#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 23 – Bhai Dhuj Celebrations and Did Riddhima scold Vansh?

Episode starts with…

Riddhima was in tears and seeing her state Angre felt that may be he is late so she is crying and so he caught his ears and started doing sit-ups to convince her and she smiled seeing his gesture and went to him and they shared a warm hug after which he went to freshen up while others were busy with some or the other work, Riddhima went into the lawn and was just reminiscing all that happened and then she was struck on one point why did she react that way, she never did so before, why did she have tears in her eyes when dadi asked her why can’t Vansh be her brother, why didn’t she have any answer, why was she crying, was it because bhai was late, no, it wasn’t then why did she have tears, what’s that hurting her heart with thought of Vansh being her brotherly figure!!! She was confused and didn’t know how to handle or what to do!!!!

While Vansh was near pool area thinking about the incidents and wonders how could dadi say this, did I behave with Riddhima like I do with Ishani, Siya and Sejal, I don’t think I did so, then why did dadi feel so, she can never be my sister not in any births!!! His conscience asked him why doesn’t he want her to be his sister, what does he feel for her, what’s their relation!!!!

Dadi called everyone for the celebrations and Riddhima and Vansh too left for living room and decided not to think of anything such. Angre too reached and along with Vansh they both sat on the couches. It was first Ishani’s turn and she went and did arti and tilak of Vansh and he gave her a Ruby Necklace with Diamonds, which she loved it and hugged him out of happiness, then came Siya and she received a Diamond Bracelet, followed by Sejal and she was gifted with Diamond Necklace. Vansh had surprised and brought a smile on his three sisters. Now everyone was eagerly waiting for what would Angre gift his sisters as he is celebrating it first time after years and Sejal and Siya are on verge of emptying his bank balance for not allowing them to celebrate with him till today.

Riddhima came forward with tears in her eyes and seeing them Angre too was emotional and both brother and sister had a smile of satisfaction and happiness which they got after years. She did his arti and tilak and then he presented an Emerald Dome Diamond Necklace set. That didn’t matter to Riddhima as she has her brother and that gift was just a formality for her. She liked it though. She thanked him when Sejal and Siya pushed her to grab the opportunity to empty his wallet and after completing the rituals they were eagerly waiting what would he present them

Angre: And, dadi so all the celebrations are done right or anything else is left

Sejal: Oooo hello bhai, where is our gift?

Angre: I gave you the chance to call me Bhai and what else do you want? Isn’t that enough

Siya: This is not fair!!! We thought of grabbing the opportunity to empty your bank balance by taking all the gifts worth all these years and you are…

Sejal: Exactly!!!!

Angre: Tell me one thing clearly, you want gifts or the opportunity to consider me bhai!!???

Sejal & Siya (upset): We got our Bhai after long so we won’t let this go

Angre (Smiling): Great, you idiots impressed me, I thought you’d say you need gifts

Sejal: Gifts have been given by Vansh bhai too so no needed of that

Siya: We aren’t that foolish that we’d lose a bhai once again for gifts

Angre (Happy smiles): So, now you two don’t need any gifts right

Sejal & Siya nodded in disapproval

Angre: Then what shall I do with these two gifts I got!!! I better present it to Riddhu

Sejal & Siya’s eyes sparkled and ran and grabbed those packets and were amazed to see their gifts. He gifted a Diamond Bracelet to Sejal and a Diamond Pendant Set to Siya. They were happy and hugged and thanked him.

Angre: After all these years I got my Riddhu and in bonus two other sisters so how could you expect me to not give you anything.

Everyone clicked pics and were enjoying the family time. Later Vansh and Angre decided to cook for their respective sisters and so left the girls to have some time. They cooked many different dishes to impress their sisters. Girls were clicking pics and were trying to figure out what to do after lunch.

Its 2pm, RS Mansion,

Lunch was served and everyone were satisfied and praised the boys for their dishes. Girls decided to go for shopping and so all left while Angre and Vansh stayed back and were discussing something. Meanwhile Vansh told everything to Angre about last night’s incident. Angre was worried and started blaming himself for leaving alone

Vansh: Riddhima was right

Angre: What do you mean

Vansh: She asked me not to inform you because she knows that you’ll blame yourself.

Angre: Vansh how can I not!! She is my life and I got her after all these years and can’t risk losing herself once again. And someone reaching my house shows the threat to Riddhima

Vansh: I can understand. Actually, even I was wondering how come someone reach till your house.

Angre: I think I need to increase the security

Vansh: I think you are right and don’t worry, until we both are with her nothing will happen to her. And you better keep your informers on spot and start investigating the matter.

Angre: Yes, I will now itself. But what I wonder is how did that person know she is staying alone and in that house? Does that mean she was being followed since many days?

Vansh: Actually, you are right. I didn’t think of this possibility. There’s something much more than we are able to see.

Angre: I am not going to spare that person.

Vansh: Definitely not

After a while Elders who went out have returned by evening but girls decided to go for a movie and so delayed their return.

Its 7pm, RS Mansion,

Everyone returned back except Riddhima.

Vansh: Guys where is Riddhima? She was with you all right

Ishani: Bhai, after the movie, when we were coming back, she got a call from the hospital so she went there.

Vansh: Oh okay.

Something strike Vansh and Angre suddenly,

Angre: Ishani, was that a known or unknown number?

Siya: Jeeju relax after yesterday’s episode even we were careful and it was from hospital itself.

They sighed a relief and got back to their discussion. After a while they checked the time and it was 9pm. Vansh realised that Riddhima didn’t reach yet, that’s when Angre received a call

Angre: Is the information true?

Angre: Okay, ill reach in few minutes.

Angre: Vansh, I need to go somewhere, I think we got lead on the information we have been trying.

Vansh: That’s great Angre. Just go in bullet speed and make sure that information is right and I need all the information asap

Angre: Yes

He stopped in his track and turned back towards Vansh

Angre: Vansh, Riddhu didn’t return home yet. I’ll pick her and drop home and then go there

Vansh: Don’t worry, I’ll myself go and pick her.

Angre was wondering why is Vansh eager to pick her up. He just nodded and left. Later Vansh enquired Sejal

Vansh: Sejal, what’s the name of the hospital, Riddhima went to

Sejal: Bhai, its Global Hospitals. Are you going to pick her?

Vansh: Yes

Sejal: So, shall I ask her not to start and wait for you?

Vansh: umm… may be she’d be busy don’t disturb her. I’ll check myself.

Vansh: You share her number

Sejal sent Riddhima’s number and Vansh left to pick her. On the way he called her to inform that he is coming to pick her but she didn’t answer so he assumed her to be busy with patients. So, he drove towards her hospital.

Its 10pm, Global Hospitals,

Vansh reached the hospitals and headed towards reception

Receptionist: Hello Sir, Welcome to Global Hospitals. May I know what is your issue

Vansh: Hello, I am here for Dr. Riddhima Sharma. Can you please check and tell me if she is here or left?

Receptionist: Give me a moment sir

Receptionist: Sir, Madam is here and is checking on patients. Do you need an appointment? But am sorry sir, it’s late and appointments have been closed. Madam had many appointments so it’d be not possible for today.

Vansh: No worries, I am not for any appointment. I just came to meet her. Can I?

Receptionist: Sorry Sir, Ma’am doesn’t meet anyone when she is with Patients. So, if you don’t mind can you please wait. Once Ma’am is free, I’ll let you know.

Vansh: Sure, Thank you

Vansh went and was waiting in the waiting hall when he once again dialled her number but she didn’t answer. So, he messaged her that he is here – “Hey, I am here for you. Don’t leave in a hurry (wink)”. He waited for her reply but didn’t, so, was just waiting and was just browsing on his phone and occasionally looking towards door making sure she isn’t leaving. The shadow person who has been following Riddhima was at the hospital but noticing Vansh, he felt like he can’t proceed towards and left the place blaming his timing.

Its 10:30pm, Global Hospitals,

Riddhima was done with her patients and decided to leave within few minutes and so noticed her phone had many missed calls from a private number and there was a message too. She was pissed off to see such message from an unknown private number. She thought it to be some Romeo and decided to teach that person a lesson but as it was a private number, she couldn’t so she felt like if that person calls once again, then she’d teach a lesson. Meanwhile receptionist informed Vansh about Riddhima’s shift being complete and so she guided him towards Riddhima’s cabin. So, Vansh decided to call her and so as Riddhima expected she received a call, as soon as she answered the call

Riddhima: Who the hell are you? And why are you bothering by calling me again and again? And what the hell was that message and a wink!!! Like seriously!!! If you dare come in front of me, I’ll show how to wink and wait I’ll ask police also to show you, they’ll show much better. How the hell did you reach my hospital and inform me that you are waiting for me??? Why aren’t you speaking now?? You have been calling and messaging from almost 45mins right!!! Now where the hell are you? Are you still in hospital, tell me!!! SPEAK UP!!!!!!!!!! (anger bursting out)

Vansh was utter shocked by her outburst. He realised that she doesn’t have his number and has mistaken him to be someone else. But what shocked him more was that the silent, talkative and chirpy Riddhima had another angle of Fire in her and he didn’t know that she is such fierce. He didn’t know what to say and how. For the first time someone has spoken such that great Vansh Rai Singhania is left speechless. He still couldn’t believe that it is the same Riddhima…. He was about to enter her cabin but still he felt like speaking to her on call before entering her cabin so stood there and spoke

Vansh: Hello, Riddhima

Riddhima: Who the heck are you and how do you know my name!!!!

Vansh (didn’t knew how to tell its him): ….

Riddhima: Speak you idi…

Vansh: MS. BOSS LADY (almost shouted), give a break to tell who I am

Riddhima: Who the hell…(anger)… one second (cooled a bit) … Va… Vansh is it you? (confused and calm)

Vansh (smiling): Thank God!!! You remember me….

Entered her cabin with still on call. He saw Riddhima was in her chair with phone in her hand and her expressions changing. It was the first time he was seeing her in doctor attire and he felt that he is meeting someone new and that Riddhima he knew was not this. He felt proud.

Vansh waved at her. She realized that it was him who messaged and called and just banged her head in her hands and cursed herself for bursting out before knowing who it was.

Riddhima: Va…. Vansh I am … am so sorry!!! I thought

Vansh: It’s some eve – teaser. Relax I did understand. I didn’t know that you are such fierce (laughing)

Riddhima: (hitting her head) Sorry!!!

Vansh: Its ok. Relax, so, you are not asking me to come and sit?

Riddhima: (hitting herself once again): Sorry once again. Come please take your place.

Vansh smiled and sat in a chair

Riddhima: I am so sorry Vansh. I didn’t know that it’s you and I didn’t have …

Vansh: Riddhima relax, I realized few minutes back that you don’t have my number or else you would have not shouted that way.

Riddhima: So, that’s your number

Vansh: Need any more clarification? (wink). Vaise you were telling that you’ll show how to wink so can you now? (teasing)

Riddhima: Vansh… (smiling).

Vansh: What Vansh? You know none has ever dared to speak to me in that tone and you did that. Any idea the intensity of mistake you have committed? (pretending to be anger)

Riddhima (shocked): Vansh I didn’t mean that way. I am extremely sorry; I didn’t know it was you. I didn’t mean to hurt you

Vansh (giggling): Riddhima relax, why do you get hyper. I know you’ll not do this if you knew it was me.

Riddhima: Vansh… phir se!!!!!!!!!!

Vansh was laughing

Riddhima (smiled): Acha, how come you are here and how did you know I am here?

Vansh: Actually, Sejal informed me about you being here and it was already late so me and Angre were worried for your safety so came to pick you.

Riddhima (smiled): Thank you for your care. But where is Bhai?

Vansh: He wanted to come but he got some important work and there was none who could go there. So, I came. You know your brother he wouldn’t have gone there leaving you if that wasn’t important and that too it was a work related to me so I can’t give him tension by leaving you alone.

Riddhima: Yea I know bhai, he wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t important and as it is your work, I can assume it is something much important. Right!!!

Vansh smiled and nodded.

Riddhima: When did you come?

Vansh: Around 10 I guess

Riddhima: OMG!!! You have been waiting from almost half an hour!!! I am so sorry. Because of me…

Vansh: It’s ok. You weren’t wasting your time but was healing many so I can wait for such girl. And you didn’t know that I was here. So, chill

Riddhima: Why didn’t you call me? At least could have asked the Receptionist to inform me!!!

Vansh (rolled his eyes): Seriously Riddhima!!! Firstly, I called and messaged too…. and then receptionist asked me to wait as you won’t meet anyone when indulged with patients.

Riddhima realized that it’s her mistake and just stayed calm. Vansh smiled at her as how she was making faces

Vansh: So, shall we leave or you want to spend your night here?

Riddhima: Just give me 2 minutes we’ll leave.

Vansh nodded and after a while they departed in his vehicle towards RS Mansion.

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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