Yrrkh (naksh and tara) Breathless first love — prologue

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Girl 1 was on the hospital bed and a man was  holding her hand crying.

Girl 1 kissed his hand and said: darling my time is over. I am sorry….i’m sorry for not being able to give you a child, nor being worthy enough to be with you forever, nor being the perfect wife.

Man: so what? You are perfect enough for me and…and I am happy I got to spend three amazing  years with the most gorgeous woman ever. I don’t mind if you didn’t give me a child. I just want you.

Girl 1 smiled and said: I don’t know how long I have left but plz fulfil my last wish.

Man: tell me darling.

The fire dreams in its iron bed, cozy in the metal that glows. Her flames transform the wood into the most transient of beauties, hot ribbons of light. There are times it sparks, as if it wanted more than one crazy way to dance, as if it needs to leap, to fly, willing to land where it may.

he watched with tears rolling down his eyes and remember her last wish.


”How dare you call my daughter illegitimate?! She isn’t.”

”Then who is her father?!”

Girl 2 stayed silent, not wanting to answer.

A 3-4 year old girl was playing with her dolls as girl 2 brushed her long beautiful dark brown hair.

Girl 3: mummy, tomorrow is Father’s Day.

Girl 2: really baby?

Girl 3: Haan so tomorrow tell my school I am ill.

Girl 2: why baby?

Girl 3: who is my dad? I am only one who no got daddy.

Girl 2 stopped brushing her daughter’s curls and froze for a minute. What answer can she give to her daughter?

So this is the prologue of breathless first love. 

Who is this man? Who is girl 1,2 or 3?

Find out in the next chapter.

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  1. Girl 1 is keerti
    2 is Tara
    3 is nakshatra’s daughter ….i think so?

  2. Jasminerahul

    is that man Naksh?His wife died?Is that Tara who is having an illegitimate daughter?is her father Naksh himself?

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