Qayamat Ki Raat 19th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri and Raj get married

Qayamat Ki Raat 19th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The wedding starts. Dharam is worried for Gauri.
Gauri comes to the underground of the house. She sees a door and light coming from it. Gauri goes in. There is a well decorated house and library. She says Kalasur has a way to come in our house? This is our library. This means kalasur’s place is under our house. Gauri comes downstairs. She says Dharam I want to tell you something. She says dharam please do something and stop this wedding. He says how? She says please do something. I will handle kalasur.

Baba hits Kalasur. Kalasur says no one can save you now. Baba says you will die today. Dharam goes out and fires in the air. Everyone gets scared and goes out.
Karuna says to gauri you did all this. Karuna throttles her and says you can’t stop this wedding and you will also marry Kalasur. She takes her upstairs. Gauri throws diamond at her. Karuna falls back. She hits her hand with a vase. Karuna hits her. Gauri faints.
Karuna says you will stay here and I will marry your Raj.

Everyone comes back to mandap. The rounds start. Raj holds Karuna’s hand rounds around the fire. Dharam is scared. Raj makes her wear the mangalsutra. Raj fills her hairline. Karuna shouts and says stop this wedding can’t happen. Raj takes off the ghunghat. Its Gauri that he married. Karuna says she locked me in the room and fainted me. She wore my clothes and came here. Menakshi says I knew this sisters are so shameless. Damini says why did you do this Gauri? Menakshi says see what they did. I asked you not to do this. They have made fun of our family. Roma says Gauri why did you do this. Kalasur is angry. He says you can’t be someone else’. Gauri says I loved Raj so much. I told karuna but she didn’t listen to me because she isn’t my sister. My sister wasn’t selfish. I wanted to talk to everyone but no one would listen. I had to take this step. Prithvi says you need consent from both sides. Gauri says I know Raj loves me. I know what he feels for me. Karuna goes upstairs in anger.
Kalasur is in her room. She says you here. He says they can’t see me. How could you let this happen. She says what should I do now? He says she married Raj. Karuna says don’t worry.

Anaiya says in heart GGauri did this to save Raj from Karuna. That means she knows Karunaa. Karuna says I want to know what they’re talking about.
Raj and Gauri come to the room. He says what are you doing? You married me? We have to live together all of our lives now? This isn’t a solution. Now you have to tell me. She says I know. She says you think its a game? He says no I want to know what it is all about you. You think our life is in trouble. You are living in an old world. You got that painting made too. She says I don’t want
to tell you all this when you don’t trust me. I matters when you don’t listen to me. I have seen my love in your eyes. You saved me every time. I saw you worried when I was in trouble. Even if you don’t agree I know what truth is. Do you love me? He says no. I don’t know what you are talking about. Our thoughts are really different. Gauri says we dont’ have to be same for loving each other. Ask your heart. Ignorin wont change the truth. He says what is the truth? Why you married me?
She says I told truth in front of everyone. If you still don’t feel anything lets tell everyone you don’t love me. Ask your heart if you don’t feel anything I wont stay with you. She says we will tell everyone that you don’t want this relationship.
Kalasur laughs. He says Raj will leave my Gauri and she will be mine. Prithvi says I accept this wedding if the kids do.
Gauri is crying. Raj comes to her.
Precap-Raj and Gauri’s floor shivers. Kalsur says you made a mistake you shouldn’t have done this. If you ca’t be mine you wont be his either.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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