Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 93

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Episode 93…

Everyone was very much happy in their life.Twinkle and maya both just giving Tashan to each other’s,.so its normal day.

Everyone done with their breakfast. Kunj take Ansh and Aayat with him today he’ll drop them school so they went.. while Anant get call from one of his lawyer friend.So he went in lobby. Anant take his call.

Anant: yes Ranveer..

Ranveer:yes Anant what work you give me I make your all documents. Just than maya was passing from lobby she saw Anant and stop there only stay to listen his conversation.

Anant: good Ranveer I wanted this paper work done soon please.

Maya: what paper work..

Anant: I wanted my all property named on my daughter Aayat after all whatever I had all’s her only.. after listing this maya get shocked..

maya: shit this Anant doing this. Varsha was right he will do something like this only he done too.. I’ll not let happen this.. I have to stop him but how..

Anant: okay Ranveer I’ll talk to you later. Anant went from there and left for his work place. Maya gets hyper what to do..

whole day passed like this only.. after so much struggles’ maya get idea..

At maya and Anant [email protected] At night.

Maya and Anant sitting together.

Maya: Anant please listen to me once.

Anant: tell fast..

maya: sit na.. Anant. She holds his hands

Anant: okay..

maya: Anant I know what I’m going to tell you. You didn’t find it’s valuable. So I Just telling you..

Anant: okay don’t make puzzles.

Maya: Anant see papa ji half of the property on Ansh name why??

Anant: because he is waris of this family maya.

Maya: I know this Anant.But you are elder son of this house na.Waris should be your blood why kunj blood.

Anant: I didn’t understand what you try to say tell me clearly maya.

Maya: I mean Anant see when kunj and twinkle knows whole property will went on waris why they give girl to us rather than boy. They both know each and everything Anant.Just for money kunj give Aayat to us. Use your mind.Who will give their baby to others nobody Anant they give us why?? Just for money they know end of the day whole properties named on their kids. First they have son so. Whatever yours it’s Aayat only na Anant ultimately in both the situation they both are in profit.

End of the day Aayat is their daughter only Anant see you are going to name your properties on Aayat. Why??

Anant: first he was shocked how maya get to know about this.because he didn’t tell this anyone even Kunj too..and why she doesn’t wanted this?? Both question making him curious.. why maya.. and from where you get to know about this.

Maya: it’s not important Anant from where I get to know m I right??

Anant: yeah so what I wanted this only to name my all property on Aayat name. How Kunj and twinkle have profit in this. Aayat is our daughter.

Maya:no Anant you are innocent. Wait I’ll make you understand.First you see Kunj open his one of company on aayat name second he started clothing brand on his both kids why??

Anant: maya we are the one who give him permission.

Maya: yes Anant but we don’t know his motive behind this. Anant try to understand me please I’m saving you.

Anant: I’m not getting anything maya.You too happy with this all..

maya: I know Anant I was blind can’t see their subterfuge now my eyes get open Anant. Okay it’s fine Anant. Just think. If Aayat is not their own daughter really they will do this for our Anant they can’t whatever they were doing just for their own child. It’s not affected them because she is their blood. If Kunj is so glorious man than he will do for others kids too.

Anant just look at maya face her words developing many questions inside in his heart. See Anant Kunj Aayat ka sab karta hai Kyu asked yourself once Anant you’ll get answer from your heart..Anant giving her halter – skelter look.

Maya:Anant he doesn’t have problems because she is kunj own blood why he had problem.Papa ji already give so much to kunj.End of the day Anant iss ghar me sab kuch Twinkle and Kunj ke bacho ka hi HOTA hai.They way kunj treat Aayat can’t you see why he did it. This all doing to make us worse Anant. You can see now Aayat always roaming around twinkle and Kunj. Anant remember that scene how Aayat sitting with kunj. She called him Papa mistakenly. Maya see his face expression which turning in right way. The way she wanted.. Aayat love to spend time with twinkle not with me anant haa. Do I not feel bad ? Anant she said in hipped voice making Anant emotional.

Whenever I see Aayat with twinkle Anant I feel so bad I don’t have problem you know this.But Aayat going away from me.Last time kunj brought real diamond bracelet for Aayat. That I don’t know. Even twinkle father give her studs I don’t know about this too as well. Don’t you think it’s my right to know about this whoever give anything to my daughter I have to know.

Even Ansh too didn’t communicate to me nicely his mother stop him to come to me.Anant just listing her.Whole family members giving importance to kunj and twinkle more than us Anant.We both are elder still this kind of treatment we receive.Anant get up from bed in anger.

He went near window.. stand there his one hand resting on wall..maya to stand up.

Maya:Anant you can’t ignore this..

Anant:don’t try to make me against my brother maya

Maya: acha that day also in Chandigarh twinkle tell so much to kunj. I know you’ll not believe on my word wait I’ll show you something. Maya take her phone started playing recording which Sheetal give to her.Sheetal record everything in her phone that day from behind. Anant Listen all twinkle words whatever she said that Meri beti.Anant turned and look at maya. Maya stops the recording.

Anant: from where you get this haa.

Maya: it’s not important Anant you just listen what twinkle said. Can’t you listen how can she said this..

Anant:maybe she said in emotions maya.

Maya went towards him and Hold his hands. Emotionally filling his ears. Anant eyes turn in anger. Maya sees this and give smile.

Maya:great my words hit on correct nerves.Anant sit in side.Just than Aayat entered in room. She went near bed while maya and Anant looking at her.Aayat take her lips shape pillow in her hands. Aayat look at them give smile to them..

Aayat:mamma Papa goodnight.

Anant:where are you going Aayat?? Haa in prat voice. Aayat stop.

Aayat: woh Papa I’m sleeping in kunj Chachu and twinkle chachi room. Maya gestures to Anant.

Anant: you’ll not go anywhere haa. In loud voice Aayat get scared.

Maya:yes Aayat baby come to me I’ll sing lori for you. Aayat didn’t give her any interest.

Aayat: no Papa please let me sleep with ansh.Anant get up and went near her.

Anant:when I said no it’s mean no.

Aayat: don’t shout at me I’ll tell this kunj Chachu.This make more Anant angry. He closed his fist.

Aayat:you both are bad.. she said this and ran from there.

Maya:see Anant itself she told me this. This all twinkle teaching her. Anant went to bed and lay down covered himself.

Next side in twinj [email protected]

twinkle and Kunj along with ansh they three of them sitting having fun together. Just than Aayat entered in room. They all look at her. Aayat went to bed and sit beside kunj. She carrying mournful face.

Ansh: good Aayat you come see Papa defeated with me and mamma.

Kunj:yes twinkle play smart this time. Aayat give them simple smile.

Ansh:please change the game.

Kunj: first complete this okay.They started playing ludo game. They were playing with lots of fun. While Aayat lost somewhere. After this game ansh and aayat started playing with cars. While twinkle and Kunj sit together.

Kunj:so good play with them.

Twinkle: yes.

While Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest while Kunj holding her hands playing with her fingers.They both just admiring their kids. They both see Aayat find something fishy in her behaviour she just playing with ansh not from her mind. Ansh just laughing loudly while Aayat didn’t. It’s amaze Kunj and twinkle.They both looking

Gesturing to each other what happened to her.They both didn’t say anything just observing her. After sometime later Ansh sleep while playing while Aayat didn’t. She just sit. Kunj pulled her near him.

Aayat: haa What is this kunj Chachu.

Kunj:nothing.He makes her lay down on his lap.Twist her nose.Twinkle caressing her hairs.

Kunj: why you make your mood so off ha? Aayat eyes become wet. Which twinkle and Kunj can see.She try to hide her tears from kunj and twinkle. She hide her face under kunj lap.She started sobbing. This make Twinkle and Kunj shocked.

Aayat: hhhhhhh??????.

Kunj: Aayattt. Kunj make her sit on his lap. Her face fully drenched in tears. Kunj cupped her face.Shhhhhhh Aayattt.

Kunj wiped her tears.Twinkle patting on her back.She started coughing twinkle take water glass for her. She places glass near her lips she denied to drink water.

Twinkle:Aayat pilo beta..Kunj take it from twinkle make her drink water. Kunj make her look at him.

Kunj:what happened to you haa why you cry suddenly.She look at Kunj face with sad face. She try to saying but words are not coming from her mouth.She immediately hugged kunj tightly.Kunj rubbing her hairs Aayat slightly sobbing. Kunj and twinkle looking at each other face with sad eyes.

Kunj: bas bababa..

Aayat:why they do this with me what I done.They both not loving me..

Kunj:Aayat first stop. He breaks the hug and asked her what happened.

Aayat: mamma Papa scold me..

Twinkle: why did you do something.

Aayat: nothing.I just tell them I’m sleeping with you on this Papa yelling at me.

Kunj: it’s okay Aayat you know na Papa loves you maybe he is in some stress he said.

Aayat:Nahi kunj Chachu mamma always do this with me.She only loves her sister daughter not me I’m her own daughter still.

Twinkle:Aayat see I always scolding Ansh.

Aayat: it’s different twinkle chachi.My mamma see others love but not my.You know what they both didn’t like when I’m with you.

Kunj: offo. Bas.

Aayat: mamma all words killing me lot. Most that one. They both get confused what.

Twinkle:what Aayat.

Aayat: nothing.

Kunj:Aayat why you think so much.

Forget about this you know I see new doll when I went on shopping with Yuvi.

Aayat: I don’t want anything now. Can I asked you both one thing. They both said yes.

Kunj: what??

Aayat: I’m not mamma blood but twinkle chachi blood what does mean of this?? After listening this word from Aayat mouth twinkle and Kunj both get surprised as well shocked. How can she said this and from where this words come in her mind.

Kunj: aayattt..

Twinkle: Aayat go and sleep.

Aayat: Arey please tell me na. Why I’m twinkle chachi blood.

Kunj: Aayat please stop its just rubbish get it and who tell you this haa.

Twinkle:yes tell me..

Aayat: nobody.

Kunj: okay Aayat don’t say this word again in front of anyone baby. Now go and sleep.Kunj get up from Bed and went in balcony. While twinkle make Aayat sleep. She caress her hairs patting on her head. She kissed on her forehead.Aayat closed her eyes.Twinkle started thinking.

Twinkle: what just she said babaji?. From where she got to know. Did someone tell her but who.Till now she didn’t say this. Someone tells her damn sure until and Unless she didn’t speak.After sometime later.Twinkle check Aayat sleep.She covered them with blanket and on the dim lights.She sees kunj and she went in balcony.Twinkle kept her hand on his shoulders.Kunj knows who she is?.

Kunj turned and look at twinkle with painful eyes.They both stand together near railings.Kunj breaks the ice.

Kunj: did you listen what she said twinkle.

Twinkle: hmm. He looks at her while she too back him.

Twinkle:suddenly Kunj.

Kunj: I don’t know who told her this.How come she knows she is your blood not Maya Bhabhi haa. It’s not normal twinkle.

Twinkle: I know kunj.

Kunj: who told her this haa.?.

Twinkle: Kunj how I know haa. I really don’t know. Neither I said this words.

Kunj:still twinkle think.

Twinkle:even on mahi baby shower day she and Ansh talking.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: I heard kunj Aayat saying to Ansh that she feels that Maya Bhabhi is not her mother. Again kunj get shocked.

Kunj: what?. And this you didn’t tell me haa.Last time too you didn’t tell me about her. Haa why?? He started yelling at her.

Twinkle:Kunj I thought it’s not important to tell you.

Kunj:Twinkle when you’ll understand. Today she told this. Kunj hold her from her shoulders.

Twinkle:Kunj me kya karu iss me.

Kunj:from now you tell me each and everything about your kids get it.

Twinkle:hmmm.. after this they both went and sleep.

Next [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj wake up together remember about Aayat words they both look each other face.Than Ansh and Aayat.

Twinkle: you go take bath I’ll ready your things.

Kunj: hmm. Kunj get up and went in washroom.Till then twinkle ready kunj all things.After kunj come from washroom twinkle to went in washroom. Kunj get ready fully he sits and looking at Aayat face. Later Twinkle come after take bath she went near kunj and sit beside him.

Twinkle: kunjj don’t think about this leave maybe she said in normal way.

Kunj:hmm.Now we have to careful twinkle. Just than their room door get open with jerk. Maya entered in room.Twinkle and Kunj both look at her.

Maya: woh kunjj.

They both get up and looking at maya.

Maya: woh Aayat. She looks at Aayat and went near her and take Aayat in her arms.

She takes her and left from here.

Twinkle:see this the way kunj..

Kunj: leave na twinkle.

Twinkle:huhu when I started you said this.

Just take us somewhere else kunj.Twinkle went downstairs.

Kunj:what to do baba ji ek side family and dusri side biwi hai.He makes Ansh ready for school.And went downstairs. While twinkle and maya along with Sheetal making breakfast.When all things get ready.They take all and place on the table.Later everyone come for breakfast.All settle downs.While Anjali come while om holding her from her shoulders.Everyone sees this and give smile expect than niki. She got burned and make roil face.Anjali come and sit beside kunj and om too.

Twinkle come and severed breakfast them.

Bua dadi: Anjali beta eat healthy foods it’s good for you.

Kunj: yes di.

Bua dadi: haa Anjali you can ask kunj he knows each and everything very well. On twinkle Time how nicely he takes care of hers.

Anjali:Hmm chote. What about me haa.

Kunj: don’t worry I’ll teach om?.

Twinkle: than di you are gone..??whole day you have to eat and this and that torture morning walks..??. And specially that mummy ji sonth ladoo it’s so spicy. ??. All laugh.

Usha: yes twinkle just finding reasons to not have. But Kunj too good.

Twinkle: yeah he put whole ladoo in my mouth.

Kunj:see I’m so careful towards you.They all having breakfast nicely. While sound coming from maya and Anant room.Aayat come here while Maya behind her.

Maya:Aayat come beta and get ready you will late for your school.All look at them.

Aayat:I don’t want to go anywhere.Go somewhere else me toh aap ka khoon bhi nahi hu she said this loudly.Which everyone heard and shocked as well.To get from their seats it’s become so arduous for everyone.Maya was like hell shocked and giving appal look.All get up and look at Aayat who standing in anger.

Looking at maya in anger.While Kunj looking down Anant was freezing Aayat words echoing in his ears.

Aayat: don’t come to me now.Anant went towards her.In shocking position.He just take deep breath to speak some words.

Anant: Aayat what did you say??She looks at him.

Aayat:I said before she speaks again kunj come and stop her.

Kunj: Aayat..

maya:see kunj what she said just now Aayat look at maya in shocking way.

Aayat:I said right na.. Aayat went near Anant and hold his hands.papa tell me why I’m twinkle chachi blood haa.Kyu hu me twinkle chachi ka khoon she said this all pointing her hands on twinkle.Nobody expected this question from Aayat mouth.

Kunj look at twinkle who gestures him that stop Aayat.

Kunj:Aayat just shut up okay.Go and get ready.

Aayat: I’ll not go anywhere. In loud voice.

Kunj: Twinkle take her.

Aayat:you both are not my parents don’t try to become that too.Twinkle take Aayat in her room forcefully. Kunj went near Anant.

Kunj: Anant Bhaiya..

anant: hmm.

Kunj: don’t give stress yourself please leave her.Maya to say this because she knows this mess she itself Ravel so it’s better to stifle this matter. Anjali went in kitchen she open the refrigerator and

Take out pastry from refrigerator that she makes last night for everyone. She noted that she didn’t put anyone kind of nuts in this pastry because of Kunj and as well for his kids too.She takes and went to dining area.All just sitting while in tension. Anjali went near kunj and Anant try to cheer up their moods.

Next in room. Twinj..

twinkle give Aayat bath forcefully after maya come bring her school uniforms. Twinkle take from her while Aayat didn’t look at her once. Twinkle make her ready. While maya went downstairs. Twinkle making her hairs ponytail.

Twinkle:Aayat sit properly.

Aayat: if you wanted to do it not than leave me. I don’t want to go school huhu.

Twinkle: now just shut up kunj Chachu is in anger don’t tell me afterwards that he scold you.Twinkle done with her hairs. Twinkle cupped her face make her look at twinkle.

Twinkle:Aayat it’s the way talk to your mamma.

Aayat: please twinkle chachi showing her hand way to stop her. Now you don’t started like kunj Chachu. And she is not my mamma huhu.

Twinkle:Aayatttt don’t say this baby.Now look at me did mamma tell you something and tell me who told you this you are her blood but my haa.


Twinkle:okay now you are my good girl na go and say sorry to both mamma and Papa okay now come with me.Twinkle kissed on her forehead and take her downstairs.They both went towards everyone all look at Aayat specially Anant And maya.Twinkle gestures her go.

Aayat went near Anant.Anant looks at Aayat face. Aayat hold her ears.Twinkle smiled.

Aayat:sorry Papa..In very sad voice. Everyone give smile. Anant keep his hand on her Aayat


Anant: it’s okay.. Aayat look at maya.

Aayat: sorry mamma.

Maya: it’s okay baby.

Ansh: Aayat let’s go before late. Just than Anjali speak.

Anjali: Aayat see I made pastry for you.

Ansh: yes Aayat it’s very tasty have.

Aayat: no I’ll have after school okay.hmm bye everyone and they both went for school. Kunj get relief.After this Anant to left even Manohar as well om and Kunj too.

Soon kunj reach the office and went inside.All employees wish him good morning. Kunj call his pa in anger voice whole office employees understand today their boss is in anger so it’s better do their work.Yuvi went in kunj cabin. He entered in cabin found kunj sitting and checking the files in anger. He smiled and went towards him.

Yuvi: what’s up bro.. ? He looks at him. Yuvi take his seat and sit. What happened now kunj which increase your temper so high.

Kunj: jaaa na Yuvi.. now I’m not in good mood.

Yuvi: bata na.. Yuvi snatch the files from kunj hands.

Kunj:give me back..

Yuvi:first tell me..Kunj hold his head.

Kunj:yaar Yuvi you know what Aayat said.

Yuvi: what..

Kunj: Yuvi suddenly Aayat said that she isn’t Maya Bhabhi blood but twinkle blood.

Yuvi: what??.How she come to know about this kunj.

Kunj: this only I don’t know na Yuvi.It’s not simple words Yuvi to listen from her mouth. Last night when she tells me and kunj we both shocked. And today at breakfast time she told in front of everyone yaar.

Yuvi: it’s not good kunj.

Kunj: Yuvi I’m stuck between in my family and twinkle Yuvi I don’t know what to do.

Aayat yaar iss ke maamle me kya karu.Ek tarf Meri Aayat hai Yuvi and other side Anant Bhaiya. I know he felt bad to listen this words from Aayat.

Yuvi:hmm you find who told this.

Kunj:in my family many buster staying with us. Unme se koi hoga Yuvi Saale.after Yuvi take kunj for meeting they both left for meeting.

Other side.

Twinkle and maya working in kitchen just than Sheetal come there.

Sheetal:Maya Bhabhi I’m feeling bad for you. How dare Aayat said this.. twinkle ignore her.

Maya: haa Sheetal don’t know who tell her. Sheetal looking at twinkle. This twinkle sees.

Twinkle: don’t dare to think this I told her haa.

Maya: did I take your name.

Twinkle:I have eyes I can see in what way you both saying.

Maya: now I understand whom on Aayat went she too like your mannerless girl.

Twinkle: acha when you know she is a mannerless girl you are the only one who do her upbringing.Maya looks at twinkle in anger.Twinkle went from here.

Sheetal:see this bhabhi twinkle just insulted you.

Maya:you just wait sheetal.Later

All kids come from school.Maya changed Aayat dress while she didn’t talk to her.

Twinkle come in kitchen while maya and Sheetal already present there.Piya come in kitchen. Her eyes went on pastry which place on table.

Piya: I want this pastry..

twinkle: piya beta yeh Aayat ki hai.I’ll give you other one. Maya and Sheetal look at twinkle while Sheetal fuming.Twinkle give Piya nuts pastry. She takes and left happily.

All went in hall. Twinkle take Aayat pastry while Aayat sitting there too.

Twinkle:Aayat come have your pastry.

Aayat: yeah.She sits beside twinkle. Twinkle started feeding her pastry with her hands.Aayat happily eating this maya and Sheetal see and burned in fire.Aayat hug twinkle tightly kissed on twinkle cheeks.

Aayat:thanks twinkle chachi.You are the best.

Later in night @.

Everyone come and get freshen sit for dinner.Maya words running in Anant mind just. Anant see kunj and Aayat.Kunj feeding Aayat food with his hands.Anant eyes just stuck on them.After dinner all went in their rooms.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj sitting together while Ansh and Aayat sleep with Anjali.

Kunj: did you asked her from where she knows this words haa.

Twinkle: Kunj why you asking this to me ha.

Kunj:Twinkle yaar what you doing in Home.It’s so painful twinkle.

Twinkle: you know what kunj itself they both making Aayat hate them kunj. Now listen to me.I know Yuvi didn’t tell you this. But I’ll tell you. Maya Bhabhi didn’t see Aayat in whole wedding.Yuvi and Mahi taking care of her there. And MAA didn’t take her she finds Aayat sleeping in lobby alone. Kunj looking at twinkle in surprising way.

Kunj: what to do I twinkle. I’m stuck.

Twinkle: Kunj first you calm down.You know what bhabhi saying I told this words to Aayat. Tears coming from twinkle eyes.

Kunj:ab tu roh Mat please.Kunj wiped her tears. I wanted twinkle that I didn’t feel regret on Aayat giving her them.

Twinkle: hmm. Now let’s sleep. They both went and sleep.

Like these days were passing twinkle and Kunj see maya and Anant behaviour towards Aayat.They really treat her badly. This all kunj and twinkle notice.But Kunj was quite but feel bad as well.

Maya and twinkle working together just than.

Maya: iss ghar me sab kuch Twinkle ka hai.

Twinkle: what happened to you.

Maya: nothing happened to me twinkle. Why you didn’t allow piya to have pastry haa. Because woh toh tumhari beti ki ti na how can you give her this. Aayat was sitting slightly far from there.

Twinkle: bhabhi please don’t say this words she’ll listen to this.

Maya: I don’t care let her listen.She knows each and everything that I’m not her mother If not I’ll tell her. Twinkle was shocked after listen this she stops her all work.

Twinkle: please bhabhi.What you’ll get.


After twinkle went Taneja Mansion there she meet with pinni. She told her some news about one boy. After listening this twinkle get scared. She come back home. Kunj find her something bothering her so he asked her.

Kunj: Twinkle what happened.

Twinkle: Kunj you today maami told me something.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: Kunj maami telling me about some boy.

Kunj: what first tell me.

Twinkle: Kunj uss ladke ke parents usko

just like us they give their baby to others.

Kunj: so??

Twinkle: from somewhere the boy get to know about his real parents. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes.Than Kunj that boy can’t digest that fact, and he jumped from building.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle:Kunj mujhe bhut dar lag raha hai. This not happened same with my Aayat nahi na kunj. Kunj she will hate me.

Kunj:nothing will happen like this I’m here na. Kunj didn’t give importance to twinkle fear. While twinkle after listening that boy story twinkle hell scared. Each and everyday she think about this only.

Maya and twinkle did small fight just than Anant come there and asked maya what going on between them.Twinkle crying.

Maya: Anant I’ll tell each and everything to Aayat that we are not her real parents. Let her come from school today everything disclosed in front of her and I don’t want her anymore. Anant take maya in their room while twinkle standing near their room door.Twinkle whole body just shivering in fear.

Anant: maya think from mind.

Maya:Anant I’ll not bear insult Aayat is so ill manned girl she talk with me in boorish way.

Anant: maya she is a small girl.

Maya: let her come from school and dedo inn ki beti unko wapish I can’t handle anymore.Twinkle run from there she went in her room.Twinkle Kunj numbers.

Twinkle: Meri Aayat bad dreams coming in twinkle mind. Kunj didn’t receive her call because he was in meeting.Twinkle was hell scared. Kunj phone continuously ringing he left the meeting in middle and received twinkle call.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar when I not pick up your call that means I’m busy na..

twinkle: kunjjjj she said in crying voice. Kunj please come home fast.

Kunj:why ?what happened to you and why you cry.

Twinkle: Kunj please na if something happened to my daughter Kunj I’ll not leave you all.

Kunj: kya hua hai.

Twinkle:first you come.

Kunj: okay I’m coming.Twinkle sit in her room. Later Kunj come and went in his room find twinkle sitting and crying.Kunj went towards her.

Kunj: kya hua..??

Twinkle get up and hold him from his forearms.

Twinkle: Kunj bhabhi telling that she told Aayat we are her parents Kunj please do something she scream.

Kunj: first calm down. How can she said this.

Twinkle: nahi na kunj go and stop her. If something happened to Aayat what I’ll do where I’ll go. I told you na kunj leave this house. Me and Maya Bhabhi can’t stay in one roof happily. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:chup. I’ll see Okay. Tu kyu itni dar rahi hai haa.Kunj make Twinkle calm and make her drink water.Twinkle was normal now.

Kunj:Twinkle I’ll talk to Anant Bhaiya about this. Kunj went downstairs and but didn’t find him, so he calls him and asked him where he is? He told him that he come out.

Kunj went again in his room and tell twinkle that he’ll talk to him when come don’t take tension.Twinkle become serenity and sit in her room only. Kunj again went his office for work.

In [email protected]

Kids come from school and Aayat went in her room.Maya didn’t say her anything just changed her uniforms after Aayat went and playing with piya.Twinkle come downstairs. She and maya both look at each other’s.Just than they both listen noise coming from kids room.They both went there and find piya and Aayat fighting with each other’s even Sheetal to come here.

Sheetal:Aayat Leave my daughter.Twinkle went from here. Sheetal drag Aayat and come in hall. Twinkle eyes went on them.

Sheetal: see Maya Bhabhi her.

Maya:I know sheetal what to do. Give her punishment. Hit her as much as you wanted.Sheetal about to raise her hand on Aayat. Twinkle went towards them and held Sheetal hand in middle.

Twinkle:don’t dare to do this sheetal. She jerks her hand.

Maya: don’t come between us. Sheetal you do whatever you wanted to do with her.

Twinkle: if you wanted to hit you can, but she can’t. I’ll not say anything Maya Bhabhi but Sheetal never.

Maya: acha. Okay maya slap Aayat so tightly her fingers print of Aayat cheeks. Twinkle just gulp that pain. Aayat crying like anything.

Maya: now you are happy.

Twinkle: hmm.

Maya:Sheetal now it’s your turn.Again Sheetal about to hit Aayat. But this time twinkle held her hand and twist it.

Twinkle:Aayat you go from here. Simply she went from here.

Maya:twinkle be in your limits.

Twinkle:you should first in your limits. How can you tell her to hit her as much she wanted haa? Koi upar se aake nahi peda hui hai. After so much pain she come.It’s easy for you but not for me. I don’t know you stoop so low chiii. I’m felt shamed to call you MAA. I give her my both kids to you didn’t say anything to you. Still.

Maya: she laughs like devil heheh. Listen sheetal which kids whom people calling

Naajaayaj. That’s true too sheetal. After listening this twinkle anger went beyond limits.She immediately slap maya so hard

( lo mil gaya ???????? maya ko slap now my raj And other happy)

Slap sound echoing in whole mansion roof.Maya and Sheetal get shocked.

Twinkle:how dare you said this haa. Don’t you feel shamed.

Sheetal:she said right.We all know about you and kunj. Your kids just an abused. Twinkle slap her too.

Twinkle: sheetal even you are a mother still talking rubbish about my kids.And you maya Bhabhi. I do whatever you want till now never disrespect you.I give my baby to you now you said this haa. What didn’t you said she is mannerless when you know about her why you take her haa. I didn’t beg in front of you to take her.

Maya:jeshi MAA weshi beti.. ek dam character less.

Twinkle:good hai Meri jeshi after all apni MAA pe hi jaygi aap pe toh nahi na.If you speak one word again for Aayat no one is worse than me. Maya said something really cheap and painful for twinkle. On this she got two slap together.Others come there get confused what’s going on.

Episode freezes on maya and twinkle face.


Precap: maya: now I’ll tell Aayat.

Twinkle: you wanted to blackmail me haa go ahead I want to see what you’ll do.

Till now you see my weakness now see a real mother power. Revelation time


How was the episode?

i try my level best. This episode for my all lovely readers and ssk and my jaaneman raj?

I know you all waiting for revelation In next episode surely your wait is over finally.?? did you all like twinkle slap both b*t*hes ???..get ready for emotional episode and drama ???..please ignore any grammatical errors no proofreading.

Bye love you all???

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  1. Hi kiya nice one loved it yaar and just hating this maya and ananat so much how she fills anaants ears I just hate this lady my cutie aayat always she will be crying hope everything thing get happy soon ple post soon love u dear take care

  2. Hi kiya nice one loved it yaar and just hating this maya and ananat so much how she fills anaants ears I just hate this lady my cutie aayat always she will be crying hope everything thing get happy soon ple post soon love u dear take care☺️?☺️?

  3. awesome… awesome… awesome
    finally its time to revelations time and all will see the reall mother power…twinkle should give more slaps to the both b*t*hes…
    waiting for the next pat can’t wait plz plz post soon…

  4. Sameera

    Amazing episode yaar loveddddd it soooooo much it was written as planned ????Teri mehnat rang laayi ?????
    Awesome loveddd each n everything about today Maya filling his ears each n every single thing about it ….
    Hayeeee Hayee twinkle slapping both of them loveddddd that part very much best part of episode ..
    Ye kunj gadha hi rahega ??????
    Can’t wait for drama ahead …
    Post soon Simran ??

  5. Shalu Choudhary

    Kiya you supriced me today bcoz i cant expect this episode today but really amazing and meine phle sirf tumara hi ff padha well episode hmesha ki tera hit tah tuje na scrept & story writter hona chaiye you naild it and after you do it meri teraf se tume oscar de du plz post soon and make twinkle family complete with kunj ansh aayat and plz post soon

  6. Twinjsidminfan

    Please update tomorrow only plzzzz PlZzzz i beg u plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz ?????
    Plzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?????????????????????

  7. Twinjsidminfan

    Please update tomorrow only plzzzz PlZzzz i beg u plzzzzzz plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz ?????
    Plzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?????????????????????
    Plzzz bring maya’s truth also in front of everyone plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz and sheetal’s also plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Make twinkle right in everyone’s eyes plzzzzzzz and get twinkle back to aayat

  8. Oh kiya .. It was superb dear.
    Twinkle finally slapped Maya & Sheetal. But I wish kunj was also there to see Maya’s real face. Nevermind, ??
    I felt so bad for Aayat yaarr … Poor child. She has to bear so much.
    And that “Anant” seemed an idiot just as his wife who comes in anybody’s talks.
    Next update is going to be super interesting.
    Whole revelation ?
    Post sooner

  9. Awesome epi ……
    Loved it a lott….
    I wish Sheetal and Maya should pay with their own tears….
    Hate them to the core

  10. Superb epi….
    How I wish Kunj see everything with his own eyes……

  11. Amazing chapter…..
    blo*dy Maya and sheetal….how dare they slap ayath….
    Such a creepy creatures they are…..

  12. Fantastic episode ❤
    Beyond my words
    Precap seems interesting but I think Aayat beared too much.
    Post asap
    Love u

  13. Anusha

    Its awesome and superb dear
    not getting words to describe how happy iam looking at your ff
    So happy maya and sheetal got slaps from twinkle iska intezar kab se tha
    how dare maya to slap aayath and telling sheetal also to hit her as much she wanted
    twinkle should tell everyone that maya pushed aayath so she felled from stairs
    Maya is blo*dy b*t*h filling ananth ears now chi and both treating aayath like that chi they dont deserve her
    You written it brilliantly dear every emotions are on point its very good waiting for next one eagerly please post soon

  14. it was amazing yr…..everything was perfect….finally bithches ko thappad padd hi gya…pr seriously yr hatss off to u …brilliant writter …its a high time ab kunj ko stand lena hi hoga apni beti ke liye ,apni wife ke liye .
    luved it….so much
    luv u

  15. Sorry for such late comment
    Awesome episode???
    Loved it ???
    Twinj and ansh playing ludo….it reminds me when I play luddo with my parents and siblings….Mama always wins??and Dad looses like kunj???
    Poor aayat….???
    And the slap….WOW! It was superb
    Precap; omg so excited cannot wait for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed???

  16. SSK

    Uff finally Maya and Sheetal got what actually they deserved. Shame on these two women. The episode was really awesome dear and I really want the other episode to be posted soon as I think now Maya’s real face will come in front of all and she deserves slap from each and every family member. She and Sheetal deserves it as they are torturing Twinkle but also that little soul who knows nothing and is totally innocent.
    Thank you for posting it soon dear. 🙂

  17. Kiya what was that?
    Dono ko thapad mili.
    Axha hua aur milni chahiye
    Masoom si bachi per itne ilzaam laga rahe hai.
    And I wish that someone will knock some sense in anant brain too.
    Ek no ka idiot hai.
    Awesome dear

  18. Sach me yrr aaj ka episode read krke me bahut emotional ho gyi koi aesa kaise kr sakta h kisi bache ke saath….
    Aur maya itna ulta pulta kaise bol sakti h aayat ko lekar…. Sach me yrrr ye maa kehlane ke layak hi nhi h…
    Aur anant bhi maya ka chamcha ho gya h pgl kahi ka

    Aacha huva dono ko aaj twinkle se maar padi …
    Episode was fabulous fantastic mindblowing dear
    Me revelation ke liye bahut excited hu…plzzzzz dear post soon
    Luvvvv u sweetheart

  19. Sach me yrr aaj ka episode read krke me bahut emotional ho gyi koi aesa kaise kr sakta h kisi bache ke saath….
    Aur maya itna ulta pulta kaise bol sakti h aayat ko lekar…. Sach me yrrr ye maa kehlane ke layak hi nhi h…
    Aur anant bhi maya ka chamcha ho gya h pgl kahi ka

    Aacha huva dono ko aaj twinkle se maar padi …
    Episode was fabulous fantastic mindblowing dear
    Me revelation ke liye bahut excited hu…plzzzzz dear post soon
    Luvvvv u sweetheart ?????

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