Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-22 by suma

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On call

” Hello sanskar , where are you ? ” Sujatha asked

” Mom, I’m in Hyderabad now. ”

” Bhai…where are you ??” Laksh shouted from side

He smiled and said

” Maa, iam fine and I will call you back bye ”

He disconnected the call while entering into one mall


He entered one clothing store,one middle aged aunty came to him and slapped on his bum

” Ahhhhhhhhhhh ” sanskar screamed

” Bunty, how are you ”

“?? Who are you madam ” he asked

” Bunty , don’t you remember me ?? Me Shakila aunty ”

” Shak…shakila aunty !!!!”

” Ha …tumhara favourite aunty ”

” Sorry I don’t know who you are, I think you are mistaken”

He tried to move but she dragged his collar and again gave a slap on his bum.

” ?? Please I’m not your Bunty leave me ” saying this he ran to another shop rubbing his bum

” buntyyyyyyyyyy ” she shouted

Sanskar slowly moves to lift and saw ragini there holding bags soon lift door closed

“Hey ! ? angel ???” he surprised to see her.”

She gave a stern look listening to word angel

“Sorry Raginiiiiiiiiiii” he dragged the name

” you here !” She asked

” yeah came for shopping & you ?.”

” Came with friend.”

“Oh! These many bags !!!??what shopping you did ?”

” its none of your business”

” i know” he replied

” what ?”

” its none of my business”

Suddenly lift got stopped only these two are stuck there….lights in lift room got off

Here sahil is searching for ragini outside

He called her manytimes but its not reachable

He is getting tensed and started searching her…

Here in lift she is getting tensed and he is consoling her

“Ragini , calm down kuch nai hoga tumhe” he is rubbing her back,but she is not in a postion to listen as she is afraid of darkness

Soon he took her into his embrace and hugged her tight… at first she is shocked but later she too responded to hug and holded him tight..

seeing her grip holding him, his lips turned to a curve…

” vaise ragini… i thought you as sherni!!! But tum bahut darpokhhhhh”.

Soon she broke the hug and pointed her finger to him

“Oye ! Hello Mr. nuthead iam not darpokh im actually brave..

without the sentence completion again lift suddenly moved, soon she hugged him tightly dropping all her bags from her hands…

He smiled and holded her tight

“I know you are my brave girl”

She holded him more tight listening to the words my brave girl , dono what makes her attracting him but she wants to hug him for somemore time..

But soon lift started moving faster,

She holded more tight,

“Ragini! Im here na, so dont worry it will get stop on groundfloor.”

He is just rubbing her back and making sure that he is okay.. bcz seeing her in this state he cant take it

After sometime lift opened with thud in ground floor.

All were watching them as they are still in hugging position.

Soon sahil reached the place and saw them and stood shocked!!!!!!

Here sanskar broke the hug and was about to look at her , soon she fell on his arms in unconscious state.

“Raginiiiiiii” two people shouted

One is sanskar and obviously other is sahil

Sanskar holded her and sahil ran into lift to hold her.

Both sahil and sanskar facing eo

Sahil face is covered with different expressions like shock , tension everything

Onething common is running in both hearts

” i dont wanna loose you Ragini”

You know its sanky and sahil


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