Love is in the hospital Episode 7 (Dill mill gaye) inspired

Love is in the hospital

Scene 1 In the party
In girls side

Anjali, ahh that adi I just hate him.
Neha, anjali you always found adi bad.why?
Swara, why u r fighting over adi.
Anjali, fighting for adi no way I cant never fight for him.
Neha, yes we r not fighting . *but I can fight for him*
Sanchi, okay guys dont u think we r forgettin aur motto that why we r here.
Naira, yes guys we have to hide notes and make sure that boys dont get that notes.
Anjali, yes okay so plan is same.
Neha, andwe r on our motto ” save note save position of HOI”
Swara, yes.
Neha, okay so I have notes right now.
Anjali, okay so u have tohand over the notes after 20 min to Naira.
Neha,okay….but now I need a drink.
Swara, same.
Sanchi, okay so I am also leys go and have one one r u coming Naira and Anjali.
Naira, I am in.
Anjali, no I dont want to have a drink.I will join u later.
Sanchi, okay so we will be separate after getting a drink girls…. So we can look after boys.
Swara, okay gud idea.

Scene 2 Boys side,

Veer, adi why was anjali so angry with u?
Adi, nothing she thinks that me and ankita are together.
Veer, what?..
Adi, yes but I dont care. Because she is no one for me.
Veer , *I think you care* ( in thoughts)….Okay but guys what about plan.
Aryan, Rohit go and check the girls room we can find the notes their.
Rohit, me alone…. No way I can not go alone in the hostel.
Karthik, come on u r a doc.
Rohit, no way I am not going.
Adi, Aryan I think u should go with Rohit.
Aryan, okay so I am going.
Veer, okay n we will look after here.
Karthik, okay dude.

Scene :3
Anjali receive a msg
We are starting the plan we all r separate.
Anjali, great lets do it.

Anjali, okay now it will be fun. (Ankita came from behind)
Ankita, hey Anjali how r u ?
Anjali, hi, I am good, looking gud .
Ankita, thank you but I am sorry I can not say same to u. As u r not looking prettier like me.
Anjali, I don not want to be prettier like u. I am okay the way I am.
Ankita, yes okay look adi is staring at so I should go. ( but actually he is staring Anjali)
Anjali, yes…. Oh god she is totally untolerable. Oh notes…

Scene :4
Sanchi see Rohit and Aryan going.
Sanchi, where r they going ? Rohit hey where r u going ?
Rohit, why u want to know?
Sanchi, that girl there was asking for u but it is okay if u don not want to tell.
Rohit, oh…. We r going to find no…… ( aryan pinches him)
Aryan, nothing and it is no need Sanchi to tell any girl any thing about Rohit we will handle it . Bye see u.
Sanchi, but Aryan… To herself, okay bye I know where r u going to find the notes but it isnot very easy.
Aryan, why didnot Sanchi stopped me she just ask me as a formality as if she knows where I am going… I think these girls know that we have arrange this party for finding notes and I dont think so they have kept the notes in their room… I should talk with boys.

Scene 5
Boys receive msg from Aryan
Guys I think the girls know that this party is our plan n I dont think so the would be in their room.
Veer, I think aryan is right
Veer, u should go and check Aryan we can not leave any place.
Adi, yes Veer is right n we will take care here.
Karthik, yes Aryan u and Rohit go And Veer and Adi meet me.
Veer, okay.
Aryan, okay

Aryan, okay so lets go Rohit… Rohit why r u sitting on stairs like this.
Rohit, first time a girl asked for me n u did not allow me to talk to her.
Aryan, she was not calling u it was Sanchi ‘s plan to know where r we going u get it .
Rohit, okay I was sad but now I am very very sad as no girl ask for me. o want to cry.
Aryan, fine but after we complete this mission notes than.
Rohit, promise.
Aryan, yes

Scene 6
Karthik, guys we should look after girls so that we can get clue for notes.
Veer, yes but we should also diverge them so it will be easy for us to find notes.
Adi, yes And I have a plan.
(And adi narrates the plan)
Veer, okay.

Scene 7
Swara, so these boys have went to room to find notes.. Foolish.. ( music of song naach re from movie Kapoor amd sons starts)
Swara, what is this …nice for enjoyment. At least.
Veer: hi
Swara, you r not performing song than who
Veer, we are not performing but someone special.
Veer, okay she will be waiting for me. ( he goes)
Swara, she?
Veer, done my job.
First four line ( so song starts with ria dance she do some usual steps)
Swara, so it is veer some one special.
Anjali, hi Swara.
Swara did not answer
Anjali, Swara….
Swara, hmm
Anjali, what happen.
Swara, that Ria dance.
Anjali, so what? She is doing quite well.
Sanchi, what ru talking Anjali she is not doing well .
Anjali( confused) but…. And sanchi signal her ( that I will tell you later) so Anjali stay quite.
Sanchi, lets go Swara n dance.
Anjali, okay u both I just come
Swara, okay.

And now ankita dance start with next lyrics
Second four lyrics
Adi while standing in between Neha and Anjali at some distance say yes good going Ankita…. Neha n Anjali did not know about their plan so they got sad by listening this
Adi is also do not know that they r listening to him .Because the plan was……
“Veer will talk to Swara amd Karthik will talk to Naira and Swara n Naira will take all the girls for dance and all girls will get busy in dancing and they can find notes more easily ”

Anjali, so he find Ankita dance good off course
Neha, adi is liking Ankita dance

And now Swara n Sanchi dance start for that tune.. (I hope u know it guys)

And Anjali n Neha also join them..

In the meanwhile,
Karthik, wow good dancing right punjabi girl but now will u know u only know garba n all right .
Naira, oh hello I know dance.
Karthik , really good joke
Naira, really I can do so
Karthik, okay lets go …
Naira, okay

Karthik and naira
It is going to be sunset ( and both naira n karthik turn around)
N next four line . ( Naira hold both of his hand and they do first step of couple dance ( i dont know how to explain) and than Karthik make her swing)
( Kathik sits and she move around him

Swara N Veer
Look at that beauty ( while Swara dance n he point at her)
Wanna be kareena ( n he hold her hand n bring her closer n
( Swara turn around n smile while veer sing this line)

Now all
Little hard
Little gentle
Little senti
Aryan n Rohit also come
Little mental
Alll lets dance

N girls also join n they all do the main step of this song
Rohit, yeah

Sanchi and Aryan

Aryan : do dance (While Sanchi move towards him and someone push her n she fall on aryan )
Aryan: do romance ( n they share an eye contact )
Sanchi, do dance ( n she wink)( n she move from there)

Rohit n girl

Rohit:oo listwn
Do dance
Romance (n she was about to slap her but veer come in between n save him and take Rohit with him )
Veer, lets nacho

Adi , Anjali N Neha
They perform the next 7 lines
pNeha: my friend ( n she fall but Adi hold her )( neha lost in him)
Adi, ( neha blushes )
( Anjali while saying to Neha )
( Neha while lookind at adi) .
( Adi while looking at Anjali)

Now all join and say the rest lines

N all start dancing

Note,: I am so sorry everyone but I was busy in exams That is why I cant upload for that long but I hope u like the chapter n I will upload next chapter soon

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