Ishqbaaz – Rikara Trust 78

Gauri and Ritik go to the balcony in her room.

G: This is exactly what we should do. It is time to initiate the next step.

R: So, should I call him in?

G: Yes, tell him that I am expecting him to come inside.

Ritik sends a text message to someone.

No one expected this man to come into the Oberoi lives. All of sudden, a man and his followers enter the Oberoi mansion and sit on their sofa. No one was in the living room but when Bhavya comes downstairs and saw him, she bolted to him with her gun.

B: Sultan!! What are you doing here?

Sultan (Su): I am here to meet someone.

B: I am going to arrest you for the crimes. I was waiting all this time to catch you but I did not expect you to come to my own house?

G: What proof do you have Bhavya? Sultan told me that it has been all destroyed.

Gauri was on the stair with Ritik by her side.

B: It has not been destroyed. He tampered with it all.

G: Well, Bhavya, that is a problem with your department. He is still innocent until proven guilty.

B: Gauri and Ritik, you know him?

G: We have partnered together for the business and I invited him. We need to discuss the terms in our proposal.

The entire family is there.

B: But, he is a criminal…

G: So what?

B: You still do not understand or acting like you do not. I should not be surprised that a criminal is supporting another criminal.

G: Me… a criminal… in that case, this entire family is a group of criminals for mentally torturing a girl.

O: GAURI! What do you mean we tortured you?

D: Om, there is nothing wrong with what she said. In the past, this family not only mentally tortured Gauri, but also Annika as well.

A: But, Shivaye and I have solved our problems. Shivaye never tortured me and he truly loves me. His actions were a result of his love broken into pieces.

B: But, that does not mean you invite a criminal inside the house? Why did you invite him here? You always say that you are the prestigious owner of an empire and with all the properties you own, you could have met him somewhere else. I just do not want to see as a free man. For what he did to me, he should be in handcuffs and dragged to jail.

G: Again, I do not care.

B: What do you mean, you do not care? Gauri, tell him to get out NOW.

G: Did you forget whose house this is?

O: How can invite a man like this into this house? He destroyed Bhavya’s family.

G: Yes, he has destroyed so many families in the past but now he is here to mend his family together.

Sorry for giving you twists after twists but all the twists will be answered soon.

Su: I had two daughters. When my enemy acted us, I lost two of my daughters. At first, I thought they were dead but…

Annika and Shivaye are shocked…

B: I also lost my sister because of you in that car blast. GET OUT before I call the commissioner.

  1. Dinu

    Suspense!!!! Loved plz don’t make him positive. It doesn’t suite him.I hope dis is gauri’s plan 2 catch him vth don’t know wht u hv planned.lets wait n see.

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