Love is in the hospital Episode 3 (Dill mill gaye) inspired

Love is in the Hospital          Episode 3

SO guys,

Anjali msgs all the girls: girls I wanna tell you a very important thing meet me in basement.

Rohit: lets go  guys .

Adi: Where are you  going first hide these notes .

Veer: yes no one should know this by mistake okay and especially that girls.

Rohit: guys don’t fight with girls they are so sweet especially Neha we can share these notes with them.

Karthik: dumbo  if these girls tell Kabir about notes than he will suspend us.

Aryan: yes guys let hide the notes. and Rohit don’t think of sharing this notes with girls otherwise u will be responsible for yourself.

( Adi and Veer look at Aryan and than each other * victory smiling look* and hide the notes above the shelf)

Aditiya: we will take the note at night okay.

Rohit: now lets go and have some thing to eat.

Karthik remember his fight with Naira when she wanted to have lunch ) and Aryan remember his fight with Sanchi

Aryan: we want an extra coffee.

Rohit: dude what happen to you and coffee for whom.

Aryan: she do the same before. I can bet she need a coffee at this time because she got really tires when she has to do all the work alone.

Veer: everything okay.

Aryan:(* returning to his senses; )  yes I.III.. mean we should take an extra coffee for Rohit>

Aditiya: okay but he is not a girl why was you saying she.

Rohit: nothing dude slip of tongue lets go and have something I am very hungry.

( adi and Veer look at each other for his weird behavior and then go out)

Anjali: they have leave but why was Aryan talking that weird whatever I should go to the basement girls will be waiting for me

 Scene  2  In the basement

Sanchi: why anjali has call us here and she is not even here?

Swara: exactly I hope everything is fine.

Neha: but where is she?

Anjali: I am here and everything is fine and will be more fine when I will tell you what I know.

Naira: Anjali say  don’t create suspense.

Anjali narrate all the matter to them.

Neha: really they have notes ? but how we get them .

Naira: will they help us to become HOI.

Anjali: yes girls lets go and get them.

Swara: Neha now you get that why was Adi so happy and he go with Ankita easily.

Neha: yes he is nice now I believe.

Anjali: no he is not.

Sanchi: okay he is not but the important thing is to get the notes.

Naira; yes and now I get that why that British worm started Punjabi dance

Swara: guys let go.

Anjali: or that boys change it position.

Sanchi: no guys I mean we all should not go.

Anjali: yes that true.

Neha: SO me and anjali are going and we will meet you in the canteen.

Anjali: okay let go. come 5 min after we go.

( and they go)

Scene 3  In a dark room

Ankita: Ria I don not know what to do that Anjali first she fight with me okay I forget but now she is the only girl whose name I have listen from Adi.

Ria: whats the problem Adi was not talking nice about her he also don not like her.

girl: Ria u r not getting her the topic is not that what adi was talking the topic is that he was talking about a girl and his eye shine when he listen her name. there is something else.

Ankita: right but who are you.

Tanvi: Hey I am tanvi new doc. join 2 to 3 weeks before and was trying to know you guys only so that is why I also get your and adi thing.

Ankita: good research but we don not allow to enter our group easily.

Tanvi: so what I need to do?

Ankita: now u have research to much on us so tell us a way to get rid of that anjali.

Tanvi: simple I have plan But I will tell u when I thing we can use that.

Ankita: and how can I believe?

Tanvi: if u want plan u have to believe.

Ankita: I like your attitude but u will enter our group when you separate both of them.(and they share a villainous smile)

guys sorry for short update but I will update a full episode with 10 scene soon
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