Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 50 (Last Update) By Aditi Ayansh

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“Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again.”
Recap: Ragini worried.
Ragini sits on the bed.
Ragini: why god why are u doing this with me? i was living my life right, then why did u dragged me into this?
Sanskar comes in.
Ragini wipes her tears.
Sanskar: Ragini i want to ..i mean Kavitha called me.
Ragini: so
Sanskar: she said u are ready to give me one more chance so i
Ragini: u don’t have to get excited for this. I said that to her because i didn’t wanted her to talk about this.
Sanskar’s face fell
Sanskar: Ragini are u still upset with me?
Ragini looks on
Ragini: i am not upset with u ..i hate u
Sanskar: pls Ragini don’t say that i know i have hurted u a lot and i am really sorry for that. And i promise i’ll never let u get hurt.
Ragini: Mr Maheshwari u have killed me once already ..pls spare me.
Saying this she goes.
Sanskar looks on.
Sanskar: pls forgive me Ragini….pls….i love u
He says silently and breaks down.
Ragini: pls god help me i don’t want to do this.
Ragini gets another call.
Ragini looks on
Ragini: Rahul
Ragini takes the call.
Ragini: Hlo.
Rahul: so what is ur final desicion?
Ragini: Rahul i need time.
Rahul: what is there to think this much Ragini?
Fb starts
Ragini gets a call.
Ragini: hlo
Rahul: Ragini its Rahul..the most important person in your life.
Ragini: what is it Rahul?
Rahul: i was thinking about our deal
Ragini: ok and
Rahul: our deal is very important for your company right.
Ragini: yes
Rahul: so i am ready to sign it.
Ragini: what? Oh my god thats a wonderful news Daddu will be very happy hearing this.
Rahul: but i have one condition.
Ragini: condition? What condition?
Rahul: i want u to marry me
Ragini: what?
Rahul: haan Ragini. Only if u agree to marry me i’ll sign this deal.
Ragini: But Rahul..
Rahul: think about it Ragini.
Rahul disconnects the call.
Ragini: god y r u doing this to me…
Fb ends
Rahul: Ragini r u there?
Ragini: yh
Rahul: what is ur desicion Ragini
Ragini: i need more time Rahul
Rahul: ok take your time but rememeber that i’ll only sign the deal if u r ready to marry me
Saying this Rahul disconnects the call.
Ragini comes to their room
Sanskar is sitting on the bed
Ragini avoids him.
Sanskar: Ragini.
Ragini: pls i don’t want to talk to u
Sanskar: listen to me once Ragini pls.
Ragini: i don’t want to listen to u
Saying this she goes out.
Sanskar: why are u being like this Ragini.
Fb Starts
Ragini: Daddu i’ll make u proud ..if we get Arora’s deal then will become one among the top companies.
Rathore: yes princess.
Ragini: i am talking with Rahul Arora. I’ll get that deal daddu.
Rathore: u are the best daughter ..
Ragini; u r the best father daddu.. i love u.
Fb ends
Ragini: i’ll have to do this I promised daddu that i’ll make him proud.
Ragini remembers Sanskar telling her that Some promises are meant to be broken.
Ragini: no i cant always break promises..no i cant do it everytime.
She looks on
Ragini: i’ll have to do this…i have no other way…pls give me strength for this god
Ragini goes to their room.
Sudha comes
Ragini: Sudha maa..its been many days now i think we should go back.
Sanskar is shocked listening to her
Sudha: what? No Diya ..beta stay for few more days.
Sanskar looks at her angrily.
Ragini: no Sudha maa its been so many days..i think its time for us to leave.
Sudha: no beta..Sanskar beta u tell her na pls.
Sanskar loks at her
Sanskar: if she have already decided then i don’t think i can do anything Sudha aunty.
Sudha looks sad.
Sudha: ok then when are u planning to leave?
Ragini: tomorrow..tomorrow morning Sudha maa.
Sudha: tomorrow? ..pls beta stay for one more day u both can leave day after tomorrow pls pls..beta..
Ragini: but Sudha maa.
Sudha: just one more day beta ..pls Diya beta.
Ragini looks at Sanskar who ignores her.
Sudha: Sanskar have no problem right beta..Diya pls
Ragini: ok Sudha maa we will stay for one more day.
Sudha hugs Ragini.
Sudha: thank u so much beta..now both of u come lets have dinner.
After dinner Sanskar doesn’t say anything to Ragini he comes and sleeps.
Ragini looks at him
Ragini(in mind): i know Sanskar u r angry with me..but i cant do anything about it…pls forgive me if u can.
She looks at him with teary eyes.
Next day
Ragini gets up and sees that Sanskar is not there.
Ragii goes to kitchen.
Sudha: gud morning Diya beta.
Ragini: gud morning Sudha maa
Sudha: beta get ready fast.
Ragini: for what Sudha maa.
Sudha: u have been here for so many days stil u haven’t gone anywhere ..so get ready fast u and Sanskar go out and come.
Ragini: but Sudha maa..
Sudha: no more questions ..
Ragini gives a weak smile
Ragini goes and get ready.
Sudha:Diya Sanskar have fun ok.
Ragini looks at Sanskar who ignores her.
Priya comes to them.
Priya: can i also join u Sanskar pls.
Sudha: Priya no..let them go.
Sanskar: ots ok Sudha aunty come Priya..u can join in.
Priya: thank u so much Sanskar..
They leave.
The whole day Sanskar was being with Priya ignoring Ragini.
Priyta: Sanskar can we have ice cream pls..
Sanskar looks at her and smiles.
Ragini looks on.
Sanskar: i’ll get it.
Sanskar comes with 2 ice creams.
He gives one to Priya and starts having the other one.
Ragini looks on
Ragini: where is my ice cream?
Sanskar : oh i am sorry i almost forgot that u are here.
Ragini gives him a angry look and walk ahead of them.
Ragini was feeling very sad.
Ragini(in mind): why are u ignoring me like this Sanskar.
They reach ashram at evening
Priya: Sanskar it was a very beautiful day..i’ll never forget this day in my life thank u.
Sanskar : so do i Priya.
Ragini goes angrily to their room
Sudha comes
Sudha: how was the outing beta?
Ragini: nice Sudha maa
Sudha; now beta i have kept a saree for u come wearing it ok…we have a small function.
Ragini smiles
Ragini: ok Sudha maa.
Ragini(in mind): why am i like this. Why can t i take a stable decision. I don’t want to do all this..but i have no other choice. I love Sanskar more than anyone. I know i have hurted him a lot. .And everyone says that we all will get a second chance.but when will i ever get my second chance?
Ragini wears a red gold mix saree.
And comes out.
She sees the ashram been decorated beautifully.
She looks on
She sees Sanskar and Priya talking to each other.
She goes to them.
Ragini: Priya why are u here?
Priya: y am i here? What do u mean?
Ragini: i asked u why are u always around Sanskar?
Sanskar: Ragini what is your problem? Leave us alone
Ragini: what do u mean by saying that Sanskar? U happen to be my husband
Sanskar: really?..i don’t care stay away from us. And pls don’t act like u r my wife.
Tears comes from Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini goes to him And slaps Sanskar.
Sanskar looks on
Priya is shocked seeing it.
Ragini: never ever talk to me like that Sanskar. U are my husband and i am ur wife.. do u get that.
Sanskar: what is your problem Ragini are u having any disorders like split personality? At one time u are like leave me also..i don’t want to be with u and other time u r like there is no one more than u who loves me.
Ragini: u’ll never understand Sanskar. How much hard is it for me? ….
Sanskar looks on
Ragini: I love u idiot.
Saying this she hugs him
Sanskar is super shocked.
Sanskar: what did u say…
Ragini: i love u…
Sanbskar is very happy.
Ragini: but who are u are busy with flirting with other girls right..do u know that Rahul told me that if i don’t agree to marry him then he will never sign our deal and i cant make daddu proud. And ours will be an INCOMPLETE LOVE
Sanskar hugs her back.
Sanskar: i missed u.
A small smile comes on Ragini’s lips.
Ragini: i missed u too.
He realises from the hug.
Sanskar wipes her tears.
Sanskar: stop crying..Ragini..pls..
Ragini looks on.
Ragini: but Sanskar what will i do ..i don’t want to break another promise.
Sanskar: Ragu why are u making it more complicated just call Rathore uncle and tell him everything.
Ragini: everything?
Sanskar: haan tell him that u love me..and about that idiot Rahul’s condition also.
Ragini: and
Sanskar: and lets obey whatever he says ok.
Ragini; and what if daddu says to leave u?
Sansklar smiles.
Sanskar: we will sort something out..now call.
Ragini calls Rathore.
Ragini: hlo Daddu
Rathore: Princess what happened dear?
Ragini: papa i love Sanskar
Rathore: what?
Ragini: haan..pls don’t say no
Rathore: who is saying no to this princess..
Ragini: what u don’t have any objection?
Rathore: y will i have any objection beta..he such a good boy ..i like him very much.
Sanskar raising his collar
Ragini smiles
Ragini: but Dadu there is one more thing.
Rathore: tell mde beta.
Ragini tells him about Rahul’s condition.
Rathore; Ragu..u don’t have to sacrifice anything …even if we don’t have that order..then also i am proud to have a daughter like u.
Ragini: are u sure daddu?
Rathore: yes..now let me go and talk to Maheshwaries.
Rathore disconnects the call.
Ragini hugs Sanskar.
Sanskar: i love u….
Ragini: i love u too
Suddenly the lights go off.
Sanskar holds Ragini close to him
Ragini: Sanskar…
Suddenly the lights come..Everyone in the ashram gather around Ragsan and Shots
Ragsan Looks on.
Ragini: today is our 1st wedding anniversary..
Ragini looks very happy.
Sanskar: Happy wedding anniversary Ms Rathore.
Ragini: its Mrs Maheshwari now.
Sanskar looks at her happily.
Sanskar hugs her and kisses her forehead.
Everyone claps.
Sudha brings cake.
Ragsan happily cuts it. And feeds to each other.
Priya: i am sorry Ragini di..i never wanted to come between u both it was all Sanskar’s plan to make u jealous.
Ragini narrows her eyes and looks at Sanskar
Sanskar smiles sheepishly.
Ragini: Sanskar we have lied to everyone..but i think we should tell the truth to everyone.
Sanskar: yes u r right.
Ragsan tells everything to Sudha and the others.
Ragini: i am sorry Sudha maa i know u are angry with us right.
Sudha: no silly..why will i be angry on both of u..i am happy that u both are together now..may god bless u both like this..
Ragsan smiles.
At night.
Ragini: i have a anniversary gift for u Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskar looks at her
Sanskar: really?
Ragini gives him the mangalsutra.
Sanskar: it look like the same one which i made u wear..but i had lost it.
Ragini: its the same Sanskar..and nothing is lost.
Sanskar makes her wear it.
Ragini smiles.
Sanskar: now its my turn to give u a gift…so ice cream?
Ragini: Sanskar ,..its night
Sanskar: so what?
Ragini smiles.
They ges out and have ice cream.
Sanskar holds her close to him
Sanskar; Ragini
Ragini: haan.
Sanskar: remember u said that ours is an INCOMPLETE LOVE
Ragini look son
SAanskar: actually its not like that..
Ragini: then
Sanskar: its we are IN COMPLETE LOVE(how was it guys.. did anyone expect this)
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: i love u..
Sanskar: now whom do u love more me or Captain America?
Ragini: what kind of question is this ..of course Captain America.
Sanskar: what?
Ragini laughs….
They hugs….

They lived happily ever after
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