Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 13 (Confession??)

Hi guys, sorry again for not publishing. Hopoe you enjoyed the two episodes I released yesterday…

Epi starts…

Riddhima is in Vansh’s room when she thinks to confess her feelings. She decides to go out and buy some flowers and some dinner to give him after the morning. She slowly sneaks out of the room and walks out the front door.

Riddhima comes to the same park that she was in the other day, she spots a shop selling some gifts and goes in. Meanwhile, Kabir is in the same shop looking for something to give Riddhima in order to say sorry to her. He sees her and walks up to her. Riddhima feels someone behind her and turns. She is shocked to see Kabir.

Kabir: Hi..Riddhima. How are you? Long time no see. What happened to your arm?

He tries to touch it but she moves back. She grabs his hand and pulls her out the shop

Riddhima: What the hell are you doing her Kabir? I thought you were dead. How is it possible that you came back?

Kabir: Just listen to me. I just wanted to say sorry for the accident and the incident.

Riddhima laughs: You and sorry??! I find that hard to believe. Look Kabir, I am glad you are ok, but you need to leave me the hell alone. I am not an object which you can take and throw around.

Kabir: …

Riddhima tries to walk back into the shop but Kabir holds her hand.

Riddhima: Let go of me Kabir. I will scream and you will go to jail if you don’t let go

Kabir lets go of her hand and blocks her way.

Kabir: Riddhima, can you just listen to me?

Riddhima: No, I am done listening to you and your pathetic words. Bye Kabir, I wish you the best.

Kabir gets angry and again tries to hold her. Suddenly he feels a hot hand slapping him across the face.

Riddhima is shocked and turns around to see Vansh standing near her.

Vansh: You heard her..she wants nothing to do with you. Now go before I slap you again. It will be more than a slap this time.

Kabir looks at him and then glances at Riddhima: You will both pay for that..

He walks away. Vansh turns to Riddhima

Vansh: Are you ok? He didn’t hurt you?

Riddhima: I am fine. Wait, how did you know I was here?

Vansh: I saw you leaving the house and slowly followed you, then I saw you confront Kabir. That was very brave (he winks)

Riddhima blushes a little

Riddhima: Vansh, I just wanted a walk, you didn’t have to follow me.

Vansh: I know, but the doctor gave me instructions not to leave you alone. So I followed. And if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have seen your brave act.

Riddhima laughs. She holds his arm and walks with him to the park and sat down on the bench.

Vansh: Would you like to have a picnic here? Its a nice day.

Riddhima: I would love to but we didn’t bring anything.

Vansh: Its ok. There are plenty of shops here to buy food or whatever you want to eat.

Riddhima: Vansh, actually I wanted to tell you something…

Vansh looked at her and found her shaking. She was nervous and finally after a nervous 20 minutes, she lean near his face and hugged him.

Riddhima couldn’t say it now. It was too noisy and she wanted it to be special. She decided to hold on to that feeling and spend as much time as she could with him. She broke the hug and looked at him.

Riddhima: I am hungry. Should we get something to eat?

Vansh: Sure, let’s go.

He stood up and held up his arm. Riddhima giggled and held him arm and they walked away together.

Meanwhile on the other side of the park

Kabir was walking away from the shop when he saw Vansh and Riddhima together laughing. He was angry and wandered who the guy was that slapped him. He thinks “No one slaps Kabir”. He decides to go home and find a way to find Riddhima. Suddenly, he had an idea. He quickly went home and phoned Ragini.

Kabir on phone: Would you like to go out?

Ragini: Really? What do you have planned?

Kabir tells Ragini about the plan.

Kabir on phone: Meet me at home in an hour. We will go from there.

Ragini: On my way!

Back at VR mansion..

Vansh and Riddhima comes back home and sees Siya walking around. She looks up and hugs Vansh when he comes in and then looks at Riddhima.

Vansh: Siya, this is Rid..

Siya: Riddhima. Yes I know, I saw her the other day but had no chance to meet her. (she hugs Riddhima)

Riddhima: Nice to see you Siya.

Siya whispers: You too bhabi (winks)

Riddima blushes and walks into the house upstairs.

Vansh: What did you say to scare her? (he smirks)

Siya: Bhaiii. I didn’t do anything (she laughs)

Precap: Kabir comes to VR mansion to look for Riddhima with Ragini. Vansh sees them and is shocked. He slaps Kabir again and tells him to get out of the house. Riddhima and Aryan decide a plan.

That’s all guys. Hope you like the episode and let me know what you thought.

  1. He deserves it

    1. Khushi123

      Yep he does. More coming 🙂

  2. Ahh man…no confession…but one thing for sure kabir doesn’t leave anyone that insults or slaps him(im not a fan of kabir…never liked him…)

    1. Khushi123

      The upcoming episodes will have more trashing of Kabir. Do keep reading 🙂

  3. Naira U Singh

    Nice episode

  4. Awesome episode🥰 waiting for the next one😊

    1. Khushi123

      Thank you 🙂

  5. Jazzmiiiine10

    Its nice..SIya said,”Bhabhi !!!”

  6. Very nice episode 👌👌👌👌👏👏
    Siya called Riddhima bhabhi was very funny

    1. Khushi123

      Thank you 🙂

  7. RiyaVaghani

    haha! vansh! she didn’t scare her! she made her shy! and Kabir… use to thappad pe thappad pad rahe hai! oh lord! i hope mumma doesn’t see me like this! she’ll think i have gone mad!

    1. Khushi123

      Haha more coming with Kabir and Vansh 🙂

    2. RiyaVaghani

      u know, i have started hating KaVa…. they left my poor Riddhu!
      i hate them for it!

  8. Nice episode

    1. Khushi123

      Thank you 🙂

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