameer realize us.

Naina happily hugs Preeti.

After sometime Sameer wakes up.

Vishaka: Sameer, first listen to me patiently.

Sameer: Yes ma.

Vishaka: Beta, you are not 14-year-old. You are 19-year-old boy. You have completed your college. You wished to pursue C.A. So, your nanu asked you to go to Mumbai to pursue it. He told that, he will see you once you complete your C.A course successfully.

Sameer is shocked.

Sameer looks at Munna and Pandit.

Sameer: I couldn’t remember anything. But I’ll go as those were told by Nanu.

Vishaka smiles.

They get discharged.

Poonam, Sameer, Munna and Pandit go to Mumbai in flight.

Sameer thinks that he some good feelings towards Mumbai. He gets Naina’s flashes.

At the same time, Rakesh, Anand and Naina seeks blessings from elders and boards train to go to Mumbai.

Naina hopes that everything should end well and thinks of Sameer.

Scene 4

Kuhu- Kunal, Mishti-Abir, Neha, Neil-Mini are in video call discussing about Sameer. Zoya looks at them.

Kuhu: I’m worried for Naina more. She is young and has to suffer so much pain.

Mishti: We should talk to Naina and should support her.

Abir: It’s a god’s grace that Sameer is saved.

Zoya: Yes, an accident could turn everyone’s life upside down.

All look at Zoya. She stood there teary eyed and goes.

Zoya thinks of her life and Aditya. The memories continue to flash in her mind.

She thinks to call Aditya. She dials his number.

Aditya: Hello Zoya.

Zoya cries hearing his voice. Adi is curious to hear her voice.

!!!!To be Continued!!!!

P.S : Next episode – Sunday






  1. Shesha485

    Gladly Sameer was saved at airplane crash but poor boy lost his memory. Naina-Bela scene is emotional. Who is Mamaji, Mamiji and Poonam? Good that Preeti too got admission in Naina’s college. Arjun supporting Naina was nice. Excited to know Zoya-Aditya’s past

    1. Supriya_r

      Tq…mamaji,mamiji,poonam are those who came in the original serial. Preeti got admission in Mumbai but not same clg.

  2. Jasminerahul

    thank God sameer is saved.but I never thought that sameer would lose his memory.I feel sad that he forgot naina.vishaka blaming naina was irritating.good idea by they all will be in the same college n samaina will come closer again.adiya scene was emotional.wonder what happened between them.nice pics.but I feel that you should have cropped that last pic of adiya as zoya is smiling in the pic

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