Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 5)

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Things Are Changing…

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” Aurghh.. ” I groan, blinking my eyes a few times, trying to adjust to the overwhelming light..

 What the hell is this ??

Owww, every bone of my body hurts..

” Where the hell am I ?! ” I guess my whisper was a bit louder than expected, cause the doctor looks frightened.

Wait what ?!! Doctor ?!

And everything came rushing to me about how that car was about to hit me. Hmm… makes sense.

” Ms. Raichand, how are you feeling now ? “

‘ Oh I feel like I’m on top of the world, doctor! What do you think ? ‘ I so want to shout on that old, bald man, but my head hurts too much, so I just nod.

Calm down, girl!

Shut up conscience!

” Well, I’d call your friends, they seem really eager too meet you. ” Saying so, he leaves, not waiting for my answer.

Rude much ?!

 Wait wait wait, friends ? As in Kunj and Akash ??

You’re so dead!

I know, Ms. Conscience!

” Doc- ” My words dry up in my mouth, as I see the two angry hulks coming inside..

I’m in deep trouble, isn’t it ?

Happy realisation!!!

” Hello, Ms. Raichand. ” Three words, and I gulp.

” Wa..ter.. ” I weakly stutter, and thankfully, they pass me some water.

Few minutes pass, as I continue to sip the water like a toddler.

And finally, even my saviour water left me all alone. I had to fight with these cruel people on my own now.

In short, you gulped the whole glass down, duh!

” Mind explaining, Ms. Raichand ? ” Kunj asks with a sarcastic smile, as I grow nervous. Don’t know what the hell they have been upto since… I don’t even know since when I’ve been lying here!

” Yes… I mean no! ” I mentally slap myself. Gather yourself Sara..

” Guys, for God’s sake, stop with these glares!! ” Oh yes, I whine like a baby.

” So what do you want us to do, Sara ? You’ve been lying in this bed since the past one week scaring the shit out of us, and you want us to calm down ?!! Like seriously ?!!! “

Oopsiee.. So the great Kunj Sarna is in his monster mode right now!

Yeah and he’ll kill you this very moment if you don’t open your mouth!

Wait a second, conscience! You’re a part of me, aren’t you ?

Yes, unfortunately.

Then why the hell do you use YOU for me ?! Aren’t we same ??


” Earth to Sara!! “

Huh..? Looks like I zoned out, yet again..

” Sara, we want to know what exactly happened there. THE TRUTH! ” Akash speaks for the first time since they came here, and from his tone, they seem dead serious!

I guess it’s about time I turn a bit serious and tell them the exact truth.


” Okay fine.. So that day, my car broke down in the middle of the road. I had left my phone at home only, and I was driving on my own, so I did not have any help with me. But then I took help from a passer-by and asked my P.A. to send a cab for me. I was waiting for the cab, when a high-speed car came and hit me. It was all so sudden that I couldn’t react. And then I found myself lying here. ” I end with a sigh, as their faces darken.

Wait! I hope they’re not thinking what I dread the most.

” Umm… guys ? Please tell me that you didn’t do anything to that innocent person, who was driving that car.. ” Both of them look quite shocked at my words.

Oh no!

” Oh no you didn’t!!! “

” But Sara, it was her fault, right ? “

Her ? Oh so it was a lady!

” And who the hell told you that it was her fault ?!! ” I grit my teeth, and this time, they both give me a confused look.

” Oh God!! Guys, listen to me carefully.. It was not her fault. She was trying to over-take a truck, when suddenly a bike came in front of the car from the wrong side. The bike driver was young, so he couldn’t apply the brakes on the right time! To save him, she turned the car towards the road-side, where I was standing. I was facing my back towards her, so I didn’t see the car. ” Both took some time to digest all this.

I really hope they didn’t do anything with that lady, or else…

” But Sara… ” Huh ? They still have a doubt ?!

” It. Was. Not. Her. Fault. End of discussion. ” One glare, and both quickly shut up.

Wow! Nice!

” Good. Now I’d like to know what all you did with her! ” I look at them expectantly, as both look down, before finally opening their mouths!

—————-END OF SARA’S POV——————

It’s been 2 hours since Sara had gained consciousness. After continuous pestering by her, both the boys had decided to take their complaint against Twinkle back, and also to apologize to her for their rude behaviour towards her. But to their bad luck, Twinkle was busy with her meetings, so couldn’t meet them. And now, as per Sara’s latest wish, the guys were getting her discharged and taking her back HOME!!

” Home sweet home.. ” Sara shouted in glee, as Akash dragged her wheelchair towards the living room.

The trio sat silently for sometime, enjoying the homely warmth after a long, painful week.

” Umm guys.. ” Both opened their eyes to look at Sara, and raised their eyebrows at her excited face.

” As I was in the hospital since one week, I couldn’t do anything and now also I can’t, all thanks to my broken bones… ” She trailed off, her eyes twinkling like a child who is just about to get his favourite toy.

” Yeah so ? “

” Soooo…. will you both fulfil my wishes, please..? “

And how can they say no to her cute puppy face ? So as usual, they nodded, though hesitantly. They knew they will be in deep trouble if they continued to agree to all her demands, her facial expressions told them that much.

” Okay so, I want an ice-cream.. Please… “

” What ???!!! ” And their yells echoed all around the house.

” What ‘what’ ? Can’t you do this much for me ?? ” And her innocent, puppy face was back at work.

” Okay fine, but only a bit! “

” Yay!! Now go and bring my ice-cream… Shooo, shoo.. ” Kunj shook his head in disbelief, but finally smiled seeing his bestie getting well. That’s what he always wanted, right ?

” What ? But why ??! Okay.. Ya fine! ” Kunj ended the call, before finally throwing his phone away.

” Owww.. “

” Huh ?! ” He turned around, only to see Akash rubbing his nose.

” Kunj, you moron! Yaar kabhi to dekh kar phone fenka kar!! ” Akash groaned, making Kunj smile sheepishly.

” Okay from next time I’ll first aim and then throw. ” Kunj smirked, before laughing at Akash’s irritated face.

” Kunj… Stop laughing at my expense yaar! “

” Okay. But you here, and that too so early in the morning ? “

” Yeah. Sara was calling you for breakfast. “

” Okay let’s go. “

Both of them reached the dining table, only to be greeted by some not-so-nice words.

” Were you getting ready for a fashion show or something ? ” Came the sarcastic remark from an angry-looking Sara.

” For God’s sake Sara, stop jumping. That poor wheelchair is already having a hard time bearing your weight. ” Kunj said, as both the boys hi-fived, unknown to the upcoming danger.

” What did you just say, Mr. Sarna ?! ” Both gulped in fear.

” Umm… woh.. “

Ding dong

Kunj heaved a sigh of relief, as Akash went to open the door.

” Twinkle ? “

Seeing the speed at which Kunj whipped his neck in that direction, Sara was surprised that he didn’t get a whiplash.

” Oh yes! I invited her for breakfast today. Please come in, Twinkle. ” Sensing the tension in the atmosphere, Sara quickly welcomed Twinkle inside.

The four sat at the dining table, silently having their food.

” Umm Twinkle… this is Akash Singhania, my friend. And this is Kunj Sarna, my bestie-cum-bro! Guys, this is Ms. Twinkle Taneja, my business associate and my college batch-mate. ” Sara explained as the others nodded quietly, the boys being a bit surprised by the newfound information.

” Guys, I already know Twinkle. She’s my childhood bestie. ” Akash intervened, as Kunj and Sara looked at him, surprised.

” Oh wow! Small world, huh! ” Sara smiled, as others gave uncomfortable looks to each other. Unable to handle any longer, she finally shouted!

” Okay enough people! Better sort everything right here! ” Crossing here arms like a stubborn kid, she glared at the trio, who looked anywhere except each other. Finally, Akash sighed.

” Twinkle, I’m sorry for that day. I was seriously very confused about everything that happened and I really didn’t know what to do and whom to trust. I…I’m so sorry.. “

” It’s okay Akash. It’s all in the past, so I don’t hold any grudges against you, or anyone for that matter. ” Twinkle finally spoke, looking at Kunj in the end.

” Huff! Like finally… So now everything is normal ? ” Sara asked with a raised eyebrow, as others nodded.

” Okay so now that that’s over, I have an announcement to make. ” Others looked at her in confusion, while she grinned like a Cheshire cat.

” So as Twinkle is new in this city and we both are doing a project together, I’ve decided that she’s gonna stay here with us for the next few months. ” Sara declared, only to be greeted by two high-pitched shouts.

” WHAT ?! ” Both Kunj and Twinkle yelled together, making the other two wince.

” Sara, I’ve already rented an apartment. ” Twinkle tried to explain calmly, but Sara being Sara, shook her head in a big fat NO!

” You’re gonna stay here and that’s it! Cancel the Rent agreement! ” Unable to say know to her, Twinkle quietly agreed.

Sara was way too happy with Twinkle staying with them, so was Akash, and Twinkle also had a little smile on her face looking at the grown up girl in front of her. Kunj, on the other hand, was in deep thoughts.

‘ She’s gonna stay here ? Oh no! This.. is gonna be tough, I guess. ‘ Kunj thought with a sigh, but smiled looking at Sara, who was now bickering with Akash about how Pokemon is much better than Doraemon!

A chuckle escaped his lips, looking at the visibly grown-ups fighting about something as silly as a kid’s show!

‘ Things are finally changing, and just maybe, changing for good..? ‘ Were Kunj’s last thoughts, before he got up to go back to his room.

~Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.~

Oh yeah!! I’m giving a regular update! ??

Finally, things are getting back to normal. And Sara has decided that Twinkle will stay with them. Twinj under the same roof ? Interesting, isn’t it ?! Let’s see what happens next! ?

Thanks for the comments and likes on the previous chapter! Hope you enjoyed this one as well! ?

Awaiting your views. Take care.

Lots of love,

Sapphire ❤️

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    1. Amethyst

      Honestly, this is not what I had planned at the start. ? I went a bit off the track while writing. So let’s see what happens next! ?
      Personally, I love Sara too! ❤️
      Well, next chappy will be there soon! ?
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    1. Amethyst

      Thanks a lot dear! ❤️
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