Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 10 Episode

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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

? 10 Episode ?

Recap :- Neil brings Avni back home , Avni prepares breakfast and tells her feeling about Neil to Neela ma
Neela finds out that Neil is standing at door , He’s hearing everything . Neil says her to stay silent .
Neela : But Ahiana why ?
Avni : Every time whatever I just try to do he does opposite of it , I just hate him .

Avni holds neela ma ” Leave it , I just don’t want to think about him , Sit mom and tell me how’s food “
Neela : Now what can I say about food it’s …
Neil : It’s boring , Tasteless isn’t it .
Avni to herself
” From where does he came , He heard everything “
Avni goes to him , Pointing with her forefinger ” Hey , You why had you come here “
Neil points his finger to her ” I’m here not to meet you but to meet neela aunty “

Avni: But she dosen’t wants to meet you

Neela : Hey , Neil come , Come in

Neils shoulders pushed her and he enters in .

He bows down to touch her feet , ” Neil in morning you came here , Is everything alright ? ” – Neela ma asks

 He goes and sat at the table where food was kept .

Neil : I thought to have breakfast here , But ( touching Prantha ) this burnt tortilla , Tasteless tea and this curd , Seems so …

Avni : Neela ma ! don’t judge a book by it’s cover , From outside it could be different but from in it’s good

Neil : Oh really ( he detaches a small bite form tortilla and puts it into her mouth )

Neil : Try it ( he sees her troubles expression ) what’s the matter can’t you chew , Try it

Avni covers her mouth with her hands and goes away .

Neela : What Neil ! you made her sad

Neil : You should thank me that I saved you from this kind of bring breakfast .

Avni comes back after a moment , Neela ” You both sit down I just go and cook something okay ”

Avni goes and sits silently on the sofa , She picks up the newspapers and those sheets covered her face , she’s uttering something continuously

Neil exclaims ” Neela aunty is there some radio here ”

Neela from inside the kitchen answers back ” Radio nope , We don’t have any radio here , Why ? ”

Neil : Oh okay

Avni murmurs again to herself ” He needs to see a doctor and get his ears checked ”

After a few seconds ….
She removes papers from over her face and finds out that he’s still looking at her .

She makes irritated expression and hid her face again .

Neela comes out from kitchen ” Come have breakfast ”

Neela ” Come Neil , Ahiana ”

Avni’s eyes are still fixed on a advertisement on newspaper Neil comes to her and knocks over the paper ” Hello somebody here ”

Avni slides away the paper from over her face ” what happened ? ” She says with agony .

Neil : I think you should see a doctor your ears doesn’t respond to sound

Avni : I think you should keep your mouth shut sometimes it would be beneficial for whole universe .

Neil : Come let’s have breakfast , Aunty is calling us

They both goes and sat on table , Neela removes the lid from the vessel from which some warm and delicious aura is coming .

As soon as she removes the lid , They both spoke ” Wow ! Poha ! My favorite ”


Avni raised her arm and reached towards the big spoon inside the vessel simultaneously Neil does the same thus , Neil holds Avni’s hand .
They both look at each other .

Neela : Oh that’s cool you both love Poha ! wait let me serve you .

Avni hurriedly digs into the food , And after having a bite she happily shows her satisfaction

Avni : wow it’s too yummy

Neil notices her face ” my avni also used to be happy like this after having Poha ” – He says to himself

AT Neil’s HOUSE ….

shweta Hits Dd ” Oye ! Ahiana who’s this girl ”

Dd : She’s a very clever girl , A thief , Even Neil Sir can’t catch her

Shweta : Oh that is why my super cop always is busy

Dd : Yes , Okay mata Ji ( aunty ) so I think I should leave now

Shweta mutters something to herself ” Gilrs of this generation are just like fox , Even police can’t catch them , Oh god save my tillu please ”

Dd while walking outside says to himself ” Where has sir gone , I had such an important information to give to him ” He is holding a brown colored file , ‘ Case No.123 ‘ was written on it .

Dd calls Neil ” Hello sir Ji ”

Neil :Yes dd , I’ll be there within a few minutes

Dd : Good news sir , I’ve got a brilliant news about Alia

Neil : Brilliant news ! What did you got to know about Alia !


Ragu and Derek are assembled on chairs .

Ragu bangs his hand on table ” What could I do now , My brain is getting worse day by day ”

Derek : How can we make boss understand that we’re not able to bring her back

Ragu : My whole life is distorted , We used to be a famous band , But don’t know what is in this Alia

Ballu comes in ” Hey you both , Do some work , Get ready for next show

Derek spoke to himself slowly ” Think of the devil and the devil is here , Here comes boss’s servant ”

Ballu hears him commenting on his arrival , He goes to him with sudden moment and grabs His chin ” Hey ! What you spoke just now ”

Derek ” Nothing sir , Nothing ”

Ballu : Hey you both boss’s head is hot as iron so you both better go and find our Alia

Ragu : How ! how ! you only tell me

Ballu : Go right away to Mumbai , And do whatever you can and get her here , Am I clear to you both

He goes from there giving them an ultimatum .

Ragu sees his arm which was injured badly ” Now it’s getting on my nerves , I can’t bear this all anymore now , Now whatever I’ve to do I’ll get her back ”


Neil : what did you got to know about Alia

Avni was in great shock to hear this

Neil : Hello Dd , Are you there ( He finds the call ends )

Neil : Oh call’s end

Neela : Who’s this Alia

Avni is badly sweating till by now

Neil : She’s a famous playback singer from London , She sings in a famous band Alias

Neela : Oh wow

Neil : Don’t know A few days ago she came here to India with her group
members but from airport she got missing

Neela : What ? really Well , Ahiana you also are from London , You must be knowing Alia

Avni spits food from her mouth ” Akhhh Akhhh ” food stucks into her throat

Neil gives her a glass of water , ” Are you okay ? ”

Avni rises up ” I just come ” She goes away to washroom .

She moves in washroom and frantically turns on the water tap , Fills her hands which were joined bulged in with water and smashes water onto her face .

She looks into mirror ” He’s that police man who’s finding Alia , He’s that police officer whom I met that day at airport , Oh god ”

Avni : No I can’t let him know that I am Alia , I’m Ahiana no , No I am Avni , But no I’ll be Ahiana only .

She got mad , She touched her face looking into mirror ” If police got to know they’ll send me back , No noways ”

Avni says to herself : I’ve to do something

Avni comes out she had clenched her fist .

Neil : okay then I should leave now

Neela picks up the tablewares and goes into kitchen .

Avni followed him , Neil is walking on footpath and he’s talking to Dd on phone

Neil waves his hand to hire a taxi , A cab comes and stops right in front of him .

He opens the door and remained out , He has turned to opposite direction .

Neil : what Dd , You told mom ! About .. Oh god Okay now I’m just coming in few minutes there

He turns back to enter in and he’s shocked ” You ! Here ! ”

It’s Avni who is in there ” Why is this your privately owned car ? ”

Neil : Nope but I don’t like to travel with anyone else , I’d like to be alone

Avni in her mind ” For sure he has to talk about the case ”

Avni : Okay then you can hire another cab

Neil : For your kind information I booked it before you

Avni : oh for your consideration Mr. You just called the cab and stood talking on phone , But I came and told the man that I’ll be travelling through this car , In short, I booked it first , Isn’t it bhaiya ( driver )

Driver Smiles ” Absolutely yes madam ! ”

Neil : Do your work okay

Avni : You’re IPS officer , And if you’ll reach late what your juniors will learn from you

Neil sits down beside her and the door collided

The car took to road .

Avni ” By the way why don’t you travel with your Jeep , Government must have given you

Neil : Oh wow , why are you thinking about me today

Avni : I’m not ! just was asking

Neil : For my personal work I don’t use Jeep as it’s given for public service

Avni : Quiet impressive

Neil gets a message , He
Is looking into his phone , Soon her realizes that the girl sitting just adjacent to him is tilting little towards him and is having a look at his phone .

Neil ” Hey ! I’m not your boyfriend that you need to keep an eye on me

Avni : I’m not at all interested in making you my boyfriend is that clear

Neil to himself ” Today why’s is she so curious and acting like James bond , As not I but she were a police officer

Avni to herself : whatever happens I’d never let any clues about Alia to fall into your hands

The driver asks ” Madam Ji where you’ve to go ”

Avni : First please drop This Mr. To his place

Neil’s eyes grew dim with suspicion ” No thanks , But you only said Na you booked it first so leave her first ”

Avni : No no , I’m ordering you drop him first .

Driver : Okay

Avni sees Neil staring at her and she thinks ” Now why’s this Akroo police wala watching me like this ”

Avni shouts : Why do you always go on and stare at me

Neil : Police wala hoon ! Police wale ki nazr ek bar jispar adh gyi so adh gye ( I’m a police officer you see and if once he’s curious about someone he’ll keep on tracking him / her )

The car  stops at traffic lights where Avni sees a little poor child being beaten by a man at some distance.

Avni suddenly opens the door and goes there .

That man has cruelly held his tattered cloths and he’s crying , A little poor child .

Avni goes to him and stopped him from doing so .

Avni : what the hell are you doing ?

Man sorely answers ” This stupid came in front of my car to clean the mirror , Thank I applied brakes , Or else he would have died and because of him I would be in jail

Avni : He’s a little child , He’s forced by others to beg , We all need to make these kids understand

Man : Really these poor people are a big trouble for our country , We should just kill them ( That man grabbed the little boy and slapped him )

Avni shouts ” Hey what are you doing ” She Holds his collars ” Just keep your hands under control or else I’ll tell you how to do it ”

The man got enraged he squeezed Avni’s neck ” Silly girl don’t you know who am I ”

Avni : I don’t know to know either ( She replies in low and suppressed tone )

Avni kicks the man in his groin part and he’s pushed back

Avni : Don’t you dare to cross your limits now

That man was red hot by now ” You’ll not sit quietly now I think , You want to fight with me really ”

He tooks out a gun from his pocket and points it over her forehead .

Avni : Gun , Haha I’m not afraid at all , Shoot me come on ! let people around see how a man shoots a girl who stood for Truth

Man : You’re trying become a super hero , Wait , First I’ll kill this kid only Beacuse of whom all this happened

Avni screams No and she covers the child .

The mad and overly furious man points his gun towards her , And a sound of ‘ Boom ‘ is heard as if a bullet is fired from gun . The whole crowd is shocked and dumbstruck .

<<<<< To be continued >>>>

Hey how was the episode . Please don’t remain silent do comment whatever your thoughts are , Please guys show some love to today’s post by hitting ?? icon . Pleading once again to comment . Ignore my mistakes , I know i did so many . Good night love you all . Happy Summers ( vacations if you have ) ???

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  1. 8B4756

    Amazing episode ,and I’m waiting for the next episode as I’m very curious to know that wether Neil will get shot or Avni,btw bye gn

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear , Good night ??

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Nice episode di. Avneil ‘s part was lovely.
    Good night and sweet dreams

    1. Kira

      Thank you so much ?

  3. awesome episode but please reveal the truth in front of niel that she is his avni

  4. and yeah please post the next episode soon. after naamkaran I only use to read this ff, s of naamkaran for my survival. miss avniel so much. hope adiza come back and that to as avniel only

    1. Kira

      Thanks alot dear , Love you loads . I’ll try my best not to upset you in future .???

  5. Superb.. I hope Avneil is safe …. waiting for next episode. Missing NK badly. Stopped watching all other star plus shows..

  6. And pls don’t stop writing as this is the only way to keep Avneil alive ?

    1. Kira

      Me too missing

      1. Kira

        AVNEIL so much , thanks a lot dear , good day ahead??

  7. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode… eager to know what happened and who got shot… update soon

    1. Kira

      Big thanks to you , great day ahead ???

  8. Hasinasoghra

    Superb episode please upload the next episode soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks friend , have good day ahead ??

      1. Hasinasoghra

        I want to ask something that you are continuing of your Ff or not that one don’t need you you told you on your last episode that you will continue it

      2. Kira

        No I’m not , Actually I’m not getting any interesting story bout that maybe in future I could continue it , More probably after this one .?

  9. Jasminerahul

    avneil neela scene was funny.poha scene was cute.avneil nok jhok was funny.avni handling that cruel man was nice.oh gun shot. hope Neil saves her and arrests that guy.superb pics

    1. Kira

      Thnkx dear?

  10. There’s always an interesting thing in ur FF Yaar..it’s too good.. waiting to Avneil’s friendship..Happy writing..

    1. Kira

      ??? thanks soo much , Well , Ur idea of ff was amazingly awesome ..AL the best for that too ??

      1. Kira

        Really sorry I was to write next line for AVNEIL _ adiza fan . Sorry once again . H/she is also writing a ff ..soo

  11. Awesome update dear…… lover it !!!!……really waiting eagerly for next update …..pls update soon…..very interesting…..

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot I’ll try to post as early as possible . Happy Sunday ??

  12. Pls update next episode soon

  13. AryanBhattacharya

    Di please help me. I am having problem with my account. I am unable to reply anyone. I am unable to see any comment. Instead of comment “wrong nonce” is written. Don’t know what happened. ?. Pm is also not working. ?? I am unable to post anything. can you tell me what is happening?

    1. Kira

      Sometimes it happens , Yesterday it happened with me too . Try refreshing browser twice , Thrice . Or try login out and then logging in again .
      Let’s see then …

  14. AryanBhattacharya

    Di please say me where is the refreshing browser. Please.

    1. Kira

      Sorry i can’t understand your problem I think , Which device are you using a phone or tablet . Did you tried logging out and then again logging in

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        It’s phone. I have logged in and out many times but it’s all in vain.

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  15. Nice episode didi
    When will you post the next episode?
    Good Evening

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