Naagin Season 3 28th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant as Yuvi proposes Bela and shocks everyone

Naagin Season 3 28th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir asking Bela to give him hospital address. Bela says everything is handled and asks him not to worry. Mahir says I need it, if needed we will take Maa to abroad. Bela asks him to give his hand first and says she will apply ointment. Mahir insists. Bela asks him to be listen to her and keep quiet. She tries to open the medicine bottle, but the blue color like of ink falls on Mahir’s face and shirt. Bela smiles and wipes his lips with tissue. Mahir asks what did you do bela? Bela says you was insisting to open and says it was your mistake. She says I told that I could do. She says there is still some medicine in the bottle and applies on his hand. She looks at his shirt and says stain will be there on the shirt. Mahir asks her not to start her OCD. Bela asks him to

come and not to argue. She says stain is deep and asks him to come to washroom and wash it. She asks him to stand in the bathroom. Mahir asks her to listen and tries to tell about the tap, but she doesn’t listen and switches on the tap. Shower water comes and falls on Bela. Mahir says I wanted to tell you….., but you didn’t listen to me. He smiles…..Bela cries. Mahir switches off tap and asks why is she crying. Bela says I couldn’t do anything rightly and hurt you emotionally, mentally and physically. She asks why don’t you ask me to get out of your life. I can’t do any single good thing for you. Mahir asks if she wants to do anything right or good for him and hugs her. He says this is right for me, if you want to do something for me then this is good for me. He says do you like it. She nods yes. Mahir says we shall do what our heart says, I am very happy. He closes his eyes. Jaan se lag gayi jaan ki….Bela says sorry. Mahir asks why are you saying sorry?

Andy tells Sumitra that fight is ended. Sumitra says don’t you think we shall go and talk to them. Andy says we can talk in the morning. Sumitra says there is so much mess in their life and now they are fighting in room. Andy says lets go. Vikrant thinks there is a silence till now, it seems Mahir is killed.

Mahir asks why she thinks she does wrong always. Bela says it happens and says she has realized one thing and says sometimes human shall do some mistakes. She opens the tap of shower and makes Mahir fall under it. Mahir smiles as shower water falls on him. Bela closes the tap and says I thought you will back off. Mahir smiles and says I can’t back off as this thing is giving you happiness. She opens the tap and shower water falls on them. She closes it and says lets go out, I need to talk to fake Yuvi. Vikrant comes out of room to go and check, but hides seeing Sumitra and Andy. Sumitra knocks on the door. Bela says fake Yuvi must have come and asks Mahir to be there. She opens the door and sees Sumitra. Sumitra asks why her clothes are wet. Vikrant thinks Bela might have killed Mahir in the bathroom and asks to show his dead body.

Bela tells Sumitra that she went to bathroom to wash her leg, and then shower tap opened by mistake. Sumitra comes inside and says I heard you both fighting as it is husband and wife’s matter. Vikrant comes out of his room and eavesdrops on them. Sumitra looks at the vase and asks what is this? Bela says it broke mistakenly. Sumitra asks about Mahir. Bela says he went out. Sumitra says she wants to talk to Mahir about Yuvi and her and says situation is getting out of control. She goes. Bela closes the door and goes to bathroom. Vikrant sees Andy coming and hides. He becomes Yuvi and asks Andy what happened? Andy says Sumitra is upset with both of them. Yuvi asks him to go and talk to Bela and asks him to tell Mahir to move from Bela and his life. Andy says you are like me and asks him to go to his room. He says matter is serious. Yuvi turns and takes out his poisonous tongue. Mahir wipes his hairs. Bela tells him that Maa came and says she said that he went on a walk. Mahir says you would have told her. Bela says that we were standing under the shower. Andy knocks on the door. Bela asks him to go and talk to Sumitra, tell her that she went to other room. Mahir asks are you crazy. Bela says yes, and asks him to do what she said.

Mahir opens the door and gets scared seeing Andy at the door. Andy asks did you mum come to talk? Mahir says no. Andy asks about the broken vase. Mahir says it fell by mistake. Andy asks why are you so drenched? Mahir says I am feeling sleepy and will talk in the morning. Andy comes to Sumitra and she shout. She asks him if he met bela. Andy says he talked to Mahir. They tell that Mahir and Bela were both wet. They get confused. Mahir and Bela are in the bathroom. Mahir says don’t know why fake Yuvi wants to kill me. Just then Sumitra and Andy come to the room as the door is open. Bela asks Mahir, if he didn’t close the door. Mahir says he closed but. They get up, but falls in the bathtub and flower petals fall on them. Andy and Sumitra hear the noise and call them. Mahir and Bela say they are inside.

Andy tells Sumitra that they are busy and takes her from there. Bela gets angry on Mahir and says they might be thinking we are upto something. Mahir asks can’t we, we are upto something. She says no and tries to come out of bathroom. She slips on him and asks him to come out. Vikrant calls Bela and thinks why she is not picking the call. Mahir and Bela come to room and clean the room. She uses hair dryer and dries her hairs. She says such madness, and says shower was on and then mom-dad came, don’t know what they might be thinking. She says I was looking as mad ghost and everyone will laugh at me. Mahir smiles. Bela says I knew it, you will laugh at me first. Mahir says you are not looking as joker from any angle and looking as my Bela. Bela tells that she will be back and comes out of room. Mahir tries to come out, but Bela asks him to go and sleep. Vikrant thinks she didn’t kill him till now.

She comes to Vikrant and tells that she couldn’t get a chance to kill Mahir as mom and then dad came to room. Vikrant says I have understood what is happening and says I thought you will kill him during ravan dahan, but you didn’t. Bela says because. Vikrant says I am having a doubt and it is now confirmed. Bela asks him to tell clearly. Vikrant says truth is that you can’t kill that Mahir. Bela says it is not like that. Vikrant says what could be the reason then, you couldn’t take revenge even when Mahir killed your mum, and says reason is that you have thought yourself as bahu and is tied by the relation. He says you might be feeling sympathy for them and says don’t worry, I will do the work which you can’t do. Bela says Mahir is my guilty and I will kill him, give me some time. Vikrant says I will not kill him, but will make his life miserable. Bela asks what do you mean? Vikrant says now see what I do next. He asks her to rest and says I will handle everything. Bela goes from there. She thinks she has to act. Vikrant follows her. Bela senses someone is following her and acts to get Mahir’s call and asks him not to spy on her and that she will come when she wants to. She goes out of the house.

She comes to the cave where Naagrani Maa is residing in injured state and applies lep to her wound. Naagrani Maa says I am fine now. Bela asks why didn’t you tell me that you are alive. Naagrani Maa says for your betterment. Bela says you are my everything. Naagrani Maa asks about Vikrant. Bela says he didn’t say or did anything. Naagrani Maa says Vikrant is very clever and can do anything to fulfill his mission.

She says Vikrant and Vishaka can do anything. Bela says Vishaka didn’t come to meet me, don’t know where is she? Naagrani Maa says she might be doing some conspiracy and asks her to go home. Bela asks her to take care and says she don’t want to lose you. Naagrani Maa says truth will win.

Yuvi informs something to Sumitra. Sumitra says when did you take this decision. Andy says you would have talked to us. Yuvi says I know Mahir and Bela have signed the divorce papers and tells that Bela told him. He says I got these papers from your room. Andy says I must tell you when we go to their room. Yuvi says that room is not of them and says it is of Mahir’s only. He says Bela told me about last night and says it was a misunderstanding. Andy asks him to think about his brother. Yuvi asks him to give some big project to Mahir so that he gets busy and says Bela is my first and then says last love. Sumitra tells that she is fine with the decision as long as nobody is forcing the other. Yuvi says I love you mom. Sumitra asks him to be happy and goes. Andy says she is upset again. Yuvi says I am like you. Andy says do whatever you want. Yuvi laughs. He thinks now I have to do one work. He goes somewhere and thinks this is the good trick. He thinks I got mahir signed on the divorce papers and nobody knows about it. He asks his mum who is in snake form and asks how she plans to kill someone at a certain time, and says you know that Ruhi can’t kill Mahir and that’s why you thought of this plan. He gives some share to Shahnawaz, for making Bela sign on the papers, on which they get Mahir signatures. He says now Bela will kill her husband, but will be remain married. He becomes half snake and smiles.

Mahir comes to his room and sees bela tensed. He asks how is Maa? You went to meet her. Bela says she is absolutely fine and says she couldn’t return home in night. Mahir asks about her conversation with Yuvi. Bela is about to tell him, just then Kuhu comes and asks why she is making guilty face. Bela says nothing. Kuhu asks her to come with her to shopping and tells that Yuvi has thrown a big party. Bela and Mahir ask why? Kuhu says don’t know. She says we are not best friends, but your friend is busy and my friend Anu is ….Bela says she will come. They leave. Mahir looks at Bela.

In the party, Sumitra asks Yuvi to tell what he told them. Yuvi says let chief guest come. Adi throws flower petals on Poulomi. Poulomi gets happy and thanks Andy. Yuvi says I did this. Poulomi says I will be older for you. Bela comes with Kuhu. Poulomi says if it was for her. Bela asks what is it? Yuvi says I made this flower mat for you which will never hurt you or make you sad. Mahir comes and asks what is happening? Yuvi says I was expecting you to come. He makes Bela sit and also makes Mahir sit on the sofa. Poulomi asks if this was for Bela and Mahir. Yuvi says yes and tells them that it is for Mahir. Mahir asks what is it? Poulomi asks if he is naming his property on Mahir’s name and asks what about Adi and Pratham. Adi asks her to be quiet. Yuvi proposes Bela infront of Mahir shocking him. Bela asks what? Sumitra says Yuvi has decided to get engaged to you. Mahir asks what is this nonsense and asks Sumitra why she is not telling him anything. Yuvi asks him to relax and says we will not leave you. He says my reputation will be ruined if I make my home breaking your home.

Poulomi says your face will be blackened. He picks the envelope and says I have chosen these girls’ pic and biodata for you. RJ says this Yuvi will get beaten by me. Kuhu says yes. Yuvi tells Bela that your Yuvi is changed and we both love each other. Mahir says I was silent when you returned as I thought something is going on between you both. Yuvi says I will marry Bela. Poulomi says how can Bela marry two men, as only men can have two wives. Yuvi says they are not married. Mahir asks him to shut up. Yuvi says I will keep your mouth shut and shows the divorce papers on which both Mahir and Bela had signed. Sumitra asks him to check the signatures. Mahir says I didn’t sign. Bela asks when did you sign. Mahir says I didn’t sign. Bela says she signed when Shahnawaz incident happened. Mahir says it was an old story. Yuvi says papers are signed and asks why you are arguing, and says it was not love marriage. He says you got married as I left her. He says since I come, I heard you saying my Bela, my life, my responsibility and says I never heard bela calling you my Mahir etc. He says why he thinks Bela loves him. Everyone support Yuvi. Mahir feels helpless. Andy says it is Mahir’s one sided love. Yuvi asks bela to marry him. Mahir asks what the hell is going on. Yuvi says I am not forcing you and I believe that you will marry me. Mahir holds her hand and says Bela don’t want to divorce me. Yuvi says let her talk, God gave her tongue. Poulomi tells Bela that her destiny is good, two guys are after her. Andy asks Poulomi to stop and says it is matter of my sons life. Bela asks Mahir to leave her hand. Mahir is shocked.

Mahir tells Bela that he has nothing to do with Yuvi’s conspiracy and says what matters to me is you, I love you and you are my wife and responsibility for whom I can’t be careless and carefree and asks why she can’t understand. Vikrant ruins Mahir’s pic with pen and tells that he will be killed by bela’s hand. Bela finds a ring and thinks this is the same ring using which Naag and Naagin can talk to our parents. Mahir tells Bela that he is dying every moment, whenever Yuvi looks at you, touches you, whenever he calls you his wife, fiance etc. Vikrant tries to forcibly hugs Bela. Mahir comes to room and sees Bela refusing to hug him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Jitna kal interesting tha aaj utna hi bakwas…

    2. I hope fir koi misunderstanding na aa jaye bela or mahir ke bich…

    3. Bathroom secene was mindblowing and andy and sumitra thinking was sooo cool…

    4. Who is that new snake???

    5. Finally Poulomi is back, i enjoyed her jokegiri after long time…

    6. Is vish dead??

    1. Sunder

      Vish can’t be dead,
      Although I have stopped watching the show, but I am reading the written updates regularly, and I remember, naagrani Maa said that “you will die twice”
      Today’s episode was completely boring, and promo too..

      Till now, ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ is the best best best serial for me.. Eagerly waiting for season 3 (if any)


    In Naagin 3 the promo for the upcoming episode, Mahir to see Vikrant with Bela? it is revealed that Mahir will fight for Bela with Yuvi. However, at one point, he walks in on Bela and Vikrant engaged in a conversation. Will he catch Vikrant?

    After a good cat and mouse chase that took place between Bela-Mahir and Vikrant, Vikrant seems to finally realise that there is something that won’t allow Bela from killing Mahir. It came across as a big shock to see that Mahir and Bela are in the same team and that Nagrani Ma is actually alive. However, Vikrant is insistent on wiping out Mahir from his way to deceiving Bela, acquiring the naag mani and becoming the ultimate power. Mahir and Bela have been pretending to have fights and disagreements to fool Vikrant into believing that Bela will kill Mahir. However, after he is unable to do the deed (because they’re on the same team), Vikrant decides to use the signed divorce papers as a way to separate Mahir and Bela.

    In the previous episode, he has used the divorce papers to approach Andy and Sumitra and tell them that he wants to marry Bela since she is single now. Moreover, in front of the whole family and Mahir, Vikrant as Yuvi, proposes to Bela. Moreover, he has also deduced a number of bios and pictures of potential brides for Mahir after the divorce. Mahir is furious with how he has been played and yells at him. In the promo of the next episode, Mahir is seen yelling at Bela telling her how much he loves her and can’t leave her. He also tells her that the very existence of Yuvi or him taking her name bothers Mahir very much. Later, however, in the promo, it is revealed that Mahir walks in on Vikrant holding Bela. Does this mean Mahir will finally learn of Vikrant’s existence?

    Is this new development in the plot going to be harmful to Bela and Mahiir’s future? Does Bela have a plan on the mind to once again deceive Vikrant or will she have to leave Mahir for Yuvi? Mahir states that he will fight for her and that he can’t live without her. Will they once again join forces to go against Vikrant’s plans? Vikrant stated that he will make Mahir’s life hell. Is this the start of the same? What about Nagrani maa? Can she intervene and help Mahir? WHAT DO U THINK GUYS , WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN NEXT EPISODE?

    1. for the next episode i think vikrant will be expose.bela already told mahir about the fake Yuvi.n mahir himself doubt yuvi.and together they plan to expose n finish vikrant.her mother surely come to help them with even more power .vikrant hates mahir n vows to make mahir life”s hell because bela loves mahir and he cannot takes it.

  3. Good episode enjoy behir scene in last yuvi bored me I thought to kill him bela says to mahir aap haath chodiye it was shocked for me wait for precap

  4. Saturday’s episode was very interesting and I enjoyed a lot. But yesterday’s episode was boring. But Behir scene was superb. At last I felt like killing vikranth as he told to make Mahir’s life hell and engagement drama. I just hope that misunderstandings should not be between Behir and Mahir’s heart should not be broken. Please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.


    *1✡Naagin 3: Mahir’s possessiveness asks Bela to choose amid him and Yuvi*
    ⚜Naagin 3: Mahir’s (Pearl V Puri) possessiveness asks Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) to choose amid him and Yuvi (Rajat Tokas).
    The upcoming episode of Colors supernatural drama Naagin 3 is up for new drama and twist.
    Bela is working against Vikrant so smartly and also takes Mahir’s help but here Vikrant uses his brahmastra.
    Vikrant knows that Bela will not be able to kill Mahir and he has to do it but tells Bela that he will not kill Mahir but will make his life miserable.
    Bela and Mahir’s true love is in trouble now.
    Bela is shocked when Yuvi aka Vikrant proposes to marry Bela and says that Mahir and Bela are divorced as they had signed the divorce papers.
    Bela is stuck as she can’t say no as if she will refuse to marry Yuvi then Vikrant will get sure that Bela is betraying him and can harm Mahir.
    Bela says yes to marry Yuvi and this puts Mahir is great pain , as she has no other choice⚜ *2✡Naagin 3: Vikrant aka Yuvi’s masterstroke brings crack in Mahir Bela’s true love*
    ⚜Naagin 3: Vikrant (Rajat Tokas) aka Yuvi’s masterstroke brings crack in Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and Bela’s (Surbhi Jyoti) true love. 
    The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Naagin 3 is up for high voltage.
    Bela and Mahir are planning to knock out Vikrant, Bela very well knows about the game Vikrant is playing with her.
    Bela knows that Vikrant and Vish are betraying her and now Vikrant asks Bela to kill Mahir.
    Bela do not kill Mahir as she knows that Mahir is innocent and they are also in same side and also wanted to befool Vikrant but here Vikrant takes shocking step.
    Vikrant proposes Bela for marriage and arranges for engagement while this puts Mahir in dilemma.
    Next twist of Vikrant and Bela’s engagement will come in Naagin 3.
    Vikrant’s this masterstroke will play shocking game against Mahir and Bela.
    Bela tries to make Mahir understand but Mahir is getting possessive towards bela and devastated as Bela has said yes to get engaged to Vikrant⚜ *3✡Naagin 3: Vishaka & Ajitabh return to unveil a dark secret to Bela Mahir in upcoming Episode*
    ⚜Mahir (Pearl V Puri) and Vikrant’s (Rajat Tokas) fight for Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) in Naagin 3
    Another high voltage twist in Colors soap ‘Naagin 3’ will soon bring a new taste in the storyline.
    As per the track, Vikrant as Yuvi proposes Bela for marriage and shows Mahir Bela’s signed divorce papers to family.
    Andy and Sumitra are facing a tough time amid their sons are fighting for one girl.
    But the twist in tale will now get reveal when Yuvi (Vikrant) and Mahir will open fight for lady love Bela.
    Bela and Mahir confront Vishaka
    Furthermore, a shock to everyone Vishaka and Ajitabh will soon be making their return to alert Bela of Vikrant’s evil intentions.
    It will be really exciting to watch how Vishaka and Ajitabh’s return will turn fruitful for Mahir and Bela’s love relationship⚜ *4✡Naagin 3: Yuvi proposes marriage to Bela heartsick Mahir takes extreme step in upcoming episodes*
    ⚜Naagin 3: Yuvi aka Vikrant proposes marriage to Bela heartsick Mahir announces war
    In the thriller track of Naagin 3,Once again the deadly battle between Mahir and Vikrant will begun for lady love Bela.
    So far we have seen that how Vikrant decides to make Mahir’s life equal to hell. And a shock to everyone Vikrant as Yuvi proposes Bela in front of Mahir and family while Bela is left perplexed.
    Mahir and Yuvi (Vikrant) both have heated argument as Yuvi shows Mahir Bela’s signed divorce paper and claims that now they are no more married.
    Bela in huge mess
    Meanwhile, Bela is all the more got stuck in this huge mess. Where on one side, her true love Mahir is fighting for her while on the other side, Vikrant is fighting Mahir to get her. It will be highly intense to watch how Mahir will defeat evil Vikrant to win back his lady love Bela⚜ *5✡Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert:- Mahir to revolt against Vikrant for his true love Bela. Mahir & Vikrant’s deadly battle will begin for lady love Bela*
    Mahir’s (Pearl V Puri) to revolt against Vikrant (Rajat Tokas) for Bela (Surbhi Jyoti)
    Upcoming interesting track in Naagin 3 will witness Mahir and Vikrant’s open war for lady love Bela.
    As per the current track, Mahir and Bela make their plan to expose Yuvi’s murderer hand behind attacking Bela’s mother.
    But before they would take any big step against Yuvi (Vikrant), Yuvi proposes Bela for marriage shocking everyone.
    Mahir and bela’s double trouble begins.
    Vikrant complicates situation for Mahir and Bela to continue their relationship as Vikrant proves Mahir and Bela’s divorce.
    Where Vikrant is fighting against Mahir to get Bela and Naagmadi, Mahir wants to prove his love for Bela and save her from evil Yuvi aka Vikrant.
    It will be highly intense to watch how Bela will deal with this situation.
    Mahir (Pearl V Puri) & Vikrant’s (Rajat Tokas) deadly battle for lady love Bela (Surbhi jyoti) is going to start.
    Colors supernatural show Naagin 3 is moving forward for some high intensity melodrama.
    Mahir and Bela face a huge shocker when Vikrant aka Yuvi proposes Bela before family and claims Mahir Bela’s divorce.
    Bela is stuck in dilemma that Mahir expresses his love for Bela and refuses to let Yuvi ruin his and Bela’s marital relationship.
    Vikrant plays nasty game.
    Vikrant is playing a witty and nasty game to make Mahir’s life equal to hell.
    Where Bela is unaware of Vikrant’s next move, Mahir announces his open war against Yuvi for lady love Bela.
    It will be really exciting to watch how Bela will save her love Mahir from evil Vikrant.

  6. Simmy Chawala

    Characters for season 3 are rubbish.
    Yuvi n vikrant are ugly. Mahir is ok but has a soppy look like he will cry any minute

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