Story 9 Months Ki 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Alia is about to catch Veer’s lie

Story 9 Months Ki 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar and the boy come to the PS. The boy tells that just as he got down to buy the book, the taxi driver eloped with his stuff. Sarangdhar says I will not lie and tells that he ran behind the boy to buy the book and entered a shop…He thinks of Alia and tells that he didn’t think of time. The Inspector says if you had not run behind the boy for the book then it would have been a crime. He unbuttons his shirt and shows Gulzar on his chest. The boy asks him to take the book. Sarangdhar takes the book. The Inspector says you can keep it, I know its value. Sarangdhar tells that the driver must have waited for him. The driver hears his voice as he comes to give the missing stuff of Sarangdhar. The driver gets upset with Sarangdhar for filing a complaint against him. Sarangdhar tells that he didn’t do, he came to file the missing complaint of his stuff. Later the driver and Sarangdhar come out of the PS. Sarangdhar apologizes to the driver. The driver offers to drop him at his friend’s house. Sarangdhar says I don’t have much money as I don’t know when will I get a job. Ramesh asks him to sit in the taxi.

Alia meets the writer on the video call with her team and hears the poetry, but it doesn’t connect to her. Ramesh drops Sarangdhar at his friend’s place. Sarangdhar finds the door locked and the number unreachable. Ramesh says your friend doesn’t want to let you stay at his place, as Mumbai is such a place, nothing comes free here.

Veer is with Nitya in the hotel. She tells that they will get the deal. Veer plans to tell everything to Alia once they get the deal. Nitya says Gautam Shroff will understand this, as his relation with his daughter can’t get better with time. She says if he wants then they can end their relation right away. Veer refuses and gives Alia’s and his credit card for payment. Alia gets the message on her mobile, but she doesn’t see it as she begins her online meeting.

Ramesh takes Sarangdhar to his house. Sarangdhar says the house is small. Ramesh says atleast this house is better than a footpath and says we can easily sleep near the wall. He asks him to pay the rent. Sarangdhar says he will give. Alia is still not convinced although all her team members like poetry. She says they will meet at 8 am in the office and offers a cash prize to the person who cracks this. Sarangdhar lies down beside the other roommates of Ramesh. Alia lies down on her bed. Veer is with Nitya in the hotel room.

The next morning, Alia is leaving for her office, when she reads the message. Rabia calls Alia and asks her not to do more shopping as she has her kids’ unused and branded stuff with her. Alia tells that someone swiped Veer’s credit card in Mumbai, and as it is a joint account, a message came on my mobile. She says she will cancel the card. Rabia says She shall not take it lightly and asks her to meet her at the hotel. They come to the hotel and asks the receptionist, about the transaction. The receptionist says that it is done by our regular customer. Rabia asks if he is Veer Malhotra and threatens to call Police. The receptionist says yes. Rabia asks her to call the Manager. Alia says she doesn’t want her personal matter to get public and turns to go when she sees Veer talking to someone.

The receptionist confirms seeing Veer’s pic. Veer and Nitya are about to go. Rabia says Veer has no work then why do you come for the check-up alone? Alia says you are protective about me, but lets go. Veer recalls forgetting his wallet in the hotel and comes back. Alia sees him.

Precap: Alia asks Veer when did he come back from Dubai? He says today itself. Nitya comes there and calls Veer. Later Sarangdhar gets to know about Alia wanting a writer for her company and comes to her office.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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