Are we destined for each other????? (Are You Fasting?)


Anika got up early in the morning, she has decided to keep the fast (Why?). As she doesn’t know that they have to eat sargi before fasting she didn’t have it. She went and continued with her daily work. Shivaay too woke up after some time. He is really tensed up in this matter. He has a strong feeling that she is keeping the fast. He went and followed her. Everything was going as normal.

S: You’re not keeping the fast, rt? I told to Mom that you’re not keeping the fast.

A: (thinks: So, you did that also.) I didn’t keep any fast for you. Anyway, I am selfish, not like you. I have to look after my health.

S: (thinks: Liar! I have to test her.) Ok, drink this water. (gives her a glass of water)

A: (thinks: what will I do now?)

She takes the glass of water from him. Suddenly, his phone rings and he turns to pick it up. Immediately, she throws the water to the pot nearby.

S: You drank the whole glass?

A: Yes! Doubts cleared, rt?

She goes. He goes and checks her tablets. (NOTE: Anika has to take multi-vitamins for her weak body, it has been prescribed by the doctor before itself) They were eaten at the right time. Anika was watching it through the key hole.

A: (thinks) I knew he will check it, that’s why I took away the tablets. (Looks at the tablets in her hand)

Pinky and Jhanvi sees her, they immediately understand the situation.

P: (whispers) What are you hiding?

A: (whispers) My tablets! (suddenly understands whom she was talking to) My tab (electronic)!

J: The one you’re hiding inside your fist, rt? (points at her hand which she is holding the tablets)

A: Yes! (Understands the blunder, shows a weird expression) Phail Gaya Raita!

They walk away from the door.

P: So, you’re keeping the fast. I won’t tell him. But you could have told me before, I would have given you sargi.

A: Sargi?

J: Oh! You don’t know? Ok, (and gives explanation what sargi is)

A: Ok, next time, I will ask for it.

P: If you feel anything uncomfortable, then tell it to us, ok?

A: Ok, Pinky Ma


This time, it’s ok. Next time onwards, I will take sargi and then fast. I have to store the tablets in the right place where it can’t be found again. Then I will go with Pinky Ma and Jhanvi Ma, so that I can understand how it is performed. Even though I don’t believe in this ritual, I do have faith in my family and they do have it to me in return. I have to keep their faith in one piece. Shivaay should not know that I am keeping the fast. If I am with my both Moms, he would not even suspect me.


Why do I feel that she is fasting? She even drank the water…wait a sec, I didn’t see her drinking water. How could I guarantee that she is not fasting? Mom has already told what really happened. If I didn’t get the thought of buying something for her that day, I would have not been alive right now. But she is not thinking me as a person, who I think she is. I will never forgive her for playing with Mom’s feelings.


Shivaay was driving to office when he thought to get something for her. He knew that she love flowers. So, he took to the forest route, where he could find the flower which she loved. He checked all around for the flowers when he found the one – a white flower (she loves the colour white). He pressed the brakes to find out that the brakes failed. He tried to control the car and at last, he jumped out of the car. In between, his hand got injured when it brushed on the tree nearby. But the car’s one side was found in the camera footage of the forest officers. So, basically, the footage didn’t show the other side. This was shown in the news as the first message. It was his plan to send the second message to find out the person responsible for it. After the rescue team came, he went inside the vehicle and called Pinky, to inform. The rival was found afterwards.


Pinky gets Shivaay’s call. He tells the whole story. Gayatri was shocked.

P: I told you, my son will not leave us till my daughter’s alive. Now, it’s because of this unlucky girl, that my son is alive and they also found out who tried to kill him. If he hadn’t thought to take the flowers for her, then he would have…

Gayatri was shocked. This was unexpected.

P: (angrily)Savitri, you didn’t change till now. I thought you changed when I saw your attitude when you got your property more than Gayatri. It was decided by their parents, as they were scared that Savitri will harm Gayatri, if she is given more. But now you’re again back of this property. You could have asked Gayatri, she would have given you the whole property. But, you didn’t. You were happy when you came to know that your sister died. But it disappeared when you saw the will. You killed my daughter’s happiness. I don’t know where she is now. I wish God will return her back to my Shivaay.

G(Savitri): Yes, it’s true. I didn’t change even now. I should be the whole owner of the property. Gayatri doesn’t deserve anything. (Harshwardhan slaps her)

H: You spoiled our daughter’s life. I lost her because. Had I ever known about your true colours, I wouldn’t have brought you into her life. Even for the last minute, she never blamed for your anger. But, you!

He drags her out of the house. They get out.

It was at the hospital, Shivaay came to know about Anika’s exit from the house.For two long days, he was searching for her, that’s when he saw her that day.


After this, that day went like as it was happening every time in the house. Shivaay came early that day itself. Anika had felt some dizziness in between which she somehow managed. Shivaay too noticed that she has been hiding something in between but ignored it. He was too busy in organizing the house. Anika was always with Pinky and Jhanvi, so she can escape from Shivaay’s eyes.

They were keeping all the things ready. Afterwards, she went and changed into a red saree. It was gifted by her Pinky Ma and Jhanvi Ma to her. She was indeed lucky, she lost her mom, but now she got two sweet moms. She changed her saree and looked at the mirror. This was the first time she looked indeed gorgeous. Usually, she felt that the dress was good, and she looked bad. This time, was different, she felt that this was made just for her. Suddenly, she didn’t know what was happening. Her legs were slipping and it was darkness all around for a second. She somehow sat on the chair and took some rest. She has been running around the house whole day. She is not going to allow this to ruin her efforts.

She sat there for the time being till she heard Jhanvi’s call for breaking the fast. She went there to see him standing at a side. She was about to walk to his side, but again dizziness caught her. She felt darkness around her for few seconds. She catches him for support, it was indeed very tight. He immediately catches her on her hands and helps her stand properly.

A: Why are you here?

S: Just to see, till last year I used to fast for karwachauth as a practice. But it was of no use, you’re not even fasting, rt? (sarcastically)

Anika looks at the other side.

S: You’re fasting!

A: Yes! What did you think I can’t live one day without food? Just because I don’t have faith in God, doesn’t mean that I don’t have faith in you and our family.

S: I know you ate your food and tablets and you’re acting to fast to gain others’ sympathy. But I can’t break my family’s happiness, so I am forced to go along with your drama.

A: I am not doing any drama. If you want, you can believe. Otherwise, leave it. Don’t break my fast.

S: I told you, I have to act along.

A: Ok, as you like.


This is my first Karwachauth. I have to make sure that this goes smoothly. He doesn’t believe that I am really fasting. Why can’t he understand my situation? Will he forgive me?Maybe he got hurt when he heard that his Mom pleaded and I didn’t mind it. Anyway, it’s all because of my foolishness. If I didn’t leave the house that day, then this wouldn’t have happened. But what should I do? I didn’t have any other option. I have to do so. I just wish he understands me. I love him a lot. I can’t bear this angry mode of his. I took the plate in my hand…. I somehow managed to the first part. Then I saw the moon and saw his face. But suddenly darkness took me over.


I think so she really kept the fast. Her words seem to be honest. But, I don’t know if she is again going to trap me in her words. She looks beautiful indeed with the sari she is wearing today. But why was she telling me that day to leave her alone? Why did she jump out of the car? If something happened to her, I would have…..Leave it, Shivaay…..Focus on the function. She was doing everything just fine. But wait, why is her eyes drooping? Is she going to faint? I caught her before she fell down. Her lips are turning pale. I passed on the plate to the servant nearby and gave her water and some sweet, thinking that her glucose went down. I patted on her cheeks, sprinkled water, she is not waking up. Ani, pls wake up, don’t leave me. I felt like losing someone near me. Everyone was looking at us. Ma and Badi Ma tried to wake her up. She didn’t.

S: (shouted) Somebody call for the hospital!

Will Shivaay be able to understand Anika?

Even if he understands, how will be her reaction??

Is this the end of the beginning or beginning of the end of their story???

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