Love is in the hospital Episode 6 (Dill mill gaye) inspired


Love is in the hospital.              Episode 6

Scene 1.

Swara msg all the girls, guys I am coming out I have to look after my patients.
Anjali, okay u can as all the boys r in their wards.
Neha, yes come fast because Adi was asking about u.
Sanchi, Swara just hide the notes and come becuase if donot boys will think u have the notes.
Naira, yes come out.
Swara, okay then I am coming.
Anjali, yes and my shift is almost going to end soon. As it is my first day I will be free in like 4- 5 hours.
Neha, same here
Sachi, but there is a bad news for u guys Neha and Anjali as Dr. Kriti as called u after your shift to find out what u have learn and what r your capacities?
Neha, oh no.
Naira, so that’s mean we all will get free together.
Anjali, okay… so Swara come soon from bathroom and take the notes with u
Sanchi, r u sure?
Anjali, yes as Neha and Swara are working together so they both can guard the notes.
Neha, okay fine.. Waitiopng for u Swara.

Scene 2

Karthik, guys my one is texting someone.
Veer, my one?..
Karthik, I mean the one with me Naira.
Adi, n Neha is also texting someone.
Rohit, okay n Adi u r very lucky that u r with Neha like she is very pretty.
Veer, Rohit we can talk about your love story later now the imp topic is why are the girls are talking.
Karthik, yes ….Aryan? is Sanchi texting someone.
Aryan, yes so this mean these girls are 100% talking with each other.
Rohit, but about what?
Karthik, obivously about notes.
Aryan, so guys we should try to get to know about their conversation.
Veer, yes n whenever so got to know something guys msg okay.

(Readers I know that the girls have finished their chatting bit this chatting b/w the boys r when these girls were chatting. I hope u understand. And same with the next scene)

Scene 3

Sachi is chatting and Aryan is trying to see but Sanchi look at him
Aryan, wave hello this file I want.
Sanchi, okayy take it but I think u have written the details of this file.
Aryan, yes but what is your problem I want to do this again so..
Sanchi, weird…. As u wish.
(Aryan to himself, there is not such a big idiot than you)

Adi to himself, how can I get to Neha ( and he see around) yes I have a plan.
Adi, Neha u r new here.
Neha, yes offcourse….
Adi, okay so I wanna discuss this file with u ( trying to see the msgs ) but Adi I am mew and I don’ t know much about this patient I think u should discuss it with some senior doctor or any of your other friend like Veer, Aryan.
Adi, yess yess I wish if Swara is here so I can discuss this with her.
Neha, she must be coming u can discuss with her than
Adi, yes okay I am going.
Neha, okay
Adi to himself,( I am insulted in front of two new interns first Anjali I don’t what is her problem with me and what is my with her? And other Neha I have insulted myseld in front of Neha by myself.)

Scene 4

Karthik, okay so now I habve to go to that tigress she did not killed me in canteen but if she does so now… No no I am not going …… But I have to go…. Oh god plz safe me.
Naira( lookes at him), why is je behaving so weird… whatever…..
Karthik, Naira.
Naira, yes frog I got scared that the frog is talking with him how can his talking (tar tar ) which is especially to irriate me has finished his he alive.
Karthik, very funny why u always crack jokes like you. ( and he is checking the temperature of a child so he can check the msgs)
Child, bro you have check my temperature already 3 times
Karthik, yes because it is not giving correct measurements.
Naira, karthik I think u need rest u just go I will check his temperature.
Karthik ( no man now she has even stop her chatting)

And then all the boys that is Aryan , Aditiya and Karthik msg that they can’t read the msgs
Veer, okay but ot is okay if we donnot get notes but we will not allowed the girls to read the notes also.
Karthik, yes
Adi, guys let meet after 2-3 hours to decide next plan. And veer Swara has also
Veer, so why r u telling me?
Adi, I am telling everyone.
Veer, yes I understand u very much.
Aryan, okay guys meet u all.
Rohit, yes but why?
Karthik, it is okay Rohit u r in mental ward so it is not good to take much stress and to learn more things just relax and when we will meet we will tell u. Okay
Rohit, okay guys thank you. Karthik u always care for me.
Karthik, it is okay dude we r brother. Okay we will meet soon guys.
Veer, yes.

Scene. 5 In general ward

After 4-5 hours
Nurse, Dr . anjali
Anjali, yes
Nurse, Dr. Kriti n Dr. Rishab is calling u.and Dr. Neha
Anjali, okay nurse thank u I will take Dr. Neha with me.
Ankita, at last u r going.
Anjali, thank you for your supervising But unfortunately I wont recommend anyone to have u as their guide.
Ankita, whatever…just go fast.
Anjali, I am as I also cannot tolerate u anymore.
Ankita, okay

Scene 6 In the Ot

Anjali, this Ankita I am telling she is taking training from that Adi she is also very egoistic like him And Unfortunately I have to see him again.
Adi, I dont know where these girls have hide notes this all is because of Anjali she has chased me and get to know about notes.I dont know what is her problem with me. (Look outside) wait..Is this Anjali and she is coming here.
Anjali, Neha (Adi is looking at her and she gave him an awkward look) hmm Dr. Kriti is calling us.
Neha, okay it mean my shift is finish.
Adi, shift is finish but why so early?
Anjali, it is none of your business.
Adi, Anjali stop giving yourself to much importance. I am talking to Neha.
Swara smirks
Anjali, behave yourself Adi.
Adi, really I should behave my self?. okay I will but u should learn some manners.
Anjali, why?
Adi, it is a good manner to chase someone and listen their chat.
Anjali, oh really ! So where were your manner when u were using Ankita only to get out of Ot
Adi, I…
Anjali, now what? The one is telling me to behave and what he is doing just using others for himself.
Adi, shut up I have not used anyone
Neha, Calm down both of u n adi I am going to Dr. Kriti so she can take a test that what we learn and how much more effort is reqiured on us.
Adi, ohh okay Neha I tell u r really good doctor so Dr. Kriti will easily paas u. But there is someone for whom it is difficult to get paas especially in manners.
Anjali, do u really think I want your advice…
Adi, nods in yes
Anjali, reallyy. I tell u..
Neha, okay guys just stop fighting n Anjali lets go we will be late.
Anjali, okay

Scene 8 In the file room

Sanchi, oh this file I can’t understand how to get that it is keep at very height. ( she looks at Aryan) aryan but should I ask him for help … No it is okay I will do it If I will ask him he will be in 9th cloud.
( and she is trying to get it but falls and Aryan catch him)
Aryan, r u okay.
Sanchi, yes
Aryan, now this will happen if u will show much attitude.
Sanchi, attitude? What u mean.
Aryan, u can ask me but u didnot because of your attitude.
Sanchi, not because of my attitude but because of your’s
Aryan, mine? R u serious? U think I my like this I will help other my showing attitude.
Sanchi, I know u will easily help other But u will always help me by showing attitude.
Aryan, n how u know this,
Sanchi, becuase u did the same before in….
(And she realizes what she is saying. And Aryan and Sanchi look at each other)
(Aryan receives msg)
Aryan (point at the phone and turn around)
Sanchi, why Aryan why u donot want to discuss this u again turn your face like u did 2 years before.
(And she gets to work)

Scene 9 In the corridor

Anjali, why u stop me from fighting with adi.
Neha, Anjali, calm down why u both are always fighting like kids.
Anjali, he always start .
Neha, leave him Anjali He is mine.
Anjali, what?.
Neha, I mean I will talk with him u just leave this topic.
Anjali, okay and Your right.. But what about the notes how will Swara take care of them alone.
Neha, and this bag is nice right.
Anjali, Neha I am talking about notes n u r …. Wait this bag was with Swara I saw right now How u get this..
Neha, u didnot ask how she get that.
Anjali, yes she donot have it before as well.
Neha, this is a bag in which Swara had kept the notes before she came to OT. N now she give me this so We can take care of notes.
Anjali, okay I understand….
Rohit, hey girls.
(The girls get shocked)
Neha, has he listen something.
Rohit, why r u whispering speak aloud Neha it is better to speak aloud because it will create con..con..con
Anjali , Rohit do u mean confidence,
Rohit, adi have told u this as well I think he has told me only I will talk with him that he is bringing girls b/w our friendship.
Neha, r u serious.
Rohit, yes
Anjali, rohit adi have not told me this he is still your friend but u should be with him otherwise if another girl come between both of you then?
Rohit, yes anjali u r very right thank you N adi I am coming.
Neha, thank god he hasn’t listen nothing.
Anjali, yea btw he is cute and innocent.
Neha, yes okay lets go. Dr. Kriti will be waiting

Scene 10

( Rohit after moving some steps )
Rohit , but I forgot to ask the girls that which bag and notes the girls were talking about? Whatever (on msg.)
Msg : ” guys I am in canteen come soon we should have a meeting ”
Aryan, okay Veer I am coming.
Rohit, oh so Veer is calling me okay I am coming.
Adi, yes will be there in 5 minutes.
Karthik , I will be there also in some time.

Naira, hey Karthik where r u going?
Karthik, none of your business.
Naira, he is replying me like this I will see u but where he is going (and somerhing click in her mind.
Naira in msg, girls Karthik has gone out from here.
Swara, Same with Adi.
Sanchi, same look like they r going to plan something.
Swara, okay
Naira, but Swara where r notes.
Swara, notes r in black bag with Neha nad Anjali , n they both r in Dr. Kriti office.
Sanchi, okay so their shift is finish and that means the notes r safe.
Swara, yes yes u need not to worry.
Naira, okay girls talk with u later .
Swara, okay,
Sanchi, bye

Note, guys enjoy this episode and I will upload the next episode soon I guess I will upload it on youtube because it is a party type episode. Okay u can see the next episode on Next Monday. 27,August,2018 u can check my youtube channel by tying Love is in the hospital by rd queen

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