Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman ruins Ishita’s house

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu asking someone to open the door. Parmeet passes the note to her. She reads…. run from here before anyone sees you, this is Ishita’s address. He breaks the lock. He thinks now Pihu should run. Pihu thinks to run as Ruhi also wants this. She breaks piggy bank and takes money. She packs her bags. She hides from Neelu and goes. Parmeet smiles. Raman thinks of Pihu’s words and drinks. Ruhi asks why is Papa behaving this way with Pihu, what happened to him. She asks Romi to explain Raman, they are deeply sad for Adi’s death. Romi sits sad. Mihika consoles Ruhi. She says I will explain Pihu. Ruhi says she is too young.

Romi asks Mihika to have dinner with everyone, he has a dinner meeting with clients. He goes. Ruhi says Romi is managing everything, he is stressed. Mihika says yes, I should go and check dinner arrangements, don’t know Neelu made something or not. Ruhi says what’s happening. Ishita is on call. She asks broker to find a house nearby. She calls Roshni and asks her to have food on time, don’t get so busy with work. Roshni asks are you fine. Ishita says yes, I m bit tired. She feels sorry to lie to Roshni. She thinks how to say I have gone to see flats again. Roshni asks why did you go out today, what did you have to buy. Ishita says some stuff of clinic. Pihu comes to meet Ishita and hugs. Ishita asks with whom did you come here. Pihu thinks Ishimaa will send me back if I say I have come alone. She says I slipped at home and got fracture. Ishita asks her to come in, did Raman allow you to come. Pihu says Ruhi has taken permission from him, I m hungry.

Ishita says I will make food, come. Pihu says your fridge is empty. Ishita says I was going to order food for myself. Pihu says you were going to drink milk and sleep. Ishita says we will make food. Pihu says you got lonely. Ishita says now you have come. Mr. Bhalla asks for everyone coming for dinner. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Pihu. Ruhi says he locked her in room. They scold Raman. They go to see Pihu and find her missing. Ruhi and Mrs. Bhalla worry. Ruhi says don’t say anything to Raman, I will find her. Ishita and Pihu make food and have it. Tere dil ka…..plays….. Ishita thinks to message Ruhi and thank her. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Pihu. Ruhi says she is fine, I know where is she, come out and behave normally. Ruhi says Pihu is sleeping. Mr. Bhalla gets angry on Raman. Raman says I will say sorry to her and get her. Ruhi says no need. Raman says her drama won’t work. He rushes and sees Pihu missing. Raman says I told her not to go, I know where she went. Ruhi says Pihu is safe, come with me.

Ishita says we will have mango, the mangoes were waiting for Pihu to come. Pihu smiles. They feed each other. Some men come there and get inside the house. Ishita asks who are you. They throw things. Ishita says I will call police, who has sent you. Raman comes there and creates a scene once again. Ishita sees him. Raman says you have snatched Adi first and then Pihu. Ishita asks did you send these men here. Raman asks men to break the house. They argue. Raman also breaks the things in anger. Ishita hugs Pihu. Raman says Pihu has run from home because of you. Ishita says she came with Ruhi. He says you have shot my son, you are taking my daughter away, how dare you keep this photo here. Pihu says it was my mistake, don’t scold Ishita. He breaks the pics. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla come with Ruhi. They stop Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says if one does a sin, it doesn’t mean we do a sin to teach a lesson to her, every human has to reap the result of his deeds in life. Raman scolds Ruhi.

Roshni asks Ishita who has done this. Ishita says its Raman’s anger. Ishita says we can’t take a chance with our little Adi now. She holds Roshni’s baby bump and blesses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this serial become pathetic day by day raman behavior n attitude was cross over the limit. he never sad about he lost adi he just want to only hurt ishita n show her anger, n ishita really jagat mata who tolerate all this n become weak women always cry n plead in front of raman. ekta kapoor really insulting the women by showing them weak as ishita n irresponsible as shagun, today women ar so strong that they can one step ahead in every sitaution, can’t tolerate when someone humilate them, they can make their life better independently.
    ekta must change the story bring the new man in ishita life or stay away from raman n bhalla n iyers family, if ekta never change the story end this serial.
    start watching the serial when ishita failed every of simmi n param with the hope of exposing the both of them n raman n ishita live together happily.but no expose , no happy , repeat same story with pathetic episode cannot like to watch the serial, so gud bye to yhm

  2. Please bring adi back. I know Abhishek Verma has quit the show. Please bring adi back with new face.

  3. roshni is pregnant with adi’s baby ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I too think re union of Ishra is not possible .
    Raman is going beyond the limit and Ishithas tolerance level is too much . As character she is always like that . After first leap , though Raman was angry … the impact of his love was shown amazingly . Here this 8 months leap …his anger can be justified but insulting your own wife who was dear to you once is not acceptable .
    Both families boycotted Ishitha , Ishitha is taking care of Roshni as she is pregnant with Adis child . Ishitha wud have taken care whichever lady it is but knowing Adis child she cannot be away from seeing that .once the child is born all bhallas will come after her .Ishitha is been sent out from the house ..did not allow her to attend Adis funeral .. how can she be with Aalia .Being with Roshini doesnt mean Ishitha doesnot understand Alias pain . She is restricted to see them .cvs really butchered the magic of Ishras chemistry ! And Ekta is cashing with these leads ! We dont know this is her and cvs life style …

  5. With today’s behaviour I don’t want Ishita to have any mohebeitein with Raman what so ever. Why can’t she takes protection under domestic violent and prevent Raman conning and troubling her legally.

    1. very true Manju ! And Random Abhishek Varma is not gone by himself .. Cvs ended his role .
      It was v sad .. may b they will reconsider to bring him back .Anything cvs can show .. for drama the original Adi was kidnapped and this was fake . Totally cvs messed up …Ramans behaviour is beyond repair . If Roshinis child is fake Adis … ? If Ishitha is not the one who shot Adi … then how can Raman re unite with Ishitha ! I want Ishiths to be her own … how long she can live without self respect ?

  6. End yeh hai mohabbatein

  7. Candiva007

    OMG, why doesn’t Roshini take Ishita with her at her place? Is Roshini married? It’s time Ishita forgets about that family and start a new one. I know it would be hard for her to move away from her children but if Raman, his parents, Simmi and Parmeet are alive Ishita will not have any peace in her life. Every time Raman and Ishita get close the writers find some way to pull them apart and make Raman look like the idiot that he is. Did they not see Adi’s behaviour is just like his papa? Ohhh Roshini is pregnant, the family better not find out or else they will want to take the kid away.

  8. raji tamilmagal

    Ban sterlite
    Save thuthukudi
    Save Tamilnadu…

  9. Riana

    These show has turned actually turned a garbage now !! ??????…Raman bringing goons to destroy ishita’s flat i mean this is so funny dont he have that power !…Lol just kidding ! ??…Mrs Bhalla says ishita all these, this mrs bhalla has a loophole in her entire character ! She cant support ishita why cant she ignore her !!…First i thought raman deserves dirty slaps from flat people, but later i saw the precap and OMG !!! Ewwwww !!!!!…Precap is so complicated and shity !! ???…Forsake cvs needs a shower and even i will suggest them clean their brain with phenyl ?????????????????

    1. Isaaq

      Reports say Ekta is bringing back Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki season 2 starring Sakshi Tanwar. I rather watch that. That was the best show. I’m gonna quit this show if Raman and Ishita keep separating.

  10. Riana

    Btw In my opinion, ekta should focus on web series instead of her tv shows which are more than cartoon nowadays !! ???…Even some cartoons have moral values..I never Kb, Yhm etc shows in my life. Ektarian shows !! ?

    1. Riana

      *i never saw*

  11. Hi guys
    I wanted to say I wanted to say that yr point of view is right I also oppose this I am not liking this track at all they should not have killed adi.
    I hope the rumores are right I hope adi comes back I hope ishita whome she killed was fake adi we want real adi back we don’t want that adi kid should be born with a adi face
    I really hope that this kind of twist comes that he was fake adi. Real adi is somewhere less I really hope. We want adi back plz
    Everyone should right this on yhm fb official pg that we want adi back not adi child to born with adi face.
    We should do it do u guys agree with my statement plz reply

  12. Roshni had decided to continue her pregnancy when she found it so I’m doubting whether she really wanted to move on back then, would she have come back to claim her rights now if Adi was alive?? I’m confused with her character did she want to move on or not

  13. This is being worst show day by day by insulting yhe women..bhalla family is the worst family ever…ishita ki dino family ekdm bekar h…i never want milan of ishra again…raman deserve a tight slap n her family too…i m really getting too much irritate bto watch this serial….

  14. In short I’m asking if she wanted a new life y she decided to keep Adi ‘s child which would be a memory of her past

  15. It is good that roshni is pregnant… After delivery bhallas must not tell that is their Heir….they have lost their rights…. Ishita only own the child…. Want to get adi back somehow….. Miss adi… Why no Saturday episode? Waiting for Monday

  16. Finally everyone’s pictures with garland except ishita will be hanging on the walls of bhalla house…wat nonsense are they showing…fed up with this show..I have started to like kulfi kumar

  17. This show is getting ridicilious. Everytime Isra get close Ekta gets Ishita to kill someone and then pulls them apart. Sad

  18. Yes guys, your absolutely right, we all want adi back, and if not, then the whole series is a big FLOP

  19. I read somewhere in the messages posted by a viewer here that this show was about to end on May 19, 2018. What happened???

  20. People are trending#endyhm in twitter

    .this is what ekta said”For once I’ll say it my frns!Instead of hash tagging #endyhm stop watching it!!All stories will not go as u wish as an audience !! I love my tv audience I value ur opinion Bt our creatives work with ratings n tv norms! This is for all show fan groups!Love n respect always .”

    She will show Raman as arrogant for 2 months,then will say it was planned by ishra ,then they will stay together.

  21. This special become too bad.

  22. is going to telecast in saturday or not?

  23. Hai guys…, I am new here but a fan of yhm and ishruh since it started.Now I am really fed up with this naphratein btw ishra.But I got to know from some site that Raman is faking his hatred towards Ishita to prove her right infront of their family.And Roshni was about to abort when she got to know that she is pregnant but Ishita stops her from doing so as she needs her Adi’s child.I hope that this news is right otherwise no one can bear Raman’s behaviour and Ishitas silence over Ramans all those nonsenses.Really wish that these cvs wont spoil Ishras character and the bit of love left in between them…

  24. Ishita will become a grandma. Pihu and ruhi will become aunt’s. Mr and Mrs bhalla will become great grandparent

  25. Before I really like yhm but now this show is garbage i love adi character they destroy his character totally and killed him. Really miss Adiliya moments officially adi death episode telecast on the day of Adiliya marriage day. I read in spoiler Aaliya try to kill roshni baby
    Now,Aaliya also negative hate this show feel bad for pihu i really want to kill raman he always blamed ishita whatever happened

  26. going going gone not yet wow as long as i can remember ekta have always been portraying women as weaklings look what she is doing to roshini’s character adi use her gone and dead he ass now and roshini is left with her baby from the one night stand she had with some body husband me being sorry for her na she deserve it but come on now ekta stop stripping these women of their self respect,how many more times yuh planning on letting raman tek and lef ishu? pray do tell so when it happen again i am going to be fully prepared lmao.i am being sarcastic that is the whole point duh.


  28. Raman don,t deserve a good wife like ishita, he deserve a wife like shagun or that nidhi.

  29. Raman is a looser.

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