#listen to your heart #RIANSH… ”you know” (Intro)

HEYA…..here I’m with my first brand new ff for all RIANSH fans …

“Listen to your heart”❤️

So here’s the….main cast n preface…

Main Cast:

Vansh Rai Shinghania..

•a business tycoon

•a rich person

• rude n over protective about family

•stubborn n have never faced defeat

Riddhima Chakraborty..

•a chirpy girls

•a rich girls but never show off

•gynologist by profession

•leaves in London with father for future studies

• loves everyone in the family

Ishani Rai Shinghania…

•best friend of Riddhima

•gynologist by profession n junior of Riddhima

•sister of Vansh n siya n cousin sister of aryan..

Aryan Rai Shinghania..

• a spoilbrat who always runs behind money 💰

•a sports player

• always does bad deeds

Ayan Chakraborty..

•younger brother of Riddhima

•school going child

•can do anything for Riddhima

•can do or die for Riddhima

Akshat Chakraborty..

• elder brother of Riddhima

•has a private detective company

• best friend of Vansh

•knows most of the personal secrets of Vansh


So drop your thoughts in comment section

PRECAP: Is SHE going to come?

so who is “SHE” any guesses….

drop your predictions in comment box…

have a good day💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰

  1. wow,nyc waiting for d update

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰

  2. She can be either Riddhima or vansh sister. Rather only sister because you don’t give character sketch of Siya.

    1. Maau

      Hope for the best…..😉🥰

  3. Good luck for your ff

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰

  4. Best of luck!😉…i can tell you now im going to love this story…in precap she might be riddhima…

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰……might be let’s see

  5. Naira U Singh

    First of all welcome in the field of writing as i think maybe it’s for the first time u started writing.
    Second: Looking forward to read 1 episode.
    Third: Best of luck

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰

  6. No matter who is SHE!!😶 It will be revealed by your further updates! But please don’t be RAGINI that person😂😂
    Well nice starting!😊
    Lots of love to you dear

    1. Maau

      Might be let’s see who is SHE…🥰🥰😉

  7. Maau

    N yes I’ll try my level best for this ff….
    But please do tell everyone one about my new ff……

  8. Best of luck for your FF 😃☺️ preface is good. Seeing forward to read 1st episode 😄
    Maybe she is Riddhima.

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰 May be let’s see…😅

  9. Excited 🥳All the best 😊

    1. Maau

      Thanks 🥰

  10. Jazzmiiiine10

    Riddhima Chakaraborty..Interestingg

    1. Maau

      Ya it’s interesting 😉😉😉😉Thanks🥰

  11. Poojitha 🖤

    Interesting Is there any kabir and good character sketch and all the best

    1. Maau

      Might be or don’t know because I have just started so let first RIANSH meet then we will see….but let’s see hope for the best…..thanks 🥰🥰

  12. Amazing start dear..
    Seems like a very amazing story is ahead…

    1. Maau

      Thanks keep loving 🥰

  13. All the best wishes for ur FF 👍👍👍

    1. Maau

      Thanks keep loving 🥰

  14. She is riddhima.

    1. Maau

      Let’s see💕

  15. RiyaVaghani

    is the ‘she’ vansh’s past? like ragini or something?
    btw, i loved the characters….
    welcome to the family and i am really looking forward to ur story!

    1. Maau

      Hope for the best….. thanks keep loving 🥰

  16. I am damn sure that it’s Riddhima.
    If not, then how will their story start.
    And BTW nice ff

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