Return Of Light In Our Lives…Promo 1.. What’s happenning?!

Promo 1

What’s happenning?!

Shivaay climbed the stairs two steps at a time unable to control his excitement and love. He finally got a glimpse of her and was in all his senses to know that it was true and not just a dream. She was alive and was fine and that was nothing more than what he wanted.


Anika sighed as she finally reached the top of the stairs, looked at the idol of Lord Shiva in front of her and closed her eyes in prayer. Opening her eyes, she took a step forward to ring the temple bell. And as she raised her hand to do so, a hand caught hold of hers and spun her around with so much force that she hit hard on his chest. Yes, it was a man. And to add on, he was an unknown.


He saw her there, standing in front of the idol all fit and fine, happy that he finally found her. He was right all the while, she was alive. Unable to hold on anymore, he just caught hold of her hand and spun around to make her hit his hard chest.

He wrapped his arms around her petite frame, enveloping her in a hug. As the realization dawned upon him that she was actually there, with him, his hold on her got tighter. And then he said what he had wanted to tell to her in ages, “I love you” only to get slapped in return.


Anika pulled out of the hug and slapped him hard.

“What do you think, Haan?” she asked her voice loud and clear.

Shivaay was surprised. He caressed the place where she slapped as he looked at her shocked.

” Dikhne mein toh shareef lag rahe hai ho. Par harkate ek dum two rupees cheepde ladko khi tarah hai.”
( You look like a gentleman. But your actions don’t seem so.)

” Yeh kya bol rah-”
(What are you-)

“Mein kya bol rahi hoon, mujhe achi tarah se patah hai. Par shayad apko nahi pata khi aap kya kar rahe hai. Aise kisi bhi ladki kho gale laga leto hai kya? Chi! Kaise aadmi ho aap?”
(I know what I am saying. Maybe you don’t know what you are doing. How can you a hug a random girl just like that? Aren’t you ashamed?)

Shivaay was utterly shocked. His Anika didn’t identify him. What was happening?


This promo doesn’t end here. There are two more promos which are a continuation to this one.The story doesn’t start or end here. I am just giving them so that you can get an idea about the story. And it will also help me with a direction. Drop in your views.
Should I continue or not?

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