Love is stronger than religion — chappy 1 & viren omkara singh oberoi

a couple was sleeping together, very peacefully. just then a laugh disturbed their peaceful sleep.
man: tera beta!
lady: don’t say anything about my son!
man: lekin….
a small boy of three enters the room and runs up to his parents.
man: how are you viren?
viren: i am fine daddy!
man: good.
lady: how is your fever now?
she checks his forehead and smiles.
lady: very good! your fever is better now.
viren: thanks god! daddy, today we will play football.
man: okay beta. now go downstairs. i need to talk to mama.
viren: ok.

he goes down and the man makes the lady land on his hard chest. he caressed her hair and kept his grip on her body tighter.
lady: what are you doing?
man: romance.
lady: seriously?
man: come on yaar. i remember when viren was born, we made a deal that we would give him a sibling. time has come.
lady: tonight sweetheart. tonight.
they get out of bed and change. once done, they went downstairs to see their son waiting.
viren: finally! chalo papa, let’s play football.
man: ok beta.
they go out and the lady smiles seeing her two boys happy.

precap: a beautiful night.
so who is this man and lady?
how was this?
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viren omkara singh oberoi:

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age: 3
he is the only son of rikara for the time being. he is very sweet and cute. mama’s boy and papa’s devil. he loves to play with his dad and annoy him also. when with gauri, they love to play any games and gauri always reads him a story before he sleeps. a half Hindu half Muslim child. when gauri reads the Qua’ran, he always listens, when gauri goes to Mosque he tags along too and whenever om is doing pooja, he takes full devotion in it, when om goes to the temple, he goes as well. he is also a bit naughty and loves to prank his mama with papa. wants to go to India one day.
note: gauri is 20 and om is 23

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