Love life and important decisions (Episode 2)

Virat says :- talk to me pakhi.. plzz. Pakhi:- virat plzz go from here, if someone sees us it won’t be good.. and walk inside. She goes inside when she sees mansi crying near temple and missing samrat.. pakhi feels really bad and goes inside her room.

Meanwhile virat enters his room and sees sai there. They both get a little awkward. Virat:- sorry for whatever badimaa said, everything will get fine slowly.. plzz give  my family some time. Sai:- i can understand and somewhere i was expecting this. Virat starts to pack his stuffs.. sai looks on shocked and asks what is he doing??  He says he is shifting to another room and she can stay here comfortably.. sai says.. no its not needed.. i mean,  i will shift. Virat:- i said its all right and no need to argue in everything.. sai gets angry but does not say anything. Then thinks..its good that we will not stay in one room and smiles a bit.virat notices it and asks what happened.. she replies he should pack everything he does not have to come here again and again.virat gets irritated listening.

Everyone is at the dining table.. badimaa:- where is pakhi, go someone call her. Ashwini:- as it is sai first day i thought she would cook something.. badimaa:- no need !! Sai looks on tensed. Aswini was about to argue bit then karishmaa comes and tell them that pakhi is not in the whole house and even her phone is switched off.. everybody gets shocked…. virat calls pakhi frnd and asks if pakhi is therebut she denies. Badimaa shouts now where did she go suddenly.. virat becomes reallt tensed and rushes to get his car keys.. sai follows him and asks if he is going searching for pakhi.. he nods and tells her how upset she was whole night and did not talk to him. He leaves hurriedly.. sai prays for pakhi.

Virat starts searching for pakhi, but she is no where to be found. Its evening by now and he thinks.. plzz be safe pakhi

Precap: pakhi speaks her heart out and takes a decision.

Comment your views.. slowly i am developing my plot.. major twist coming  tommorow. Stay tunned❤

  1. Radhakrishn

    Where is Pakhi? Thanks for updating fast.

    1. 321

      Go and check in the next episode 🤗😊

  2. Thanks for update.
    Please try kare or agar possible ho sake to app story ko thoda sa long kare. Bahut short lagti hai. Maza aata hai aapki story read karne me. Isliye bol rahi hu. 🙂🙂

    1. 321

      Okay..will write longer episodes from next time♥️

  3. @321
    Thank u 🙂🙂

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