My first love -Twinj ff Episode 2

Hloo guys . Thanks for ur awesome response. This is my 25th article in TU. I hope you will like this and ignore my mistakes.

Twinkle and yuvi reached Mumbai. Both took adjacent flats in a building. They are hell tired with journey. So they rest for the day as tmrw is their joining day. Next both got ready for job in formals. They reached sarna industries, submitted their appointment letter and joined in the jobs. After sometime there was a hustle bustle in the Office. All are running here and there, and collecting files .Twivi was confused with their behavior. One of the employee said that their boss Kunj Sarna is coming. Twinkle was very happy as she was going to see her love after years. Yuvi was teasing her with eyes. There enters our kunj in three piece suit and some of his hairs were on his forehead. He was looking damn hot like a greek god. Every female employee was drooling over him. Here twinkle can’t help just staring at him with mouth open. He was changed from nerdy boy to handsome hunk. He ignored all of them and directly went to his cabin. Twinkle was still standing like that only. Yuvi noticed her and came to her.

Yuvi: oyy twinki band karo muh… Nahi tho makki guss jayega…

Twinkle :shut up donkey

She sat and continued her work. From kunj cabin he can all the employees. He was looking at twinkle and all the memories came into his mind. When he remember the farewell incident anger was visible in his eyes. Since he came from Amritsar to mumbai he stopped making friends especially girls. He has only one friend Naman with whom he will share all his feelings. He focusedon his career and became top business man at a very small age. When he saw twivi resume he immediately sent appointment letters for them. When he saw her he just wanted to give her a bone crushing hug to her and tell how badly he missed her. But he controlled himself.

During lunch break, twivi went to canteen to have their food. While kunj was passing from there he saw twivi were playfully hitting and laughing at each other. He was burning in jealousy. Then he left from there smirking at yuvi. Later he called yuvi to his cabin.

Yuvi : hii Kunj….

Kunj : here I am ur boss not ur friend, it is sir for u…

Yuvi : sorry sir

Kunj gave him a pile of files and asked him to complete the work by 2mrw. Yuvi’s jaw touched ground by seeing the files. He was cursing kunj under his breath and went to twinkle.

Yuvi : kis janam ka badla le raha hai ee Kunj… Itna sara kaam ek hi din mai…

Twinkle : kuch mat bolo mera kunj ko…

Yuvi : yaha ek bichara kaam me phasa hua hai par madam ko apni hi padi hai… Mera kunj (mimicking her).. Pata hai kab hoga ee sara.. Twinki tu ek kaam kar… Kal office aathe samay mere kapde aur mere liye kuch bf banake la…

Twinkle : okk…

After office hours twinkle and others left office. Yuvi was struggling with his work and finally completed his work. He slept in that position only.

Next morning twinkle made aloo paratha for yuvi, packed it, went to his flat, took his clothes and came to office. When she saw yuvi she was not able to control her laugh. Yuvi was sleeping with mouth open and snoring. He was looking not less than a cartoon. Twinkle started clicking his pics. Yuvi opened his eyes and saw her taking his pics.

Yuvi : twinki ki bacchi… Rukh tu….

He started chasing her and they are running in whole Office. Suddenly twinkle dashed with a muscular body and was going to fall but a pair of strong arms held her tightly by waist. She looked at the person. He was kunj. Both are lost in each other eyes but came to senses by employees coughing sounds.

Kunj : Miss. Taneja. Come to my cabin in 5 minutes.

He went from there. All gave twinkle “aaj to tu gayi”look as they know how strict he was in matters of discipline and he will definitely give punishment which will make them regret for their mistake.


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