Love ka hai intezaar twinj shots by kiya episode 21

Episode 21
Start with a smile …..
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Naman takes Ansh in the garden along with Soham they both try to distract his mind …
Make him busy in games …. soon Ansh playing and carrying little faded smile on his face …. inside in Taneja mansion ….
Twinkle and other talk with each other’s ….RT too went out …. while Leela thought that to call Mahi here all family will be enjoying together after so many days ….
Twinkle and asha went upstairs…. in (namsha )room … both sit on bed ….and started their girly talks ….
Suddenly Asha saw redness on twinkle forehead…..
Asha: twinkle why is your forehead is too red .twinkle to touch her forehead and remember her and Kunj fight …. her eyes become get wet but she tried to hide her tears…
T: woh by mistakenly I hit with pillar that’s why …
Ansh: ? oh careful…..
T: hmm you tell me about you ….
Ansh: I m toh absolutely fit and fine ..
What about you???my dear nanad ji
T: I like always good …
Asha saw the mark on twinkle’s collar bones … and tease her hm hm
Go closer to her while twinkle get confused…
T: what ??
Asha covered her full neck with her duppta
T: what …
Asha: I was just try to hide your mark
T: which mark …
Asha: tere pati ka …???
Twinkle understood what mark about she talks .
Asha: you were also missing him twinkle..
She didn’t say anything…
T:why you think this
Asha: because it’s clearly shows in your face look at yourself in mirror…you also look like same Ansh… both Kunj ki yaad ke mare laugh to twinkle .twinkle hit her twinkle kuch bhi ……bolti hai
Asha : but I m saying truth..twinkle go and check yourself you will also understand..
Just then Mahi entered in room and went toward them and hug twinkle tightly…
Mahi : di smiled
Asha : only di huu what about bhabhi
Mahi : O bhabhi and hugged her too
Learn something from twinkle… when Kunj ki bhabhi saath hoti hai toh twinkle madam toh kishi ko bhau hi nhi deti hai ek tu hai …
Mahi and asha was laughing to much twinkle that’s why I m not coming here you both make fun of me
Both : O and hugged her …. while asha twinkle don’t feel like that Kunj hugging you ????twinkle phone ? beep but she ignored … Asha twinkle your phone is rang…. take your phone ?
Twinkle see the name and switch off the phone because she didn’t want to talk to him at all …..
after sometime later ….they went downstairs…. and goes in the garden.. to check …. now only naman and soham playing … ansh was just sitting quietly in the corner.
Asha: twinkle uff itna toh Dev bhi paro ke liye dugi nhi hoga jitna tere beta..:.?
T:?give her annoying look
Ansh : just kidding … then Kunj takes ansh with him ….
T: even also he can’t go he wants both … ab woh keshe milege … it’s matter of one week …
Almost 4 days passed … 2 are left ….
Mahi went toward Ansh …
Mahi: hi Ansh you don’t come and not meet with me ….
Ansh slightly sholly massi and hugged her ..after they went inside….the house
While Leela on tv for Ansh and soham that both of watch cartoons….
Naman and rt … sitting and doing their works ….
Whilst Leela and tuhi or asha making something for dinner …..all enjoying moment with each other’s ……

On the other side of sarna mansion ….
Maya was doing her work along with Niki and riya because twinkle not here to help her ….. some Manohar’s business clients come for dinner …. tonight just then aayat come inside the kitchen and distributing to maya … she was holding her and pulling her saree palu…. maya was getting irritated ? due to her even she was already irritated….
Maya : aayat stop this ….go from here .. I will tell you this … while aayat was not listening her she still doing ….
Niki: maya it’s happening because you people are not allowing anyone to scold to your kids … now see they become ill mannered…. maya already upset to much because her mother was not well little bit ill she was worried about her … even she can’t go … now this niki …. taunt her ….
Maya take aayat in a hall and shout on her too much …. while usha comes there and stop her ..
U: maya what are you doing and why are you scold her aayat was crying…. maya didn’t say uttered word … usha took aayat with her and left from there ..maya went in her room …after sometime later she came out of the room .. again busy in works……
@At office yuvi was busy with meetings and along with Neil …. they all of them too busy
Because in Kunj absent if he will be here he can handle all works easily and other ones also does their works properly….if any mistakes happen they know Kunj… he will surly ? Throw them out of the office …he was very punctual about works …. he wants very thing is complete on a perfect time …. not want any excuses….. this and that …..what time he gave for working the work must be finished on time …..
After all meetings get over yuvi left for home he was too tried ….


At Taneja mansion …@
Twinkle and asha was preparing the dinner
Because today all servant take a leave
Just then yuvi entered inside and sit with rt and Naman talk with them ….Rt went upstairs… Naman and Yuvi both chitchatting in phones with Rishi in group messages tiro talk nonsense and unworthy
Talks just pulling each other’s legs … and laughing loudly….. twhi heard Yuvi voice and come out … goes in hall ……even
Asha too
While Naman and yuvi was laying like in sitting position…..both really laughing loudly…. if anyone saw them they were also laughing ? ……
Asha : what they got today
M/T : yeah …..
Mahi went toward yuvi and shaking him but he can’t he was just lost in phone…
While mahi peeps at there phones ….naman sees mahi hands ….. and look at her
And sign to Yuvi … yuvi put the phone downs
Y: what ????mahi
Mahi: what are you doing in phone and suddenly you put down ….. ha tell me
Asha: yes Naman you too while Asha snatched the Naman phone …. while yuvi and Naman get worried if she opens the phone read their messages it’s really gonna be trouble for them……
Naman: Asha give to my phone Asha …and try to snatch his phone from her
Asha: are just wait naman why are you so much tensed like this you both see something cheap … haaaa
Y: oho please why would we and give his phone back … Asha
Mahi : hoo yuvi tell me truth what is in your phone …..haa the way you both so much curious about your phones
Asha : I wonder something in yours phones let’s see what ….. while Naman and yuvi both looking at each other’s and sweating ? yuvi murmured if they both see ijazt ki toh puri dajiya ut jaygi
Asha about open the phone just then Leela and rt comes there and asked them what happen …..
Y: see leela maa your bahu is not giving my phone ….see her
Leela: ha why
Asha: maa because before she said something yuvi slightly snatch his phones and Naman…..
Asha: you yuvi
Y: Leela maaa
Leela stop this you are behaving like kids even they are also not do like this ……
All sit ….
While Asha showing tongue to yuvi ….
Y: see Leela maa your bahu she makes fun of me I m your son -in – law na
Leela : I can’t say anything in between…
Asha : yup and laugh ?
Y: aur where is my bhabhi no one is getting him
Again he calling
Naman: now who is your bhabhi here
Yuvi saw her and point out his fingers toward twinkle here is my bhabhi….all look at her … OH
Twinkle and sit ….
Asha : she is not your bhabhi here … Yuvraj ji
Y: Oh really…..
T: what happen to you both …..?
Asha :he called you bhabhi

While Yuvi she is your saali first….
Y: nope for me bhabhi first what will you do
Asha : from which relation
Y: haa what a joke for your kind information she is my bhabhi first i remind you Kunj is my cousin bro first……
Asha bit her tongue ? yeah I totally forgot this
T: hey yuvi how’s you ….
Y: grate like always and what are you doing here
Mahi : what you mean??
Y: yeah sab ko beach me bol na hai kya aaj jab me Iss se baat kar rahu toh
Mahi whispered I will see you ..
T: nothing just came here to stay
Y: Oh
Asha : because your bro is not here na
And why you come here you also coming here to take mahi with you …??
Y: na ji abey biwi hai kya toofan
Naman : toofan hi hai
Y: Kunj it’s absolutely right about her kishi ko tej hona ho toh Asha ke pass bhej do but makes sure about your wife’s not send them …:
Asha: what are you murmuring to say clearing na
Today your bf is not here you are not talking to much without him
Y: if he will be here na you were also not talked This much in front of him
Just then Ansh comes toward twinkle and sit on her lap quietly he lost his charm and brightness of his
T: what happen to you
Ansh : mamma ghar jana hai
Leela: this is not your home Ansh (HA)beta
And he cuddles twinkle tightly….
T: listen ansh what nani saying
Slightly lets go na mamma
(Leela and rt went in room )
Just then yuvi phone rang…. but he was not noticing his phone .Naman see this
Naman: yuvi Tera phone
naman see the caller name it’s husband ji ?shows in screen it’s a Miss call
Naman: who is this husband yuvi
Y: laugh ? your brother in law ..
Naman: what you mean
He didn’t answer him he called back him…
Y: haa bol ( while all get confused and thinking who is )
K: abey kute phone nhi uta shakta hai kya
Kya romance me busy ho rha hai
Y: oye you kami….. he about saying but stop in middle to see Ansh and remember that day aayat what she did with him
Ha Bol Kunj all are shocked
Naman it’s Kunj what while yuvi sign him clam down
K: where are you yuvi and send me all details about meeting…
Y: right now I m in TM I will send you afterwards ok
K: what are you doing there …:.
Y: nothing slightly Naman wa ki biwi se apni bejati karwa raha hu bas
K: what and laugh ? ok continue..
Y: tere se yeh hi umedh ti mujhe ….
K: good na
Asha come and sit beside yuvi and snatch the phone put it in speaker….
while what is this yaar Naman ( Asha and kuvi have funny and bond with each other’s)
Asha : hey Kunj ji
twinkle just smile slightly Mahi enjoying…..
K: yes ….
Y: abey phone cut kar
Asha : Kyu tum logo ke poal khul jayge kya
K: humari kya poal
Y/N : ha which poal
Asha : really khol du
Are Mahi aur twinkle Kunj heard twinkle name …..
I will tell you about four of them this four na making some nonsense group
Three: haa toh you have any problem
Mahi: yes
K: Mahi bhi bol ne lagi
Y: bolegi Kyu nhi asha rani ki chatar chaya me jo hai
K: haa ????
Asha : O u both … na they talk. after yuvi take the phone off the speaker ?
K: Yuvi twinkle is also here
Y : yup ….
Asha heard this you have any problems if she’s here … ha
K: abey tu yuvi iss ke pass hi beta hai kya
Y: yeh beti hai mere pass me nhi re
Ansh mamma chalo na Kunj listen this
And asked to yuvi about Ansh
He went toward twinkle and sit beside
Y: Kunj tu jaldi aaja nhi toh Tera beta pagal hojaye ga Teri yaad me ……
Ansh: mamma hit twinkle slightly mamma
Asha : apni mumma ko Kyu maar raha hai marna hai toh apne papaji ko marna
K: Kya hua Iss ko
Y: tu hi puch le and put the phone in his ear ….
k: Ansh ….
Ansh: hmm slightly
K: Kya hua
Ansh give the phone in twinkle hands went from there ….. while Kunj saying hello
Mahi: di answered him
Twinkle don’t know want to say in front of them
She didn’t want to talk to him at all she was too just ignoring his calls and messages . Yuvi senses this and take the phone ? and excuses and went in side
Asha : itna toh koi apni biwi se baat karte time bhi itni dur nhi jata hai …. Mahi see this
Y: Kunj haaa ab Kya hua ?
K: jo har time hota hai wohi hua ….
Y: ho again you both fight with each other
Grown up..
K: this time I m not started she starts
I m calling her and messaging but she was not replied and not pick up my calls …..
Now you tell me she makes me angry on her own self… she knows my anger
Y: hmm but why you care if she ignores you .. you don’t care at all … about her Kunj what happened to you ……..
K: what you mean how can I m not care
I m …. if she ignored me I care .. yuvi
Y: but why Kunj answer me this
K: because [I] he about to saying but stop in middle ….
Y: Yuvi smile what?
K: I will talk to you later ok ….
Y: hmm
He went toward them …..
Mahi: why are you smiling to much
Y: because I m so happy ? ok fine
Listen twinkle Ansh ki baat karwa dena Kunj se baad me ok ….
T: hmm

After all went for dinner ? and sit and having their dinner yuvi was enjoying the food …..
y: hmm Leela food is very tasteful ? yummy ?
Leela: today I m not made this food …..
Y: then look at twinkle
T: Asha and me together ok ?
Y: HO! asha I don’t know about you that you cook very tasty food I m impressed with you ?
Asha : really but I don’t want your compliment ok
Y: Leela maa dekho aap ke son in law se keshe baath kar rhi hai yeh agar Kunj hota toh …make crying to face ???
Asha : use se bhi ashe hi baat karti ok
Y: itni himat ????good joke
Both continue their cat fight………
After dinner
Y: let’s go Mahi
Mahi: I m not going with you ok
Y: why …
Asha: what why it’s simple she was not going with you can’t you understand this you Both are same he was not allowing her and you also
Y: abey Teri biwi hai kya …… when did I say this I have problem if she wants to stay here she can I don’t have any problems life time rahe what’s a big deal
( twinkle remember Kunj same word and smile both are same to same even dialogues also )
Ok bye I m going ….. he left …..
On the other side @
Sarna mansion
Manohar friends comes for dinner and they all praise the food ….. while Anant and maya both muffed with each other …..
After sometime later guest went and others went in their respective rooms ….

In maya [email protected]
Maya was arranging the bed while aayta sleeping with Usha and Manohar in their room …..
Maya purposely makes sound too much
Anant was fed up of this and asked her
What is this maya :……..
Maya : what now you have problem with this also …..
Anant: maya why are behaving like this with me it’s not my fold maya if you are not with your mom now ….
maya : it’s your fold Anant you never stand beside me and not care about my family at all sees your younger brother and learn from him …. how much he cares about twinkle family….. if something happened to Leela ji he always with her and as well support her too and you not interested in my family……
Anant got up and went toward her
Listen maya I don’t have any personal problems with your family ok I m like this only not from now it’s from starting you know this … now suddenly you have problem of this … HA and by the way talking about your brother then listen this carefully and last time I m not going any where the things related to him ..and you know the reason behind this ok …………

Maya : what an answer even I m not telling you this …. Anant….. while Anant didn’t say anything and left out of the room shut the door …….

Niki and riya was sitting in hall they both see Anant and Niki understand something happen between them
Riya : what happened to Anant Bhai
Niki : smiled jo bhi hua ho good for us … now this too started it’s good ……..soon this whole family breakdown…….it’s my promise
Riya : but di what problem you have
Niki remember something and fuming ?
Because of them I not happy how can they will be happy ……………
At Romania
Kunj was getting ready for party at
hotel they were organised party in the hotel today …. and invited all guest

He was wearing simple suit but looking awesome as always

Great daily suit style by @tufanir ✔️

A post shared by Daily Suits | Mens Fashion (@dailysuits) on

While he wasn’t happy inside in the heart it’s clearly shows in his face but just caring fake smile on his face ……..he was physically present here but mentally not …

He left all thoughts and went in party of heavy heart ❤️
And inside the party he was just sitting quietly and drink thinking about twinkle…
Just then Alisha comes here …. and sit beside him while she was wearing very cheap dress and deep from back dress as well front

Her br*asts was poop out and purposely showing her cleavage……
and she too drinks while she was going to closer Kunj and try to showing him her body …… while Kunj blows his eyes down
The dress she wore it’s really bad ….. her body almost seeing ……
k: Alisha wear something good to cover your body ….
Alisha: what happened baby you don’t like my dress I thought you were loved my dress today it’s so beautiful and s*xy………..
K: really its s*xy because of it’s showing your body clearly Alisha……. I don’t care whatever you want to wear it’s your choice ok
Alisha : why that day twinkle wore that type of dress you didn’t say anything to her haa
K: first look at your dress than talk about her dress …….look at you are showing your body ..and twinkle not ….
Ok he left from here sitting in others side …
Alisha didn’t care and she too went dance floor and enjoying…..with herself…
While Kunj and drinking continuously and taking shots…..he was seeing Alisha is danced with a boy and both were very closed to each other
Kunj ( thinks) if she dancing with anyone I don’t care Of her but in twinkle case i can’t see her with anyone else …… why .? But …Kunj almost out of his senses .. he drank too much …..
Alisha enjoying massive hangovers …..
At [email protected]
Twinkle try to sleep but can’t she was feeling restless like something going happened bad …. she got up and check her phone ?
T: why I m feeling bad …. and think everyone is fine na …. she called maya
And asked her …. how’s all is in home
And aayat she said everyone is ok why she ask this …. aeshe hi
Maya : what about Ansh how he is
T: not good bhabhi still same … he was too miserable ? now ….
Maya: hmm ok here same also with her …
They both talk to each other after end

After dance she too went Kunj …. she did something ……….after party ?
[Kunj about stand up but he can’t… he was falling down………Alisha takes him in hotel and went in room …………screen blurred ……
twinkle was crying and holding Kunj photo in her hands …. cuddling his photo framed sad ?
To be continued………

Precap: twist in the tale many more comes

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