You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s love at first sight (Season 1 Episode 2)

You are always mine!

Season 1 Episode 2


Scene  1 :

Anu and others welcome Revathi Jr. to the party.

Anu : Super machi! You will realize that I was right.

Revathi Jr. smiles and gets shy….

Anu asks her to go and talk to Karthik. Revathi Jr. refuses saying she’s nervous.

Anu : Don’t be nervous, he’s free to talk, and so sweet.

Revathi Jr. : Let me see… (Eager to meet Karthik)

Karthik drinks juice and asks Ravi if their boss has arrived. Ravi tells he will be coming.

Karthik finally sees Revathi Jr. talking to Anu and gets stunned..(recalls her photo)

He thinks : OMG! She’s so pretty and cute more than my imagination…looking so gorgeous than the photo. Her gesture, expressions, all define her beauty. Hmm, what’s my heart saying? That I’m beginning to like her? I will befriend her. I hope she recognises me.

(Seeing her constantly, he mistakenly pours juice on the floor)

Ravi wakes him up and teases Karthik saying he was lost in thoughts about Revathi Jr.

Karthik : Shut up, Ravi. When will the party start?

Ravi : Sometimes truth will be bitter.

Raja : Guys, our boss came. We can start the party now.

Their boss greets Karthik and wishes him. They have a talk.


Scene 2 :
In Madurai, Andal and Azhagar have a talk.
They message Karthik and wish him.

Andal : Our daughter Revathi has become an adult. Why can’t we see a prospective groom for her?

Azhagar thinks the same. : My father is okay with inter-family marriage. What about father-in-law?

Andal : He’s also okay with it. Like we married, we can make Revathi marry Karthik.

Azhagar : Yes, they will live happily. I wonder how Revathi is in Canada.

Andal : Maybe she has hectic schedule.

Azhagar : Wait, I’ll call her.

Andal stops him and says that they will call her later on Skype.

Azhagar : Karthik’s also in Canada. He and Revathi don’t know that they are cousins. I hope they meet and agree for marriage.

Scene 3 :
At the party, Ravi tells everyone about Karthik.

Revathi Jr. finds out that the boy’s name is Karthik.

Anu directs her to Karthik.

Revathi Jr. smiles seeing him, and thinks : He is Karthik. This name suits him a lot. He looks so charming, smart, and handsome. Anu was right about him. But I don’t know what’s in my heart about him. Am I falling for Karthik? First I’ll befriend him. (And blushes)

Raja and others bring the cake and light the candles.

Everyone sing Happy Birthday and Karthik cuts the cake. Everyone clap…

Karthik feeds the cake to everyone.

At last, Revathi Jr. comes near him for the cake. Karthik sees her and is lost. They both have an eyelock. (Romantic music plays)

His friends wake him up and ask him to feed the cake to Revathi.
Karthik feeds her with feelings in his mind.

Revathi : Happy birthday! Here’s your gift.
Karthik thanks her.

All give the gifts to Karthik and think that Revathi is his girlfriend. They ask Rethik to dance.

ReThik get nervous and refuse to dance.

His friends laugh hearing this..
Raja : No, they aren’t a couple, they just met for the first time.

Everyone apologize to Rethik and say that they both look good together, that’s why they had the thought.

Karthik : It’s okay, chill!

Anu : Let’s all have a dance, shall we? (Plays the music)

Everyone dance happily.


Scene 4 :

Karthik finds Revathi lost and goes to her.

Revathi : Hi Karthik! Happy birthday.

Karthik : Thank you. What’s your name?

Revathi : My name is Revathi… Nice meeting you!

Karthik thinks : Wow! She has my mom’s name. That’s why so much cuteness like my mom.

Karthik : Hi Revathi! Nice meeting you too!

ReThik shake hands and have feelings with their touch.

Revathi : I feel cold here, shall we go somewhere else?

Karthik : Sure. Come with me.

Revathi slips and Karthik holds her. They have an eyelock….

Episode ends

Next episode promo : Karthik’s friends message him that he has to drop Revathi Jr. at home. Revathi Jr. gets the same message from Anu. ReThik in bike, suddenly it starts raining.


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