Chupke Chupke 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Meera Confess Love being afraid of Separation

Chupke Chupke 14th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi recalls asking Meera to come with him to US. Meera refuses instantly. He gets sad. Arjun calls him and asks him to get ready with the presentation as Cuckoo said. Abhi is sad. Arjun asks about Meera and says she must have went for shopping. She is going with you to US and must have much to buy. Abhi gets angry and tells that she is not going with him and is not here. Arjun says that’s why you are sad. Arjun asks shall I come with you. Abhi says bye Arjun.

He recalls admiring Meera and the cute silent romance between them. Dadiya picks the call and asks if he works with Meera and asks that person to come home. Sindhu and Saru waits for Meera. Saru says she must have come by now. Sindhu says she never go without informing us. Ila calls Meera’s friends and asks about her. Sanjay calls Abhi and asks where did Meera go. He says she left, but haven’t reached here or there.

Abhi gets worried and says he will check. He calls Kajal and and others and asks to call him if Meera reaches there. He thinks where did you go Meera, it is 12:30 and gets worried. Sanjay is worried. Mausami asks him to have tablets. Abhi thinks Meera never did such thing and blames himself. He thinks she didn’t reach home till now, if she was saying truth that she doesn’t know about Preetam pyaare. He says why did you come in our lives, everything was good. He feels jealous of him and thinks if he is scared to lose Meera. He says I have started loving you, please come back Meera. He recalls Meera scolding him to show their fight to Ganga.

Sanjay calls someone and tells that Meera is missing and asks him to inform if he gets anything about her. Abhi gets Preetam pyaare’s call and he tells him that Meera is with him and is safe. Abhi asks him not to hurt Meera. Preetam Pyaare is shown with his face covered and tells that Meera wants to live her entire life with him. Abhi insists to talk to Meera and asks him to give call to her. He says where are you, I request you and says I want to meet her. Preetam Pyaare says Meera don’t want to meet you and asks why do he wants to meet her. Abhi says I love her and can’t live without her. Preetam Pyaare asks him to tell again and puts call on loudspeaker. He takes out cloth from Meera’s mouth.

Meera cries and says even I love you very much, please save me. Preetam pyaare says two separated love birds are confessing love to each other. He says if you had really love her then you wouldn’t have treated her badly. Abhi says I hurt her a lot and promises not to hurt her again. Meera begs infront of Preetam Pyaare and says I don’t know you, please let me go back to Abhi. Abhi asks him to leave Meera. Preetam says there is a price for everything. Abhi says I will give you money, please let her go, I love her very much. Preetam says even I love her, what is the big deal. Abhi says I can do anything for her and says please let her go. Meera insists to talk to Abhi and cries. Preetam asks him to wait for his phone call and asks him not to go to Police if he wants to see her safe. Meera cries while her hands, mouth and legs are tied. Abhi is tensed for her. Meera cries and tries to free her hands.

Meera comes back home and hugs Abhi. Everyone smiles. Preetam Pyaare comes there. Abhi holds his collar. Dadiya stops Abhi. Abhi and Meera are shocked.

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    Finally Abhi and Meera confessed their feelings… chupke chupke realise ho hi gya, as we say duriyan pass le gi aati hai ????????
    But who is this mystry man, I don’t think its Neeraj ??????

    1. sushmitha shetty

      Dadi’s is behind all this to make them realize their feelings for each other

    2. Kya ye serial khatm hua ..plz confirm me..

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