Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 10

Hi guys. Here is the next episode. Lets go to the story.

Its City Hospital. Kaira reach the hospital. Kartik holds Naira’s hands and both rush inside. After inquiring at the reception they reach the EMERGENCY WARD.

Naksh is standing by leaning againts the pillar with folded arms. His eyes are full of tears. Keerthi is standing beside him.

Seeing Naksh Naira runs and hugs him. Kartik stands behind her. Naksh and Naira sob endlessly. Kartik keeps his hand on Naksh’s back

Kartik: Naksh what happened? How are they?

Naksh and Naira get apart.

Naksh: Silence

Naira: Bhai bathaona

Naksh cries

Keerthi: Naira! Muma is ok with small injuries. But papa..

Keerthi breaks down.

Naira: Bhai Bhabhi please any one tell me! How is papa..

Just then doctors come out of the ward. Kartik goes towards them.

Kartik :Sir, I am Kartik Goenka a medical student. How are Mr and Mrs Sighania?

Doctor: Mrs Sighania is alright. She has been given sleeping pills so she is sleeping now. But Mr.Singhania’s condition is dangerous. Only after next 8 hours we can tell anything

Kartik: Sir can we see them?

Doctor: No not now. You said that you are a medical student. You must understand.

Kartik: Ok sir. Kartik comes to Naira

Naira: Kartik kya hua?

Kartik: Papa’s condition is dangerous.

Naira breaks down.

Naira: Can I see him?

Kartik: Not now Naira. Please wait.

Naira cries. Kartik consoles her. Scene freezes.

Its Anurag’s room. Anurag is worrying about Kartik.

Kartik calls him. ANurag: Kartik where are you? What happened?

KArtik tells him all.

Anurag: Stay with them KArtik! A real friend must stay with them during misery. If you need any help call me.

KArtik: Thanks bhai sure.

Anuarg cuts the call . Anurag: Please save them god.

He switches on the tv. A romantic movie is going on. A proposal scene comes. Anurag realizes that he has not proposed Prerna yet.

Anurag: Kya bevakoof hai tum? You have not even propsed her or asked her if she is willing to marry you.

He calls Prerna.

Prerna sees him calling again and is surprised.

She takes the phone.

Prerna: Hello

Anurag: Prerna I wanted to tell you something

Prerna: Kahiye..

Anurag: It is not a matter to be told on phone. But phir bhi..

Prerna: Kya formality?

Anurag: Prerna I really really love you!

Prerna is shy and is blushing.

Anurag: I know this is very unromantic. But I just realised that… He gets shy himself and blushes.

Prerna: …

Anurag: Prerna tum mere bhare mein kya soch thi ho? Do you want to marry me?

Prerna: Hmmm.

Anurag: Prerna hmm alave bhi kuch kahona. Please.

Prerna: Haan. I am also happy with this.

Anurag is happy to hear this and his face turns red.

Hope u liked it.

Sorry again for a short episode.  Please bear me for one day.

Precap: Kartik is with Naira Naksh nd Keerthi in hospital. Anupre spend some time together.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    glad that akshara is ok.but shocking that naitik’s condition is bad.plz make him alright.anurag confessing his love to prerna n the whole conversation was romantic

    1. Sai07

      Sure Jasmine.

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